Date: 1/19/2003


Dear General,

the reality is that Pakistan was created by force for Muslims majority which could not compete with people of other religions.

People of other religion were ethnically cleansed. I was one of them and my father opposed the creation of the religious state.

He knew, "He who rides a tiger can never dismount." Hence Pakistan can never be a normal, secular and democratic country like India.

There are more Muslims in India and they do not want to join Pakistan as they know they will become backward like the Pakistanis and will also start killing Hindus, christian and Shiite muslims.

Name Pakistan means (The Land of the Pure) why then there has never been a democratic government in Pakistan which you and your Pakistan can be proud of?

You worry about the rights of Kashmiris to have a free and fair election yet your own people do not get that right?

Please remember if Pakistan ever succeeds in getting Kashmir entire Pakistan will become Afghanistan.

You cannot allow equality to women and other religions in Pakistan.

Do you think your country will ever allows equality to women and the non Muslims? And if it ever happens you know it will be the end of Pakistan as we know it. Pakistan which was created artificially will disappear as it has no basis for existence except to protect people who cannot compete in a secular state.

These are the reasons why we will never see good relations between India and Pakistan. No Pakistani leader can commit suicide by normalising relations with India.

If there is no Kashmir Pakistan must find one for its survival.