Date: 1/31/2003


.......................Hindu in 1940:

He was encouraged to make “Mahatma” Gandhi his God, Guru and role model.

And Gandhi? An emaciated semi naked fellow, abstaining from all good things in life, living on goat’s milk and nuts in a mud hut with a spinning wheel. What drove him to “dust”?

That was due to his treatment received in England. His fellow students shunned his company and called him “nigger”.

Racism was rampant and Gandhi had come from a slave colony. He had no friend. He could not go to a pub for a drink, nor go for hiking, trekking, horse riding or dancing. No girl came near him. The miserable, suffering, grieving social wreck turned INWARDS and “exploded”.

Gandhi stayed indoors, became anti social and turned to the safest thing, books, hating good time, fun in life and all possessions.

He couldn’t touch or possess anything so he preached Renunciation. That was the frame of mind that he brought back from England.

In British colonies of South Africa and later India, there were his rulers and masters to take advantage. His passivity and his followers’ passivity were a bonanza for them. Around him they went about in limousines, eating and drinking and making merry while Gandhi refused to eat anything except drink the goat’s milk.

The rulers of India were delighted. The man who doesn’t touch anything material, leaves all the wealth to his tormentors and rulers.

Here they had a vast colony, one fifth of entire mankind who were happy and; content to live the life of “niggers” like their top leader, and neither abused them in public nor asked them seriously “to quit or face the consequence”.

Since his Tyaag (Renunciation) was against every law of nature, many of his followers rebelled and amassed great wealth, went on to take up hard jobs including joining the army and the police. They fought all over the world for the sake of Empire and they beat up Gandhi’s followers doing Satyagraha.

Gandhi had to wait for World War 2, to see his dream of British departure come true. But in the meantime when Jinnah, the leader of Indian Muslims, demanded One third of India, Gandhi, fed on goat’s milk, and semi naked, not even with a twig in hand to ward off the flies, just surrendered.

Having dived deep into the dark pit of non-violence, he could not even invoke warriors like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Shivaji. Netaji and Guru Gobind Singh.

The cowardly “cuckoo” called upon the conscience of the Muslims to dump their “kafir-killing”, provocative and separatist KORAN and love secularism. Would the Muslims who had come down from Mecca with fire and sword in hand and conquered the world from Indonesia to Morocco now listen to a new version of Jesus Christ and offer the other cheek in order to live with their emaciated and the inferior Hindu “brethren”?

They loathed him, and the Hindus, and their Hindustan even more. Who sits next to a pariah? There was nothing in or around Gandhi to attract them to his leadership, which meant, “sit down and go under the shower of lathi blows and bleed and be carried off by the others to be bandaged on the head and legs.”

That is why there was no breath left in Gandhi and there was no breath left in the Hindu body to resist Partition.

India’s secularism was smashed and so was Gandhi’s akhand bharat (united India under one SECULAR flag).

.............Millions perished due to his ahimsa.

Ahimsa and Tyaag became the biggest curses for the Indians right until 1991 when the last of the rascals, bitches and bandits, who praised Gandhi but did everything that he shunned, was blown up by a noble Tamil young mother, representing the Spirit of Mother India. Rajiv, the KHAN, called himself “GANDHI” to make a fool of the Hindus.

Gandhi’s ideal that was projected by Imperialist Nehru, himself living in grand style, surrounded by servants and living the life of a king, was to sit down on floor with a spinning wheel and spin cloth 12 hours a day while chanting "ishwar allah tero naam".

People who adopted this life style never realised that this was like pushing India to the Cave Age. It might have worked had Nehru and Jinnah also lived in a mud hut like Gandhi.

One can see the depths from which this deeply buried Hindustan has to be lifted and raised now. Still the likes of Sonia KHAN, President of All India Congress Party, are in high power in our bleeding emaciated Hindustan. Their strategy is to RUN DOWN India into dust like Gandhi but then siphon off all the wealth of the people to their own Foundations, Institutions and bank accounts abroad.

No wonder, cried an NRI in the USA, “We have developed America so much that a telephone call to Japan costs 3 pennies a minutes while to our own Bharat it costs 70 pence a minute. The Ghost of Gandhi does not wish us to talk to our own people and kith and kin just in case we linked up and became a force to raise India to the level of Southern Italy and went for fresh air, or became equal to the Italians.

One thing the ashamed Indians insist on is not to look at PARTITON instead of looking squarely at it to draw some conclusions and take appropriate action to clean up the stables.

They do see the stunted growth of the dwarf called Bharat but are not prepared to see the circumstances of his birth to discover the genetic defect that has severed limbs and hindered development. The reason is embarrassment at being an “ass” to still love and adore Gandhi while compelled to do everything that goes against his life style of living in a mud hut and daily routine of spinning the cotton wheel and going about in wooden sandals wearing a loin cloth.

So Gandhi turned the Indians collectively into a lump of mud while individuals are running wild to increase their family wealth, their own family fortunes, by hook or crook with no thought of common weal or giving back to the community.

Unless all the statues of Gandhi are smashed the Indians cannot face the present and the future with a clean mind. Gandhi tells him to love renunciation, go down upon their knees on seeing their rulers (Imperialist Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Sonia) and pray, “O God, Guru and Gandhi, let me live in peace.”

They don’t realise that Gandhi will give them NO heroic lead like a warrior, the Guru will chant, “love all as your own family,” and God will betray them and deliver them to Muslim “Monsters & Wolves” to be devoured eventually like their Lahore and Dhaka.

The AWE and FEAR of Gandhi are so much that no nationalist government dare say, “Dump Gandhi, the “Goat” and GO FOR GOBIND, THE WARRIOR.”

Thus there is no stirring call or message to the nation, only clever words like the President’s address on the last Republic Day.

Abdul Kalam did not even define his own constitutional status as a man under a Mohammedan name when in PARTITIOEND India the Koran is supposed to be banned and every Muslim called a PAKISTANI.

Gandhi’s cowardice has turned into FRAUD on the Hindus once again. What hope of patriotism or recovery from such Hindus who still do not dare to look back at the unconditional surrender of five provinces on one day, in order to look at a Muslim in true light and bravely.

Emaciated Gandhi means emaciated Hindu nation. His Muslim followers, if any, went over to the ISLAMIC republic of Pakistan having “spat” on Gandhi, and, discarding his secularism. There is no breath left in our own Prime Minister to commend his secularism to them. He travelled on bus to Lahore a couple of years ago conferring status and recognition to those who “spit” on Gandhi, Yet he came back to Delhi to do a deep “pranaam” and “salaam” to the Gandhi statue “guarding” the entrance to his Parliament. Can one imagine a more ludicrous man on earth than the HINDU Prime Minister of Hindustan today?

Hindus, not only look back at PARTITION but also more closely at the emaciated spiritless coward called MAHATMA Gandhi. Otherwise you will be DOOMED in 2047 AD as you were in 1947.

Without guts and COURAGE how can you look at both Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan and shout, "QUIT INDIA!"?