Date: 1/31/2003


A "civil servant" in India spotted the following line on a Discussion Group in India.

"Muslims who opted to stay in India rejected the ideology of Jinnah but the dangerous Hindu fundamentalist propaganda machines suggest to us that no Muslim can live in a secular country like India."

COMMENT: Sorry Mister, someone has to stand up to you and demolish your argument as you are trying to demolish what is left of India.

Millions of Hindus (a dirty word?), too, opted, even begged, to be allowed to stay on in Pakistan but they were slain, beheaded, clubbed to death with beastly savagery, gang raped and thrown out of their ancestral homes.

Since you, "DEAR SECULAR HINDU GOAT," don't relate, you don't recall.

Since you don't relate to fellow Hindus, you don't care.

Definition of secularism in Bharat seems to be, "Hindus are third class where they are a majority (NO Ayodhya Temple for the SCUM!), expendable, and deserve death and degradation where they are in minority (ongoing degradaton and bleeding in Kashmir and East Bengal, but the Muslim is "sovereign" in the ISLAMIC republic of EAST Bengal, and a champion wherever in majority."

My dear friend, where "MEN" live, they react as America is reacting to the destruction of only two of its tall buildings.

Let no one say that where "mice" live they forget the loss of even five provinces of their country in one second.

Yes, the Muslims were integral part of SECULAR India when India was under the British BOOT.

Had there been NO British overlords, there would have been no Hindu left alive in our India. Islamic rule would have continued uninterrupted from 1192 till today.

Our rebel warriors like Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh ji were regional leaders, whereas the Muslims always thought of whole of India as their legitimate "Mugal" Empire.

Their secularism was not out of love of Hindus. We ought to be clear on this. We can imagine what we wish. But let us go to South Kashmir to spend a week's holiday on Dal Lake.

If you come back alive then praise your secularism to your fellow Hindus.

Since the Hindus were exposed to the same kind of cowardly compromising experts, scholars, and thinkers, who are brainwashing them today, our genuinely secular India died, and a partitioned India emerged in which, at last, the Hindu was to feel safe from the British boot, and away from the Islmaic stink of treason.

Trusting the British has meant that the Italians are on top now, and trusting the Muslims will mean yet another partition.

At last the Hindu needs to trust himself. It is no crime. Go to see whether any East Bengali Muslim "cock" trusts a Hindu "dove" in Dhaka.

Dear friend, would you mind giving your speech in Srinagar or East Bengal?

You may hide the fact that "Mahatma" Gandhi remained a "dog" in that part of India which the INDIAN Muslims ran off with.

They can not slaughter the Hindus in the Hindu majority states. Can they? (Though they tried even that in Gujerat!)

But they did slaughter the Hindus down to infants, and the elderly, in those areas in which they were in a majority.

Now with regard to the level of awareness of the Christians, the Muslims and the Hindus, the former two are a thousand times more united, better organised, more literate and funded, and more motivated than the confused disunited emaciated Hindu, exposed to secular propaganda by all the scholars, professors, pundits and gurus who know only one thing- you have no enemy. Trust all. All mankind is one family. What nonsence!

Can't we see another "family" getting ready for action against Iraq now (January 31, 2003)?

Can't we see the state of the "family" in North Kashmir and EAST Bengal?

Isn't it shocking that not only Sindh and Sylhet are now on another planet for most Hindus, but also South Kashmir, that is on no one's mind. What kind of India are our civil servants serving or going to serve?

All the Indian scholarship and divinity are one sided and that is dangerous. Secularism in Delhi is only valid if imposed on Lahore. There is need to unite Kashmir, Bengal and Punjab, too, not only India. Ever thought of these three states? Who is the "rascal" standing in the way? The Hindus, the Sikhs, or our trusted friends, the Muslims?

Who is the barrier to secularism across South Asia? Are we blind if we cannot see? Are we cowards if we dare not discuss?

What happened to the civil servants of North Kashmir and EAST Bengal? They too, did not want to know. They shied away from Knowledge. They evaded Awareness. They did not dare to discuss. Today they are no more.

Please wake up. The Hindus have more enemies on earth than any other people since the Hindus are weak, disunited and ignorant "cuckoos", trusting the enemy all the time.

We feel really alarmed when the Hinds say, "we have no enemies."

No wonder we were "eaten up" yesterday, driven out of South Kashmir today and will not be able to raise our "bums" in Ayodhya which most of us think is not important. Why is it not important?

We know the reason: The Terror of our own Indian Muslims. Ask your "fine Muslim friend" to march with you to help raise that Temple.

If secularism is such a good thing, then let us suggest to the Arabs to flatten their Grand Mosque in Mecca to join the family of demolished Hindu temples in Mathura, Varanasi and Ayodhya.

No, Sir. We ought to repeat morning and evening, "Gaurav se kaho, HUM HINDU HAIN."

Please note that we expect all on this List to REACT vigorously whenever there is the most subtle attempt to lullaby the Hindus to sleep. They, of all the people on earth, have to stand guard, round the clock, and think of our lost territories, simply to retain what we still have.

Civil servants have so far "towed" the line of dirty unscrupulous gangsters of Congress and the corrupt chief ministers who have kept the people down. If India sinks further into chaos, even the civil servants will not feel safe or happy.