Date: 2/4/2003


..............How Hinduism was beaten?

As soon as the Muslims conquered Hindustan, everything foreign became superior and everything native became inferior.

The natives started hating themselves. This self-hatred became acute when the rulers treated the natives like dogs. The word “dog” was used by several Muslim historians of the time. This sapped the self-confidence of the Hindus who came to regard themselves as second class on their own territory.

In this climate of inferiority, none could dare to say that Hinduism was superior to Islam; our ancestors then spoke only of equality of all religions to save their skin.

That belief is still held sacred in India though neither the Muslims nor the Christians are reconciled to saying “All religions are the same.”

Our holy men, preachers, sants and Gurus, too had to say the same thing which left millions of their followers in utter confusion.

The question could be justified, “If all are the same then what‘s the point in being a Hindu? Why not embrace Islam?

At least that will guarantee freedom from repression, personal safety, and even jobs. Muslim scholars today call it “voluntary” acceptance of Islam. Facts do not bear this out. That millions did prefer death to accepting Islam shows the contempt for the crude and inferior religion of their rulers who prevailed only by brutal force. Many Hindus, including small children, accepted death and refused to degrade themselves by praying in Arabic.

The beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadur in Delhi in 1675 was a warning by the savage and intolerant MOHAMMEDAN rulers to all the native holy men, “sants” and Gurus, “You dare!”

At first the natives resented this subordination but slowly and slowly a new culture was established in which the Hindus, under the yoke of slavery, started chanting, “All religions are the same. Ishwar and Allah are the same,” and so on.

Pandit Nehru was a traitor who subscribed to the same view and did not feel the pain of the most horrible surrender of Hindus living in areas that he signed off to Pakistan. He and his bosom friend, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, both hoped that the brainwashed Hindus would quietly embrace Islam and assimilate in their new Islamic country.

They were both amazed and shocked when the Hindus refused to believe in this imposed “equality” of all religions and began to trekk even bare-foot, to free India in their millions. AT least the ONE MILLION Hindus slaughtered by the Muslims, could have saved their lives by just reciting the "Kalma".

Indeed, those who embraced Islam were spared. The others were savagely exterminated. So much for the “equality” of all religions.

None of the dimwit sants, swamis and pundits still preaching the same can think, “If that is the case then why Partition?”

Pandit Nehru took full advantage of this conditioning of the Hindus like the dogs, and enshrined this treacherous line in his Constitution.

By calling all religions equal, the Constitution has frozen the thought process of the Hindus.

What a tragedy for the Hindus that our own Prime Minister and President declare, “All religions are the same," yet do not blast the HELL out of Pakistan and challenge its bogus and illegitimate existence on the soil of Hindustan.

Before the Hindu can recover his PRIDE in his own religion he has to dump the Constitution that represents the defeat of the Hindus and victory of the Mohammedans on our own territory where Hinduism has to be superior and not just equal.

At last we can make an observation. How much of equality of religions is practised in Saudi Arabia or Iran, even BOGUSdesh next door?

The secular Hindu only looks a DAMN FOOL to the whole world. The world expects him to be HINDU, not secular. Their is a big difference.

By calling himself HINDU, he stands on his own legs. By becoming secular he becomes a CONCEDING, SURRENDERING "nigger" who can also share his wife with ANY KHAN, saying, "All men are the same."

The rest of the world will see him as a "HIJDA" and Mr. Khan as the MAN.

No one understands the collapse of Hinduism. No one appreciates his lack of pride in his own religion. The Hindu is floating on doldrums called “all religions are the same,” which send a signal to Vatican and Mecca, “Catch this dithering confused lost FOOL.”

.........................4 March 2003.