Date: 2/8/2003



We believe that Nehru and Indira were both MUSLIM although our simple people are conditioned to put implicit faith in any ruler.

...........How can we deduce this fact?

Obviously the Muslims in Pakistan did not have to conceal the fact that they were MUSLIMS and thus according to Koran proceeded to do the ethnic cleansing in full view o the world.

But Muslim Nehru faced a problem. He could not do so openly. He could only give the big helping hand to Islam secretly and cautiously, not to rouse suspicion of the Hindus.

He had to lie low in the trusting gullible Hindu world where even the Sikh warriors, carrying swords, were chanting and singing a verse composed by Guru Nuance, 'Sagal sang Humree bun ayee," meaning "all the world is my friend."

The Hindus had implicit faith in this line without caring to notice that Guru Nanak lived under the savage rule of the TALIBAN of those days.

So Nehru, the son of a Muslim through an illicit affair (the fact has been well researched and documented by Shri Arwind Ghosh) was a Muslim.

Only as a MUSLIM could he simply sign off one third of our vast territory to his fellow Muslims in Pakistan.

But now let us see KASHMIR. The cease fire, half way up the State, was deliberate in order to BLEED India indefinitely, weaken our nerve in the end and then surrender that territory too.

That is why North Kashmir was never recovered. Can we imagine the COST of manning the cease fire line by army, ensuring the security, and suffering the LOSS to nation by the absence of tourism in a place known as the "Switzerland of Asia"?

That is why after surrendering five provinces and North Kashmir, Nehru paused for two reasons.

Firstly to protect and shelter the Muslims, deliberately retained in Partitioned India, with all the power of State. Not expelling them lock, stock and Koran within 24 hours of accepting Pakistan was Nehru's key role as a Muslim.

A Hindu prime minister would have insisted on knowing, and IMPLEMENTING, the conditions of Partition.

Congress (that was synonymous with Nehru and Islam) Conspiracy was to let the Muslim numbers swell to deal with the next generaton of Hindus in the manner of the HOLOAUST of 1947.

........Yet everyone thought Nehru was a patriot.

Nehru suddenly, and unexpectedly, stopped his army from advancing further in Kashmir in order to let the WOLF (Islam) digest the territory already swallowed by the beast and secondly, to raise no further suspicion about his own complicity in HIGH TREASON.

Nehru FEARED being exposed and then lynched in public like Mussolini. Yet the whole HINDU nation were so ignorant, smashed, and reduced mentally that not one top leader uttered the words HIGH TREASON.

Though he was surrounded by a blindly loyal and admiring nation of sycophants and slaves, mentally at the level of the cattle due to CENTURIES of slavery, just like ABDUL KALAM today, a Muslim “bull” surrounded by one billion Hindu “cows”, Jawaharlal Nehru still feared his imminent ASSASSINATION at the hands of some patriot.

“There must be at least ONE brave Maratha, patriotic Sikh, decent Tamil or warrior Rajput who will see through my deed and AVENGE the rape and mutilation of India by beheading me in public, “ so thought Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at the same time while he was telling all, “You can see the glow of freedom,” with a trembling voice.

A true Hindu and a real patriot would have pointed out to the DARKNESS that descended on Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar and Dhaka at the same time.

Nehru feared for his life in the first few days after PARTITION and asked the British Viceroy and Commander-in-Chief to stay on to create the impression of normalcy. His imperial masters were meant to ensure his personal safety and deter any attempt on his life.

Nehru, the barrister-at-law, knew perfectly well his HIGH TREASON. He FEARED, too, that he HAD TO pay for signing the unconditional surrender of LAHORE with 75 per cent NON Muslim population and NANKANA SAHIB, the holiest city of the Sikhs that lay near by.

Nehru had to do something urgently to save his own skin. He had the benefit of sound British advice.

While his simple subjects were still in the euphoria of celebrating false independence due to the loud trumpeting by the media under his despotic control, Nehru had to do something else quickly in order to distract, and BLEED, the Indians on a permanent basis.

He asked his friend Mohammed Ali Jinnah to invade Kashmir.

A delighted Mohammed Ali Jinnah promptly obliged. Now all attention was on Kashmir. The illiterate Indians were FOOLED so easily and totally forgot PARTITION. Taking advantage of the smoke screens created in Kashmir Nehru promulgated a Constitution that LEGITIMISED Partition by NOT mentioning it. Thus one third of India vanished overnight and nobody cared a damn. That was the state of HINDUSTAN in 1947 (bogus Partition) and 1950 (treacherous Constitution). While strengthening the hold over India by his dynasty Nehru set the process of further DECOMPOSITIO and DISINTEGRATION that is ongoing.

Not one Indian, including the intelligentsia, is crying out today,

“Who put the time bomb called Kashmir on India’s head?”

“What was the idea of retaining the treacherous Mohammedans in PARTITIONED India?”

“Who advised the rulers of Pakistan to EXTERMINATE all the Hindus and Sikhs trapped in that bogus and “wah-hayaat” Mohammedan Republic?”

“Why is a Mohammedan the Head of Hindustan after they snatched their Pakistan by the threat of civil war?”

The answer in every case is, “None else but your much celebrated Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the SON OF A MUSALMAN,, and his much feared scheming and arrogant daughter, Sultana INDIRA Khanum.

The aim of this MUSLIM Dynasty under Hindu names is to keep the Hindu heads DOWN. to bleed them, divide them, intimidate them, terrorise them, and make them the willing sheep in the end for Mohammed’s abattoir.”

Seeing a MUSLIM (Abdul Kalam, who loves everything that is Hindu and Hindustani, except a NATIVE religion) as the President and the Supreme Commander of the defeated and destroyed HINDU nation, is the clearest indicator that the Hindus are being force marched towards their “ENDLOESUNG”.

To make things look normal once again, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the MOHAMMEDAN under a Hindu name, stopped the Pakistani advance in Kashmir with a very sad heart and PRETENDED to be “defending” South Kashmir in a resolute manner to "prove" his patriotism.

Having surrendered FIVE provinces so WILLINGLY and promptly, but to pretend to defend South Kashmir, was a vulgar joke and cheap buffoonery that the Hindus swallowed, hook, line and KORAN. The nation could not see through Nehru's TREASON. Everyone was busy celebrating him as “Chacha”. A cowardly emaciated and gutless senile fellow who fainted at the sight of a drop of blood became the “Father of Nation”, the Hindu BASHER, Sikh KILLER Indira became the “Mother” and the gallivanting RASCAL & LOAFER Rajiv became “Mr. Clean” despite his BOFORS commission.

They all escaped EXPOSURE and PUNISHMENT by becoming the “Uncle, Mother and Mr. Clean”, and got the ignorant, subservient, intimidated and brainwashed HINDUS celebrating and serving them, and enriching them enormously.

All the time Nehru had the love of his fellow Muslims in his heart, and a secret understanding with Pakistan, "Go on sending your Mujahideen for ever, KEEP KILLING THE HINDUS. We will go on increasing our expenditure on defence, thus taking the money away from education, health, housing and development.

“We shall never cross the cease fire line. We will never retaliate. You can poke, penetrate and punch us at Will, from Srinagar to Coimbatore.

Each killing reduces the Hindu resolve to stand up to give a fight. Thus in the end you will have a demoralised nation, convinced of their weakness, divisions and inferiority, who will sign the unconditional surrender of DELHI in the manner of Lahore."

Nehru was glad and lucky that the Hindus did not see through the ANGLO-ISLAMIC design to smash Hindustan with the help of our own "Chacha" Nehru. Even the historic traitor JAI CHAND (who betrayed Prithvi Raj Chohan) was a kid as compared to Nehru. Jai Chand's treason became known within two days.

To his good luck the shock of surrender to Pakistan was quickly drowned and absorbed in the loud and deafening din and euphoria of so-called "Independence".

The crying widows and wailing orphans and the anguished shrieks of those terrified abducted defenceless Hindu girls were forgotten in one second. That was Hindustan under MUSALMAN Jawaharlal Nehru, not under a Hindu prime minister.

Nehru proved luckier than all the past devils that walked this earth. Today TOP HINDU leadership tells us, "Partition is history. Discuss ANYTHING, but not Partition." It's like England where one can abuse anyone but the QUEEN.

In today’s India the highest in the land avoid going into what they are conditioned to regard as a non event. In fact it is very bad since we are depriving a whole nation of knowledge about those days so that no lessons can be drawn with the result that we are see the Hindu nation being slowly delivered to our "ENDLOESUNG". Nehru's blind adoration has made sure of that.

No wonder, Nehru and his "haraami aulad" have diverted the nation's attention from Partition. It is like the Church that refuses to account for the 14 ("missing") years in the life of Jesus to save themselves the embarrassment that he returned as a ennobled HINDU.

We are still waiting for a new nationalist Government with NO Muslim or Catholic FINGER up Lady Hindustan’s, that will tell us to wear black on August 15, instead of playing colourful "holi" to entertain all the Khans like clowns and monkeys.

Now to Indira. We ought to note that what she did and the way she ruled India with an IRON FIST, tells us that she was NO Hindu. Remember, she was called the ONLY “MAN” in “Hijda” Hindustan.

Only as a Muslim could even a female be a MAN for our obedient nation.

The same goes for the TIGRESS, that is Sonia. She excels ALL native MEN in LEADING the largest political party in Hindustan and would not stand the very idea of seeing a native woman standing up as a rival either in the Prime Minister's house or in the President's.

No native man or woman can risk his or her life trying to oust Sonia, the “Daughter of Italy,” from her dynastic throne in Hindustan.

Hindu women, more than Hindu men, are CONDITIONED to be bashful, shy, quiet and womanly. They are very kind hearted, soft and gentle.

Had it been a Hindu female, she would have held countless meetings and conferences, called for debates and discussions, and obtained consensus before declaring Emergency.

But Sultana Indira Khanum, like her predecessor SULTANA RAZIA BEGUM, Empress of India, simply declared her Imperial Edict and, lo and behold, 30,000 Hindu intelligentsia were behind bars within hours.

A Hindu female with heart in Hindustan and patriotism, would NEVER have returned EAST Bengal to the Hindu killer wolves once again. But Indira did just that giving a signal to Shaikh Mujib, "Take it away Bhai Sahib. My Secularism is only for the Hindu sheep and the Sikh donkeys."

O yes, Mujib took it away and now we know the result. The persecuted Hindus of EAST Bengal, BETRAYED by the Musalmani called "Indira is India" can't get hold of this Musalmani "bitch".

Yes, some Hindus with today's level of raised awareness, are calling for memorials for patriot Nathu Ram Godse. Could they have even whispered such "blasphemous" thoughts ten years ago?

Death sentence is still retained in “Mahatma Gandhi's India” with one aim only, to hang to death anyone who lifts a finger against one of Nehru Dynasty.

LOAFER RAJIV imbibed hatred of Hindustan and Hindus from his mother. No wonder his choice of life partner was not from his own country. Did it affect his standing or popularity in our demolished Hindu nation? Not the least bit. Loafer Rajiv won a landslide victory in elections after the assassination of his evil mother, with the Hindu-hater Italian born “mem” visibly on his side. Sonia still refuses point blank to give some joy to the Hindus by embracing Hindu Faith or saying a word of appreciation on any native Lords, including Sri Krishna and Guru Gobind Singh.

Also see how quickly Rajiv KHAN, son of Feroze KHAN sent his armed forces to crush the aspirations of the Tamils in Sri Lanka who were of Indian descent and roots. Could a Hindu prime minister, with love for his Hindu family, have sent his armed forces to kill own Tamils while letting North Kashmir off the hook?

What about the massacre of innocent Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere in November 1984? Not all of them had hatched the conspiracy to kill his devious scheming mother!! Among those killed were many devout Congress Party members, the damn fools in hindsight!

A Hindu Prime Minister, who knows the origin of the Sikhs, would have put a stop to that orgy of murder at once and brought the criminals to justice.

Death sentence in Hindustan will be abolished only after all those involved in the foreseeable assassination of Gandhi No. 4 (SONIA Khan) have been hanged to death.

Till then NO Geneva Convention, “Sadhu Sangat”, Amnesty International, the United Nations or any Human Rights Organisation can prevail upon enslaved Bharat (INDIA) to abolish the death sentence. India still remains the COOLIE COLONY of Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru, whose real place in history is as the “TRAITOR OF MILLENNIUM”.

Indira was NO “mother of nation” or with love for the Hindus. She did not liberate North Kashmir while she went out of her way to liberate EAST Bengal, and returned it to her own Nation of Islam.

Her policies have done incalculable harm to the nation. She boosted the MINORITYISM, that is, the MUSLIM FIFTH COLUMN. She invested NOTHING in the standing or image of native Hinduism.

So let us open our eyes to the continued SLAVERY of the Hindu nation.

We NRI's who look at ourselves through the eyes of MUSALMAN NEHRU, SULTANA INDIRA KHANUM AND CATHOLIC SONIA, are brainwashed and conditioned to think so little of ourselves that many of us say, "It is all right for Sarkar not to give us dual nationality." This is music to Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam.

It is amazing that whatever a Hindu thinks impossible, he adopts the same attitude or stand in life in order to look morally superior while lying in dust.

Examples: They could break India easily but we, in turn, cannot unite her. So “Partition” is history. Or, “In 1947 we got Independence.”

The Government of India will not grant dual nationality. So the NRI’s start believing, “It is dangerous to grant it to all. There should be a selection criteria or we should pay for it.”

None can dare shout at Sonia, “Quit India.” So we are told, “Our religion is trust all, love of all.” And so on.

This submitting to disadvantage and evil, and turning it into some kind of legality, desirability or moral superiority is the defeated and helpless Hindu’s first trait.

This is like the smashed Sikh who has never had the guts to say, "HALF AUTONOMY for our EAST Punjab if you are giving FULL SOVEREIGNTY to EAST Bengal.” Is it because the Muslim's is longer and stronger?", or in the case of dagger, "sharper?" Why is it that the Hindu is denied while the ENEMY well rewarded? We hear of “Muslim vote bank of our politicians,” but never of Hindu vote bank. Hajj subsidy is only for the Muslims. NOTHING of the kind for the Hindus.

We need to be FEARLESS since now it is BJP with transparent politics. They are at least HINDU even if one hundredth “Hindu” in Shakti.

They are a million times better for us than the CHEATING “BE-IMAN SHAITAAN-HAIWAAN” Mohammedans who used all the means of propaganda and power, to convince us that Nehru and his offspring were HINDU.

Now at last some Hindus are NOT prepared to call a funk who RAN AWAY in India's hour of dire need, a "mahatma", the title that belongs to Guru Tegh Bahadur ji.

And NO WAY will we accept Sonia KHAN as one of us even if she wears the gold embroidered Benarasi silk saree and puts on a big "bindi" on forehead like the oversized TILAK of the BOFORS CHOR who wore Indian, ate Indian, rode Indian, plundered India, sang Indian, exploited India but whose HEART WAS IN SAUDI ARABIA, ITALY and BOFORS COMMISSION.

Let INVESTIGATIONS begin all over. How many can they catch and eliminate for daring to speak up for the HINDU?


What is the worst NIGHTMARE of the Government of India and NEHRU Dynasty?

............The sight of a Hindu with a computer.