Date: 2/9/2003



Even today 4 Hindus killed in Quetta. We have to first become a proper democratic society, Congress in the past has totally pillaged India and stolen a lot from the treasury. I have personally taken part in 71 war, and later for various agencies like Narcotics Bureau, etc.

I wanna make sure Hindus like everyone else have equal rights, inside India we cannot let the atmosphere go bad because it affects the foreign investment, economic development, etc.

One by one the Islamists will be destroyed, captured or killed all over the world. Till now already 4000 or more are dead and 3000 have been arrested all over the world.

Their money from Opium or Heroin trade is getting cut off. So slowly Pakistan has no other way of making money, as they do not have any arable land except in West Punjab.

China is not going to keep on giving them anything till they pay for it, but the source of drug money is drying up. They are being cut off by trade from India, Afghanistan, Iran too. So ultimately the choice is surrender- as their people are getting wiser that it is not India that is responsible for their position or condition.

But before we take back Pakistan or Bangladesh- we better make our own constitution to monogamy- otherwise they will grow faster than Hindus (including Sikhs, etc.) and as per some calculations Hindus will be less than 5% in 300-500 years. So polygamy is bad not just for Hindus but also for our muslim sisters who are being treated as less than human in DEMOCRATIC INDIA.

All that is because Indira married a Muslim, and they are bunch of hidden Muslims, masquerading as a Parsi. (WELL SAID! The Hindu nation is being kept TOTALLY IGNORANT on this. -Owner web site.)

So getting BJP 66% of seats in parliament is important so that we are able to amend the PRO-MUSLIM, ANTI HINDU CONGRESS CONSTITUTION.

Please just calm down a little. We are all for the same thing.

.....................One step at a time.


The above is the response to the following mail by another aggrieved Hindu.


I saw the BLOOD of Hindus fill pools at Partition and saw the bloated bodies of murdered Hindu men AND WOMEN floating down the rivers in West Punjab.

I saw hapless SIKH families on the run, being pursued and chased till they fell, the males to be battered to death and women and girls to be raped and gang raped. I heard of women and girls JUMP INTO DEEP WELLS to drown before they were caught and degraded by the "Indian" Mohammedans, pursuing them, shouting "ALLAH HU AKBAR".

In the background to this savage and macabre scene right in front of my eyes, in the background I saw flames and smoke rising from HINDU homes and shops, and the streets littered with charred bodies, vultures flying overhead, while the followers of blood thirsty MOHAMMED made off with loot and plunder.

The "STUNNED and paralysed" Hindustan under the imperial jackboot of Bandit Nehru could not even construct one HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM to raise the awareness of the betrayed, cheated and defeated HINDU nation.