Date: 2/11/2003



However, there are some doubts about Indira Gandhi's later day activities. Most important being Firoze Gandhi's religious proclivities. We don't get to read much about Firoze's ancestory. As per some sources, his mother was a Parsee, and his father a Muslim. There are also some credible sources linking Indira with a certain John Mathai. Basically, Indira was very much inclined to Muslims and XTians. She hated the Sikhs, as evident from her treatment of Maneka to her handling to Punjab problem.

(She hated the Sikhs for reasons every Hindu had to know- because Feroz Khan and Yakub Khan were her inclination.

The nation simply goes along with whatever the rulers do. Could we hear in UK, "Tony Blair hates the Scots," or in the USA, "George Bush hates the Mexican Americans."? How long would such a leader last in the UK and the USA?)

India's policy was shaped by these people those and we are still suffering from the repurcussions.


There are some very brave INVESTIGATIVE journalists among the Hiundus. They are rare and an exception. But in general we Hindus do not read, even trust, them.

It is a great pity that the Hindus by and large are AFRAID of "touching" anything that is sensationally truthful. We are not inquisitive at all. We have gone along without knowing the names of two uncles and three first cousins of Rajiv G. who was made PM overnight.

It is amazing how little we bothered about the implications. Our intelligentsia are quiet. The reason is lack of powerful ALL INDIA "Hindu" institutions and organisations that could investigae, explore, find out and then have the courage to DISSEMINATE.

It is surprising that the slightest stir in the Hindu Jagat is an alarm signal even to Hindu leaders whose advice is reserved for the Hidnus alone.

Remember Bapu Gandhi? He was very effective in Hindustan but zero in EAST Bengal and West Punjab.

Today on another List there is a report of Mr. Vajpayee cautioning the Hindu youth not to stir any trouble. I wish to put my own reaction to that. Apologies if the language is undiplomatic or politically incorrect.

Vajpayee, who was inaugurating an International Youth Conference on Terrorism organised by the BJP youth wing, the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, obliquely warned radical Sangh Parivar outfits like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad that "no organisation, irrespective of whether it claims to espouse the cause of the majority or the minority community, can be allowed to inflame passions, spread hatred and incite violence." The Prime Minister had last attacked Hindu fundamentalists in his Goa musings.


My comment:

Mr. Prime Minister,

Before you offer advice to the Hindus, please create conditions in which terrorism vanishes normally and the Hindus can relax and look forward to safety. YOUR FIRST DUTY IS TO MAKE THE NATION SAFE FOR CITIZENS, INCLUDING IN KASHMIR. WHETHER MAOIST, JIHADIS OR WHATEVER IT IS YOUR JOB TO TAKE CARE OF THEM. SO DO YOUR OWN JOB AND MAKE SURE MORE HINDUS ARE NOT BURNT ALIVE, by ISI sponsored Mullahs / Maulavis.

Please give a call for a new Constitution which should reflect the HIGH TREASON of surrendering ONE THIRD OF INDIA unconditionally to the Indian Muslims and encourage the Hindus to DISCUSS that defeat freely.

While they are busy in killing the Hindus in SOUTH KASHMIR all the time, do you want your HINDU nation to lie down in dust, and do noting? When did YOU go there to spend a holiday? SHAME on you if the Indians are going to Switzerland instead of Kashmir Valley because your government cannot ensure anybody's safety in that Muslim majority State.

If ISLAM is supreme in Dhaka, how about raising HINDUISM in PATNA up to HALF that height?

If they have a grand JAMA MASJID in Delhi, how about having an even BIGGER grand Temple in Ayodhya for the Pride of Hindus?

When they penetrate into yours (South Kashmir) and kill five or seven HINDUS, how about giving your bleeding demoralised nation the news that the Hindu boys crossed the border and BLASTED TWO DOZEN "sullahs" overnight?

While they are allowed to PROCREATE like rabbits under Sharia Law, how about converting that obscene JINNAH HOUSE in Mumbai into "SHIVAJI INSTITUTE OF HINDU STRATEGIC STUDIES"?

How about giving a call to India's LARGEST POLITICAL PARTY to replace the Italian born White Elephant by a decent native Hindu lady who will live without security commandos guarding her, reconcile our native communigties, and comfort our widows and orphans instead of scheming to invite the Pope again?

If the slightest move of Hindus is "dangerous fundamentalism" for your Masters, then, pray tell us, how can the Hindus feel safe and strong on their own patch?

Have you ever reflected on the "patch" of the Hindus of Sindh, Baluchistan and EAST Bengal?

SHAME ON YOU, Mr. Vajpayee, if you are demoralising and intimidating your own Hindu family even further.

Even Godhara, as found after investigation, was a well planned criminal act. When have Hindus done that kind of thing. Even during the 1857 First Revolt, Hindu Soldiers did NOT violate the sanctity of the Church, where the British were hiding and did NOT kill British women and children.

So kindly get your facts right before pointing fingers at VHP, RSS, or Shiv Sena as being Dangerous FUNDAMENTALISTS.

Please do your job and clean out the well entrenched Pakistani ISI / Al Quaeda Network in India. They engineer those riots. NOTHING HAPPENS BY ACCIDENT. We do not need to waste our energy and resources in ISI engineered riot, fighting with our muslim brothers (sic).**


** A submission to all the HINDU nation. Please reserve the misleading term "Muslim brothers" till the World of Islam shows at least ONE good deed towards the Hindu "brothers & sisters."

Treating the NON Hindus as our "brothers" is the legacy of our slave past and the result of brainwashing and conditioning over centuries.

Muslims and Christians never regard us as "Hindu brothers". Hence they get away with MURDER. But at the same time we cannot retaliate.

Here lies the lethal trap that has deprived the HINDUS of our rightful glory in Hindustan.

They kill their ENEMIES but we cannot kill our "brothers". Can we?