Date: 2/11/2003



Today (FEBRUARY 11, 2003) was a BLACK DAY in God’s own creation.

FIFTY THOUSAND sheep were SLAUGHTERED in Mecca where some TWO MILLION separatist Mohamedans have gathered to "celebrate" the world's MOST EXCLUSIVE AND "STINKING" SEPARATIST Id.

NOT ONE CHRISTIAN OR HINDU is to be seen in Mecca. The occasion is all kept within the "gang", so to say.

Is there any other religion on earth that hangs the sign outside the door, ONLY BELIEVERS ADMITTED."?

Draw your own conclusions from this HUGE SLAUGHTER of the helpless captive animals about COMPASSION in the World of Islam and from this "keeping the non Muslims OUT" about their social manners and love of integration in the secular world around them.

In Islam there is NO concept of “offering the other cheek". Is there?

We learn that in earlier years this "mountain of meat" used to be buried in earth or thrown away. But these days there are big factories to process it all, deep-freeze it, and then despatch it to the poor countries in Africa.

The Muslim savagery is not confined to large scale SLAUGHTER on their “holy” days but also frequently to slaughtering innocent HUMANS who refuse to convert to the creed from the Desert of Arabia.

Please compare the number of Muslims killed during the former Hindu rule in India, with the number of Hindus, Christians, Pagans, Sikhs and Buddhists kILLED by MUSLIMS during their rule across the world and through centuries.

Some examples that come to mind readily are-

The massacre of the Hindu slaves in HINDUKUSH Mountains during 10th Century AD.

The massacre of Hindus, in their millions, during all those invasions by Arabia, Turkey, Ifan and Afghanistan. Do we know of any Buddhist invasion of India from the EAST?

The massacre of the innocent Christians of Armenia.

The wholesale SLAUGHTER of the HINDUS, and the ethnic cleansing of the Sikhs, at PARTIITON of India in 1947.

Simply consider this: The Hindus had never killed anyone because of his religion in the previous millennia. And the Sikhs did not dishonour a single mosque, rape a single Musalmaani or kill a single Musalmaan during the decades of their rule over Punjab.

The ongoing killing of Hindus in South Kashmir since October 1947.

Isn’t it good to know WHO THESE HUMAN BEASTS ARE, despite the political correctness of our rulers?

The esteemed readers are invited to LINK this massive collective cruelty, sanctioned by religion, with the terrible state of social, economic, cultural and political life in the ISLAMIC republics. Would that not explain that 99 per cent of ILLEGAL asylum seekers in the West and America are MUSLIM?

Among the Pakistanis and the Afghans in this most undesirable category in the West are all those who are proud of Islam and their Islamic republics where the Hindu fears for his life.

The Pakistani young man explained his escape to England,

“My father fought for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and used to go out with gangs to kill, rape and plunder the fleeing Hindus in West Punjab.

"O yes, for the murder of every innocent Hindu, he thought, brought him nearer to his Paradise filled with virgins after death.

"He regarded himself a great Ghazi. But since then we have lived under the generals who have kept all the followers of Nabi and Rasul Mohammed in check by gun, stick and whip.

"I know what it is like to put KORAN on the head of everyone in the country, and then enter it in the Constitution, too.

"That is why I FLED THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of Pakistan. I see that the Bangladeshi Muslims, too, are fleeing their land of Rasul Allah in utmost disgrace. Still they do not sit down to thank India that is taking them all in. Will they dissolve their rude and crude Islamic Constitution in Dhaka? NO WAY.

"That is why I do believe that the sooner these two preposterous MUSLIM republics on either side of India are dissolved, the better it will be for all the people on the sub continent. We can only attain prosperity for all, by going secular and not by barking “Allah hu Akbar” a hundred times an hour, and doing NAMAZ ten times a day.

"Instead of hearing the cries of “ALLAH HU AKBAR” in the Valley, we shall see tourists re-appear and bring in money to raise our standards.

"Now we shall be most grateful for a bit of that meat of the sheep slaughtered in Mecca today. If only they would care to look at us. The Arabs think of the Pakistani as BEGGARS, exactly as we think of the Hindus in our Pakistan.

"In the meantime, agonised by the thought of the cries and CURSES of the 50,000 sheep that were SLAUGHTERED to please MOHAMMED at Mecca today, I tremble with FEAR on the very thought of the punishment God is going to INFLICT on the wicked separatist Muslims in the very near future.”