Date: 2/13/2003


NRI’s in the United Kingdom will have seen something but not taken ANY notice, leave aside comprehending the message and then passing it on back home. And did anyone compare the scene with India? We doubt it. The fault does not lie in lack of intelligence but with CONDITIONING and BRAINWASHING. The Indian brain is clever to ignore what might “upset the sarkar”. The Sarkar can take away his job, license, permit, quota, social standing, freedoms, and even LIFE.

His Sarkar and State have been ALIEN OR HOSTILE since 712 AD.

Today the top man in India hardly has a Sanskrit name. It is ABDUL KALAM, straight and pure from Mecca, where two million Hajis today (February 13, 2003) are busy throwing stones at the perceived Devil.

Spare a thought for our Abdul Kalam who is surrounded by ONE BILLION DEVILS. He doesn’t have enough stones at his disposal to hit the lot.

On page 1 of my daily newspaper today, February 13, 2003, there is a large photograph with the caption underneath that reads,

“BALI REMEMBERED. A Cathedral schoolboy carries flowers for bereaved families at a service in Southwark, London, for victims of the bombing. Page 5.”

Then I turned to page 5 of “The Daily Telegraph,” London, to see two more photographs and the heading at the top,

“Candlelight tribute to the British Bali Victims. Prince joins families and friends for service, reports Caroline Davies.” The “Prince” is HRH Prince Charles, the future King of the United Kingdom.

The full report goes on, covering two columns. The photograph that shows a big sign reading, “Service of Commemoration for those killed or injured in the Bali Bombings”, takes up the other three columns at the top.

We also recall the magnificent tribute paid to Policeman Oakes who was killed by an illegal asylum seeker in Manchester last month, and the photo coverage of the grand funeral procession through the city. The Prime Minister and his wife attended the memorial service in church to honour his memory.

In the former SLAVE colonies, where the native was not worth more than an insect or a fly, there is no such tradition or custom of remembering the dead and honouring the genuine heroes. In most such countries, including our own Partitioned India, life is going on in low key as before, in the “cultures” that was driven underground long ago.

Sadly our Bharatvarsha, with grand name but “rat’s” performance stands out in this respect. We have yet to mark a day in our Calendar to mourn and honour the DEAD OF PARTITION. They were not just a few but more than a MILLION.

And they are not to be seen through the eyes of Qaid-i-Azam Mohammed Ali JINN or viceroy Lord Mountbatten, or even “Bandit” Jawaharlal Nehru who never consulted his PEOPLE but promptly signed the surrender of one third of India without insisting on a SINGLE condition in turn.

Yes, they were not flies or insects. Those who paid the price of Nehru’s High Treason were people just like us, JUST LIKE YOU, DEAR READER, who were looking forward to Independence of our country from Chittagong to Khyber.

There is a serious FLAW in the mental make-up of our collective psyche just like the loathsome UGLINESS of India’s post partition frontiers.

The former needs to be REMOVED and the latter need to be BLASTED. India needs to correct both, her collective psyche and her frontiers before anyone can feel good about our nation.

We do not recall the Supreme Commander of India attending the funeral service of his soldiers and officers killed by Muslim militants in South Kashmir, nor of the victims of bombing elsewhere, e.g., those killed at LOK SABHA in January 2002 and then at Swaminarayan Temple in Ahmedabad later in the year.

What kind of a nation is this that cannot “FIRE” the Supreme Commander and the Prime Minister who do not honour our dead?

Can we expect the bogus “Rashtramata” from Italy to shed a tear for the persecuted Hindus of EAST Bengal and the exterminated Sikhs of West Punjab?

Have we noticed the Italian “mem” Sonia KHAN, who now sits in the same chair as the President of “All India Congress Party,” where once stalwarts like Annie Besant, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, MK Gandhi, Gopal Krishna Gokhale and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel sat?

What a fall for our sacred land of Vedas, divine Rishis, Mahatmas and Gurus, that was once called “Great”.

Who will raise the stature of an average Indian to the level of an average Briton and American?

It’s a challenge we need to meet straightaway. Let us resolve to pick up the body of the next dead Hindu killed by a MOHAMMEDAN terrorist anywhere in Bharat including South Kashmir, then bring it to the capital of India and take it out in a big ceremonial procession on the scale of the ones taken out on January 26 and August 15, through the city.

That will proclaim to the whole world that “The Hindu “fly” has become a MAN.”

Let us FORCE our so-called “man” Abdul Kalam to SALUTE the coffin of the murdered Jawan as it passes his ceremonial dais on Rajpath.

Failing guts to accomplish this, ALL THE HINDUS on this planet ought to commit COLLECTIVE SUICIDE.

It will be better to die now as men, rather then exterminated like the flies eventually, as was the case in Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP, North Kashmir, West Punjab, East Bengal and Sylhet in 1947.