Date: 2/16/2003





TO FIND THE TRUTH FOR MYSELF, I chartered a plane to carry out an aerial survey of all the earth that has been painted green on the map, showing the ‘Lands of Warrior Mohammed’, where life has stood still for centuries, where it is mandatory to pray in Arabic, and where people, the ‘Blind’ Believers, still play the primitive and infantile ‘make-believe’ game of throwing pebbles on the imaginary devil with wolf’s teeth and buffalo’s horns, who has managed to find shelter and shade in the searing singeing sands of the vast desert, and is said to be hiding in the stone tower along with lizards, snakes and scorpions. The fast footed sheep and the long legged camels made off long ago for the nearest oasis, while the self denying, peace loving, saintly, fasting, loin-cloth clad, and dust smeared, gentle Infidel pig called “Gandhi” stayed back to keep company with the Devil out of goodness of his heart, to receive profuse abuse all the year round.

Taking off from Southern Philippines I headed for West Timur and then across Indonesia to Malaysia, Bangladesh, across the disfigured secular territory of Bharat, on to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and so on, till, flying over several more Islamic republics along North Africa, I finally reached Morocco.

Down below I what I saw was a scene of desolation, large semi clad poverty stricken families, men idling away, some catching fish or tending their herds of cattle. Houses had open courtyards and many were made of mud and burnt clay bricks. There was dust everywhere. I didn’t see any factories, hospitals or universities, only “madrassas” with children going to lessons carrying wooden boards, or slates, for writing the Arabic script. Most had just two pairs of sets of pyjamas, one on body and the other being dried after wash. Means of transport were the mule, donkey, horse, bicycle and occasionally a bus or lorry. There were no recreational facilities and hardly a cinema or theatre. Men’s favourite pastime: dreaming of fighting a holy war or scheming to seduce yet another girl. Occasionally the Sharia law helps. A woman is to be stoned to death for pleasing the rapist. In Kabul under the Taliban, who interpreted the Koran the best, only the vast stadium could accommodate all the gawkers to see the women in burqa being executed. Occasionally a surviving church, temple or Buddha statue is to be demolished and the Islamic crowds love it. Any act of destruction and vandalism is Glory to Allah, hailed with Allah Hu Akbar. The man with the beard and turban is a big scholar and the one riding a donkey or horse, followed by four wives and fourteen children is following the Hadis to the letter. To most men the golden dream of the future was to die killing the infidels and then entering Paradise for free sex with virgins for ever.

What I had seen during my flight from West Timur to Morocco was in sheer contrast to my earlier flights from London to Rome via Frankfurt and Paris. During the day I could see parks, neatly laid our road, big buildings that were factories, hospitals, schools and universities, all sorts of means of transport from cycles, scooters, and cars to buses, lorries and big trucks. Shops and markets were bustling with people. Lakes and rivers had plenty of sailing and rowing on them, and slopes were full of skiers during winter. I could see families having picnics in gardens and parks. Hotels and restaurants, cinemas and theatres were full. In the evening and at night the number of bright lights on ground denoted lively cities and busy roads, matching the number of bright stars above on a dark night.

I concluded that Mohammed’s world is bustling with crime and immorality due to illiteracy, poverty, and the pressure of teaming millions without jobs. It has millions of men, loafing around, who have only known how to hold the Koran in their hands. The vast surplus is desperate to escape the life of endless prayers and indoctrination at mosques. They have started spilling over and oozing out of all the seams, edges, corners and holes in the Islamic republics like cockroaches who are desperate to enter a Christian land where kindness and reception is assured.

The war between civilisation and barbarity is looming larger by the hour. There are fundamental reasons for the impending outbreak of a major conflict right now.

The West stands before a dilemma over Iraq. Finish the job now or leave it to your offspring?

MK Gandhi of India had no courage or guts to face the challenge in 1947 but left the loathsome Islamic mess to his offspring.

The result? His PARTITIONED India has been bleeding ever since. She has already fought three INCONCLUSIVE wars with Pakistan and the fourth one will finally finish her.

Due t that cowardice of their top leader Gandhi, the Hindus’ survival is at stake now. “Father of Indai” Gandhi saw the challenge in 1947 but COLLAPSED, leaving his gentle race to the wolves, to disembowel, rape, plunder and devour.

In a war between the Civilised and the Savage, the latter is more likely to win since fighting and warring is a savage trait of human nature.

In 1947 a savage minority inflicted a crushing defeat on the civilised majority in India and left the country broken in three fragments.

Only the British had the guns that were far superior to the Muslims’ swords, and had kept the sub continent under one flag. But when the British lion withdrew the Muslim wolf, in no time, delivered a fatal blow to the Hindu elephant.

Here are some more contrasts between the Savage and the Civilised:

1. The nature of prophets. One preached peace the other continuously waged wars.

2. One shunned violence the other’s pastime was slaughter, rape and abduction, and plunder and occupation of territory.

3. The act of worship. One prays with families and the prayer has song, music and MEANING. The other’s is dry, monotonous and all male show.

4. The message in one’s act of worship is service to all mankind, kindness to nature, while the other’s is unintelligible, being in Arabic. It is punctuated in offensive words like kafir and infidel and it mentions the devil and shaitaan to terrify the soul

5. The leaders and preachers: In the case of one, they are educated and civilised. In the case of the other, they are illiterate and cannot initiate any change. They are rigid like the wording of the Koran itself.

6. Under the inspiration of one, the “followers” are trying t reach the Mars. The goal of the other is to take the world back to the life and time of Mohammed when they rode the camel, ate dates and raw meat of the sheep.

7. The landscape. The one is dotted with universities, factories, sports halls, recreation facilities and research laboratories. New inventions and discoveries are being made all the time. The other’s landscape is desolate. Dogs howl in West Punjab and Gaza strip where once happy families met, where once one heard the laughter of children.

8. One is willing to absorb the refugees while the other perpetuates their wretched status and becomes an economic burden on the taxpayers of the whole world. Where are those HINDU refugees from India of 1947 when the Muslims partitioned the country? We never heard of them, nor of the refugees from South Kashmir today. But those of PLO will never get settled. Their only training is for war.

9. Prosperity. The CHRISTIAN West is affluent and prosperous. State cares for the poor and there are welfare and free medical facilities. Nothing of this sort is to be seen in an Islamic republic of beggary, poverty, sexual overdrive and the rulers’ oppression.

10. In one the governments are elected and often change. In the other, they are in one family. How and when will the governments in Libya, Arabia and Iraq change.

11. In one there is democracy. In the other the people have to be “driven” by the stick and gun. Look at any Islamic republic including PAKISTAN that was created by the Savages in 1947 with the hope of democracy, wealth and prosperity for the Muslims after separating from the Hindu infidels.

12. In one the population is controlled and even more people can be absorbed In the other there is a big human surplus and they are escaping like the cockroaches from the burning ship in all directions. Look at the scenes at Sangatte Refugee Camp near Calais in France. It is not near any Islamic Repubic. Yet the Believers crossed “seven frontiers” to get there, to force their entry into the United Kingdom. How they jumped on running trains, crept through the Euro tunnel, came in the holds of ship and containers, sticking to undercarriage of aeroplanes, hiding in fruit and vegetable lorries and even on leaking boats into southern Europe and Italy. The Muslims are running and fleeing Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and every other Islamic Republic in the world. They are barging and crashing into Christian lands, going for girls and women having left their own families behind, and get busy in reproduction to gain a foothold. The threat of being sent back to Islamic republics is enough to freeze them in terror. Yet these republics cannot become secular or more tolerant and then get on the road to progress.

13. Over reproduction, no education, no jobs, hunger and poverty, and motivation of Jihad have created TENS OF MILLIONS of refugees, loafers, Jehadis, the living bombs and martyrs, that the world is now in danger of collapse.

The war clouds are building up and Iraq is in the foremost. It is a STATE that is terrorist, not a terrorist cell or group in an Islamic republic like Pakistan. That is the difference. When a State becomes a rogue, the world peace is severely threatened.

But the real root cause of all this is the KORAN that takes the man back to the life and times of Mohamed and fills his mind with the thoughts and ideas of Mohammed. Would one like to imagine the 7th century dark scenario envelop him all of a sudden?

That is why every Islamic republic is in the REVERSE GEAR. Some travel so fast like the Taliban that they re-create the life and times of Mohamed within a couple of years and rather successfully.

So if after the liberation of Iraq the people are back to KORAN in Constitution, like those unfortunate ones in Afghanistan, then all the sacrifices by the Allies to remove Saddam Hussein will have been totally WASTE.

The “MOHAMMEDAN” monster, that broke up India, will re-appear in another Islamic Republic very quickly. Koran is the fertiliser or manure to produce the poisonous crop of the Islamic warriors of Jihad. And now they are spreading like the CANCER CELLS across Europe and America.

The Muslim world will remain geared to further turmoil, possessed by the urge to capture more and more territory of this shrinking earth. The next targets are already looming large before the eyes of the Savage who has just gone around the BLACK stone for inspiration, eaten a lot of mutton and also thrown his 21 stones at the Devil hiding in those pillars. Let us not forget, the devil whom even Mohammed could not catch or kill, is still at large in Mecca in order to give great anxiety and fear to every Muslim on earth.

Seeing the Devil in hot pursuit behind him, the Muslim is ever ready to go into battle, drench his hands with more HUMAN BLOOD and shout in TERROR, “Allah hu Akbar.”

Yes, some Devil, who could not be killed by Mohammed, who has escaped death by stoning by millions over centuries, is still a force to reckon with.

Watch out for the MARCH OF THE JINN across our shrinking planet earth.

What a pity those intended to be his VICTIMS are holding peace marches across the FREE world (Saturday February 15, 2003).

In their ignorance they believe Christ, Guru Nanak and MOHAMMED are one and the same thing, all men of peace and messengers of God.

They forget that they still have the Devil chasing them from behind. In FEAR they throw stones at him as they did in the Stone Age when men slaughtered the sheep by stoning, and the family had nothing else to eat apart from mutton.

O MUSALMAN, DECEPTION is thy Religion. There is a “secular” ABDUL KALAM, fooling the Hindus of BROKEN and SMASHED BHARAT (PARTITIONED INDIA) and here is SADDAM HUSSEIN, calling himself secular but with “Allah” written on his flag.

A secular Saddam would have been happy and contented with his own home and republic.

BEWARE OF SECULAR ABDUL KALAM OF BROKEN BHARAT. He is the one in the middle of a billion secular sheep, eyeing them for their meat and wool. In this case for the Hindus’ souls, girls, wealth and TERRITORY.

“Secular” Saddam Hussein is another one who could sleep in the tent of brother Abdul Kalam tomorrow.