Date: 2/17/2003



..................NO SAVIOUR IN SIGHT YET.



"DON'T RUN AFTER THE ILLUSORY MUSLIM & CHRISTIAN VOTES. Like it or not they will not vote for you, unless you become the B-team of Congress, but then you lose Hindu votes which will move to the A-team. Unless BJP, Hajpayee, Venkaiah Naidu, Advani understand this, what Mr. Singhal says will come true. The indifference and snobbishness of the BJP leaders towards the VHP will kill the BJP.


...................COMMENNT ON THE ABOVE:

The Hindus lack awareness of IDEOLOGY. What is Ideology? It is the INFLEXIBLE & RELENTLESS DRIVE which gives the whole nation a push and a shove towards its supremacy and glory.

Koran is the Ideology of Islam. With words like "Kafir, Jihad," and "Shaitan" it is NOT a book of religion. An example of Book of Religion is Sri Guru Granth Sahib, with no such concepts or words in it.

Every pore, vein and hair in Pakistan is Ideology. She was born of Ideology. She still wants to capture KASHMIR. She still sends armed killers across the Indian border right down to any Swaminarayan Temple, not just to Srinagar and Jammu. Her stand is the same today what it was in 1947. She is the "Beastly Shaitan" of Ideology. Yet she is recognised, acknowledged and accepted as a legitimate State by none else but Messrs. Singhal and Hajpayee. Neither declares, "We do not recognise this terrorist State born out of High Treason, Treachery and Deception with the help of the departing British in 1947."

West Germany never recognised the legitimacy of the East German State. South Vietnam never recognised North Vietnam. China does not recognise Taiwan. Nor does North Korea recognise South Korea. All these States have own Ideology and their leaders of aware of it and relentlessly PURSUE it. In sheer contrast the "glass eyed" Hindu has NO Ideology, only religion. Our ambassador in Washington DC is celebrating Eid and our President and Supreme Commander has an ARABIC name. Singhal and Advani and the Sikhs' Sri Harimandir Sahib all must look up to Abdul Kalam for the defence of our MANDIRS and GURDWARAS. Surely we cannot make Sri Krishna, Lord Rama and Guru Gobind Singhji "secular," in order to "tow the line."

While Pakistan has put ISLAM on every page of her Constitution (without fearing the wrath of UNO or economic boycott by Hindustan), we Hindus are still MIGHTY AFRAID that putting our religion in Vidhan will wipe us all out in the world.

Bangladesh has never shown the olive branch to Bharat. The persecution of Hindus there has increased tenfold since "glass eyed" Hindustan LIBERATED her from "Urdu and ISLAM" only the other day. It is because B.D. is driven by her IDEOLOGY. Bharat or UK have NO say and play NO role in her internal affairs. Both Shri Singhal and Hajpayee have to shout "Foreign Finger" every time they see "Rashtramata" Sonia Khan of BOFORS CHOR. She does have an IDEOLOGY and we see it in Ayodhya. "NO Temple here," she declares as per Ideology. "That will make the Pope's next visit to decomposing Hindustan impossible," she muses.

Can we think of an example of IDEOLOGY in the case of Hindus and BHARAT? Yes, but the Hindu nation fears extinction if we were even to mention it. In 1947 to fight the devils of partition was like inviting extinction. Under the TERROR of our enemy's ideology, we do not commemorate Partition but celebrate Independence. The British may have gone and returned in the shape of Italians, but Mohammed and Islam stayed on. We never got Independence from these two "devils." We ought to realise that the RUINS at the sacred city of Ayodhya are our own counterpart of their "Jama Masjid" in Delhi where they bark "Allah Hu Akbar" five times a day terrorising the SIKHS living and working within five miles all round. The grandparents of these SIKHS used to hear the same howl five times a day in Lahore, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi and Multan before their ethnic cleansing.

Sadly while their Ideology is POSITIVE and a "forward thrust" all the time, ours is NEGATIVE, static or receding. Ours is VACUUM. Our Ideology ought to be our dogged and determined REFUSAL to accept Partition UNCONDITIONALLY. That murder of Secularism in Lahore and Chittagong is not time barred. Only our lives are so short and limited. We indeed have failed to keep the torch alight and pass it on to our next generations. But even Hajpayee, Advani and Shri Singhal refuse to touch it. They have blown it out. The flame of Akhand Bharat has been put out, extinguished by us. It was, and is, the SPIRIT of our Hindu nation.

Our grasp of Ideology will give us the AWARENESS of the fact that the indigenous Muslims declared war on us (Secularism and Hindus) and captured one third of our territory. We have not yet signed the CEASE-FIRE. We only presume, due to TERROR, that we have done so. NO, we haven't.

The present frontiers and borders of India are TEMPORARY, not only disgustingly ugly and obscene. They will become permanent ONLY after the HINDUS unite, stand up and then inflict a crushing defeat on the enemy, recover the territories lost through DECEPTION, BULLYING AND HIGH TREASON and then enact a new secular Constitution that will apply to all, including the Muslims and the Catholics, from Chittagong to Khyber - not just to the ugly middle fragment called Bharat.

By not getting hold of our own IDEOLOGY, we are floundering in the storms created by the others who do have a clear goal, a firm belief, and an IDEOLOGY.

How can we UNMASK that Ideology in the simplest possible words? NO PROBLEM! It is "Bash the Hindus and Kill the Sikhs till the last one is either killed or converted, or put on a Reservation or put in the zoo."

When the Hindus come to THAT degree of AWARENESS, not just a hundred or two thousand of us, but at least a HUNDRED MILLION, then Singhal and Hajpayee will eat from one plate and Sonia Khan will be standing outside the door begging for a morsel.


................FEBRUARY 17, 2003.