Date: 2/22/2003


The defeated and the beaten scum of mankind came to define secularism.

(Warning: Please don't read the comment below if you cannot hear the cries of one million slaughtered in 1947 when only a few stood up for secularism. So in the new definition, the cowards re-defined "India".)


............An attempt to define Secularism".


Definition of the word Secularism - by Oxford modern dictionary, former Indian President Dr S Radhakrishnan amongst others.

Components of Secularism - as enunciated by legal luminaries Dr Durga Das Basu and Shri P M Bakshi in their books.

Supreme Court Judgment in Ayodhya Acquisition case 1993 -



Simple and gullible Hindus and SIKHS,

Don't get confused by the "scholarship" of the thrashed and the defeated who are trying to define SECULARISM and thereby crush us under the dead weight of its falsehood and deception.

By genuine secularism, the KHALSA army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh captured Attock and hoisted their flag over KHYBER 200 years ago.

Then came a generation of subterranean Gandhian "rats" and "jackals" of Hindustani scholars like the former Indian President Dr S Radhakrishnan amongst others, moulded, educated, nurtured and nourished by the British masters, who dived deep into rat holes when the time came to define and defend Secularism in 1947.

With all their newly acquired might of Broadcasting, Intimidation and BRAINWASHING, they ordered everyone under their foot and influence, to forget Partition and the death of secularism in Karachi and Sylhet.

They sealed the lips of the nation: "NOT A WORD," they warned, "about the unconditional surrender of DHAKA that came about twice (1947 and 1972)."

Thus they coined a new definition of Secularism after surrendering "PUGREE, DHOTI, TERRITORY and DAUGHTERS", doubly assuring Pakistan (East and West), "Secularism is the Faith and Belief of the INFERIOR HUMAN SCUM on earth who inhabit the Indian sub continent. We will NOT mention Lahore, Gujranwala, Chittagong and North Kashmir while defining Secularism from now onwards, till eternity."

To a simple native the word Secularism means two things, and NO scholar on earth has been able to improve on it.

Firstly, Secularism is what is defined by the Muslim bully's "JOOTA" in Lahore and Pandit Nehru's HIGH TREASON in Delhi.

In other words, "JIS KEE LATHI, USI KAY LAHORE, SIALKOT and SYLHET." No Indian scholar has been able to improve upon it.

Secondly, "SECULARISM is the grapes that are SOUR in Lahore for the Sikhs and in Ayodhya and North Kashmir for the Hindus."

The "Mother of Nation" Italian-born Sonia KHAN, speaking to her Indian "aulaad" and servants, contemplating the smouldering ruins of Sri Akal Takht Sahib (while her own Vatican is glorious, splendid and secular), adds, "All the other definitions you must hide under your beds like the "bhagwan ki murtiyan" (idols of your gods) in Lahore."

Just watch the GRAND DECEPTION by Partritioned India's very own TOP scholars that has rendered the entire Indian nation ineffective, derailed and slaves once again.

Quote: "The Preamble of the Constitution as passed in 1950 reads, "We, the people of INDIA (sic), . . . . .

(BLAH BLAH BLAH. What "India" MINUS East Bengal and West Punjab?), having solemnly resolved to constitute India

(BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Shouldn't it be "INDIA that the Muslims left with us after chopping one third of her"?) into a sovereign democratic republic

(BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. What about the sovereignty and democracy of LAHORE under ruthless and repressive ISLAM?) and to secure to all its citizens: JUSTICE, social, economic and political.

(BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. That treacherous COVER UP will end up as the NIGHTMARE of what was left of India in 1947.) UNQUOTE.

Let us RECOLLECT, THINK and SPEAK UP like brave men even if we cannot act any more while still kept in "chains" by Supreme Commander ABDUL KALAM.

Indian seculars failed to define the current President as a PAKISTANI in accordance with the ACT OF PARTITION, 1947, while at the same time calling Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale a terrorist.

And we the brave NRI's just go along all this low rate obnoxious definition of Secularism?

We will find real secularism in the UNITED Kingdom and the UNITED States where everyone's daughter and mother is safe.

Let us pass the wisdom back home to a subservient degraded, brainwashed and powerless nation.

India has surrendered huge territories that we don't dare to remember. Her peripheries are on fire that we don't dare to notice.

In a country that holds the world record in slavery, where secularism is defined to enable the natives to kiss the foot of Abdul Kalam and the hand of Sonia Khan, the best "K" is for KNOWLEDGE. Two more can be added, Computer and Courage.

Of course, there are also FIVE "D's" mentioned earlier, which our top scholars, lacking "K" for Knowledge, will not touch.

What is left of India after Partition is PERISHING under the falsehood of her bogus secularism. It is the essence of the United Kingdom and the United States, but the SENTENCE OF DEATH for the HINDUS and the SIKHS.