Date: 2/25/2003


The following letter by an MEP (Member, European Parliament) was in response to the one by Mr. KHANBHAI published in the Daily Telegraph, London last week. Please see earlier posting under the same head.

.......................Roots of terror


Bashir Khanbhai MEP (letter, Feb. 20) states that the root of Islamic terrorism is the “illegal occupation” of Palestine. This allegation is wrong.

The PLO was formed and began its terrorist activities in 1964, some three years before the supposed “occupation”. Furthermore, Israel has repeatedly made clear that once the Palestinian leadership brings about an end to this campaign of terror, peace negotiations will resume and the outcome will benefit all participants. Israel is fully committed to achieving peace with the Palestinians, as it did with Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994. Israel was able to attain these historic peace agreements because all sides made serious compromises for the sake of normalised relations.

Israel offered Yasser Arafat a country. Israel offered him virtually every acre of land he asked for and agreed to almost every term. Arafat had the chance to stand for peace and to father a Palestinian nation. Instead, he chose the path of violence.

Theresa Villiers MEP (Con), Brussels.


The following letter was sent by MRI to Ms. Theresa Villiers, MEP, on February 25, 2003.


We are delighted to read your letter in “The Daily Telegraph”, London, February 24, 2003, p. 23.

For your information we enclose our own letter to the editor.




The Daily Telegraph


I refer to the letter by Mr. Bashir Khanbhai, MEP (CON) published in The Daily Telegraph, today, February 20, 2003, in which he says, "The injustice of the continued Israeli occupation of Palestine is a fire that burns in the heart of every Muslim." (sic).

Isn't this the root cause of terrorism on globe, the jaundiced eye of every Muslims, even of an MEP, who holds a secular office in Brussels, to claim to speak of the "fire in the heart of every Muslim?"

For his information the Indian Muslims, on acquiring their Pakistan in 1947 without a referendum or debate, proceeded to do complete ethnic cleansing of the non-Muslims in West Punjab and elsewhere.

Nearly a million Hindus and Sikhs were killed within weeks in cold blood, and some fifteen million became refugees. I was one of them. When did Mr. Khanbhai ever care to notice the fire in my heart, or hear of a "Hindu refugee" from West Punjab and North Kashmir?

While the non-Muslims, by and large, loathe mentioning RELIGION in every debate and argument, it seems, according to Mr. Khanbhai, "every Muslim" is hooked on to it.

If he is happy with forty-two ISLAMIC republics on earth then he might find a little peace of mind with one tiny Jewish Sate called Israel. Wouldn't that be fair?

Yours truly,


We believe there are two root causes of Muslim terrorism on earth.

Firstly, the strong propensity for LAND GRAB and BLOODSHED that expresses itself in the idea of JIHAD which impels them onwards to bring the whole earth under the sway of Islam.

Mohammed set upon JIHAD against all the communities in Arabia, and beyond, from the day he could ride a horse. His venomous “fire” of JIHAD are embodied in his KORAN.

Whosoever puts implicit faith in the Book, becomes a bloodthirsty “devil”.

A “good” Believer, having imbibed perfect knowledge of Islam, will NOT spare even fellow Muslims if one runs out of Hindus, Jews, Christians and Buddhists to slaughter, plunder and rape.

Secondly, Islam has only known to advance, capture, enslave and convert. They did not meet any resistance from Arabia to Morocco in the West and right up to Indonesia in the East.

Unfortunately, the free, civilised and “SOFT” world has run out for them, and they are beginning to meet stiff resistance for the first time since the battle at Poitiers and the siege of Vienna when the Christian world rallied to halt them in their tracks.

After centuries of colonialism under the Europeans, that kept Islam in check, they are beginning to stir again. They could easily inflict the most crushing defeat on the HINDUS of India in 1947 that emboldened them considerably, and made them believe in the Invincibility of Islam once again.

But the State of Israel stood up to defy them against unbelievably heavy odds. Tiny Israel has done what the elephant sized India could not. The top Indian leaders like “Mahatma” Gandhi collapsed within minutes and the others like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru lost nerve in no time, compromised with the “devils”, and signed the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of five provinces of secular India to Islam on August 15, 1947.

Because of Israel’s refusal to vanish from earth, the Muslim world is in a state of shock. Hence their venom, anger and aggression are building up all the time, and about to cross all limits.

Free, secular and democratic world is now on the razor’s edge. Either Israel will be swept away by the global forces of Islam rallying together against her, or they will be confronted resolutely, and given a “bloody nose” to put the Muslim “monster” down for at least a hundred more years so that the Jews and the Hindus and the civilised secular West may live in peace for a while.

Sadly, the world is not prepared to look at the spectacular victory of Islam in 1947. Without firing a shot the “Taliban of Mohammed” captured no less than one third of the vast Indian sub continent. What they proceeded to do with the non-Muslim minorities, begs description.

The departure of the British let loose the bloodthirsty Islamic “beasts” in their true colours and they carried out the total ethnic cleansing of the minorities within weeks. Over a MDILLION innocent people were massacred or butchered in the most bestial manner to satisfy the thirst for blood of Islam.

We do not know when European Union or the United Nations will appoint a commission of enquiry to record the atrocities perpetrated by the Muslims in East and West Pakistan during 1947.

They are again on the war path of aggression in South Kashmir just as they are in Israel. It seems that the deluge of Islam has been halted by two obstacles, Israel and Kashmir, at least temporarily, given that the resolve of democracies is week and disunited while the eroding force and conquering spirit of JIHAD as transmitted by Koran are perennial.

At least now, with the Allies preparing to deal with Saddam Hussein, the free world can breathe in peace.

The Taliban, Col Gadafi, the Ayotullahs of Iran and Saddam Hussein are simply the constantly manufactured tools of perennial violence enshrined in the KORAN.

The free world has to do with the Muslims what they did with the NAZIS. Total de-brainwashing of the so-called “believers”. They most certainly do not believe in the equality of women, in tolerance of non-Muslims, in giving up the urge to grab more land.

On the contrary, they believe in destroying every oasis and island of peace and progress on earth that has escaped or survived the “Sword of Islam”.

The Ideology of Islam links the Muslims across the globe since they pray in ONE language. Hence even those living in Bangladesh and Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, who don’t even know where Israel is, are bent upon destroying it.

That is why they are all GANGSTERS, plain and simple and Israel will never get peace from the PLO.

In India during partition in 1947 they destroyed the happy communities in five provinces and broke the backbone of the fine but small Sikh community centred on LAHORE. Over fifteen million Hindus and Sikhs were expelled from Pakistan something Isreal is fully justified in doing with the Palestinians, following the Pakistani model. Incidentally the fleeing minorities in Pakistan have left enough lands and dwellings to accommodate TEN TIMES the number of Palestinian refugees who refuse to settle down.

Thinking of the ISLAMIC republic of “Indian coolies” called Pakistan, wild dogs howl across the land where once happy families sang hymns together and lived in peace. Is that what they wish to do in Israel and Kashmir, too?

Yours sincerely,

...........MRI (Movement for Reunification of India)