Absurdities of Hadith and Muslims' Denial #7

Date: 2/28/2003


.........Absurdities of Hadith and Muslims' Denial #7

There are two categories of Muslims. The first are those that defend Muhammad and whatever he did irrespective of any consideration for decency, rightness or justice. They do not deny him marrying a 9-year-old child, assassinating his opponents, massacring up to 900 of his prisoners of war, performing genocide of the Jews of Arabia,* raping his war captives,* sleeping with the maids of his wives * and other his less than admirable deeds. These are known as Muslim fanatics.

The second group, are those that deny all these facts about him and try to twist the evidence to make Muhammad acceptable by modern morality and values. These are modern Muslim intellectuals and are those that deny Islam being an intolerant religion. I don’t want to pass the judgment as which one is better, but I certainly admire the honesty of the first category, which the second group lacks.

Many modern Muslims try hard to present Quran different from what it says. They would quote the earlier verses of Quran when Muhammad was weak and his preaching were sugary.* But they would play down the harsher verses of Quran that were “revealed” in Medina when the prophet was already a chieftain and needed not to humbug the Quraish, the Jews or the Christians for support.

Interpreting Quran with a different meaning than its obvious one plays also a great role in explaining the scientific absurdities of that holy book. The majority of Muslims prefer to live in denial. Denial of the authenticity of Hadith is easy but to deny the authenticity of Quran is not something they would like to think about. So reinterpretation is the only option.