Date: 3/2/2003





The newspapers are full of harrowing stories about the FLOOD OF ASYLUM SEEKERS pouring into Europe right now.

Have we noticed that they are (overwhelmingly) MOHAMMEDAN- all like the JEWS during World War 2 when "FUEHRER", following his MEIN KAMPF to the letter, set fire to their homes and ordered their total extermination?

Today's refugees and asylum seekers are FLEEING the republics where ISLAM, the doctrine of another "MEIN KAMPF" (KORAN) has been "cooked" well and proper.

Under the teachings of KORAN like those of MEIN KAMPF, their countries have to see total ruin and devastation. (Where else can Koran and ISLAM "lead" them to?)

Hence, the more their ISLAM is "cooked" (the more the "madrassas", the more the Taliban, the more the ruthless dictarors, the more the ethnic cleansing), the more the EXODUS of wretched MOHAMMEDANS.

Obeying, and following, the KORAN must lead to total destruction of society after achieving total degradation of women. Anyone in doubt is invited to read the KORAN. The wisdom is available on many web sites today. BUT WE IGNORE IT AT OUR OWN PERIL.

In fact, we are doing the greatest DISSERVICE to the Afghans who were not encouraged to DISCARD Koran and go for secular constitutions like those in POST WAR Germany and Japan. That is why Afghanistan has started "boiling" in the same Islamic stew once again.

That is why none of those Afghan refugees has returned. In fact MORE are running this way.

Under the misleading line "Islam is a religion of peace," the West is not only taking in MUSLIM asylum seekers by the tens of thousands, but also their KORAN.

It is simple commonsense to see that these people merely want to settle down in the WEST and then marry and remarry, produce and reproduce countless more Mohammeds and Khans, establish more mosques and madrassas, all the time doing a damaging input into our secular and peace loving societies, and finally, when in sufficient in numbers, go for disruption and JIHAD.

That is the ONLY way that shines up before the eyes of a "true believer", to lead him up the path of JIHAD to those VIRGINS waiting for him in paradise.

We wish one could move the film of current affairs fast enough to see all this future unfolding within one day.

The viewers will be horrified to see the GREAT FIRE OF LONDON once again.

That is why U.N.O. ought to take their role and duty seriously instead of enjoying fat salaries at our expense and then just watch the flood of asylum seekers moving to France one day, to Denmark the other, and to England, and so on.

To justify their posts and positions, the "indolent fatted excellencies" at the UN need to give a DIRECTION to this flood of wretched and betrayed humans.

How is this to be done?

1 Set up vast refugee (or reception) camps somewhere in the Middle East. There are billions of (petro) dollars there and a pool of FUNDS can be raised in no time.

2 Carry out a screening process to see who is genuine, who is bogus, criminal, fraudster, drug pusher, murderer, sex trader, or an economic migrant.

After that it is logical to send the MUSLIMS TO ONE OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLICS that they created over the flesh, blood and bones of the native non Muslim inhabitants, e.g., PAKISTAN (Hindus), IRAN (Zoroastrians) TURKEY (Armenians and Greek Cypriots) and AFGHANISTAN (Buddhism).

Of course those who have fled Turkey should not be sent back to Turkey but to another "republic" that flies the ISLAMIC FLAG proudly, and so on.

Accordingly the Christians from Indonesia or Lebanon ought to be sent to a Christian country.

What about the SIKHS who have NO republic or godfather of their own and who are full of DISGUST seeing their India under ABDUL KALAM, a MOHAMMDAN NIGHTMARE resurrected?

Pending the establishment of KHALISTAN (at par with PAKISTAN), they could be given shelter in the United States or Canada, even Australia. We should note that the SIKHS come from EAST Punjab after they were all exterminated in the ISLAMIC WEST Punjab and NORTH Kashmir and they cannot look up to Supreme Commander ABDUL KALAM or SONIA GANDHI of India who are after their blood for demanding sovereignty for EAST Punjab to be at par with EAST BENGAL.

......................PART TWO.

Today the HINDUS are as easy for the MUSLIMS to slaughter as the sheep. The Hindus are compared to a MOUND OF MUD and sometimes to an EARTHWORM.

If you cut off West Punjab there is NO reaction in Maharasthra and if you take out East Bengal there is NO retaliation by Bihar. The Hindus have lost guts and their brain is atrophied beyond repair or transplant.

Today the word "PARTITION" does not exist in a Hindu's vocabulary, nor in the Constitution of India.

The Hindu image is so LOW that NO Muslim, including even the most liberal and secular ones like Salman Rushdie ever embraced Hinduism after taking an actress PADMA LAKSHMI to bed. Like King Henry VIII they take more than one to bed and God help her, if she was not a "perfect virgin" delivered to Mohammed at first night.

Hindu maidens put large posters of Bollywood actors like SHAH RUKH KHAN in their bedrooms to have orgasm, gazing at them. They regard Hindu men emaciated Gandhian goats and avoid their company. Hence the "arranged" marriages for them.

The news constantly fed to the Hindus is most demoralising. "Ten killed in South Kashmir. Twenty driven out of EAST Bengal. Hindu girls abducted, raped, converted and then wedded in Sindh, Hindu traders kicked out of Uganda and Fiji," and so on.

A Hindu does not get any joy out of his life or any good news. His President is ABDUL KALAM who is also his Supreme Commander back home, and his future Prime Minister is likely to be SONIA Gandhi who will invite the Pope to pay his THIRD visit to India as State Guest.

How did such a despicable low down dastardly situation come about for the HINDUS on earth?

The Hindus did not retaliate when their own "Two Tall Towers" were destroyed by the Arabs in 712 AD. The Hindus suffered a crushing defeat in Sindh and FAILED to retaliate. They had accepted their FIRST defeat at the hands of Muslims and had collapsed. America received her own first defeat on September 11. The United States must not collapse like the Hindus.

In 712 AD the Arabs entered the Hindus' psyche and minds, as STALWARTS and the Hindus themselves became the SHEEP.

Thus in every subsequent invasion the sheep could not stand up to the Arab stalwart, the Turkish tiger, the Persian panther and the Afghan wolf. The end result is today's Hindu who has just demonstrated against America in the city of Ahmedabad today. The Hindu MOUSE is being manipulated by the ISLAMIC lion in PARTITIONED India.

Had the HINDU come off victorious over the Arabs in 712 AD, today India would have despatched FIVE ARMOURED DIVISIONS to help the Western Allies in their war against Iraq.

In view of the above, "What will happen if America did not return the BASHING to al-Qaida and IRAQ?"

America will become a sheep and the Muslim a STALWART who will come again and again and again till America is the size of a mouse and shares the same bit of nuts, nits and grit with the HINDUS.

Hence the United States of America with her Allies must launch a FIERCE attack on IRAQ to keep her own size, guts and MANLINESS in tact.