Date: 3/3/2003


Courtesy: Date: 27th February 2003.


Sonia and the Congress boycotted the unveiling ceremony of Veer Savarkar's portrait. This is an insult to a national hero for which the Congress will pay dearly in the Maharashtra election (which Lyngdoh is trying to delay). I had given a list of anti-national positions by Sonia and the Congress. A friend of mine brought another one to my notice. You may recall that during the Kargil War, the government had constituted a committee to go to Islamic countries and explain India's position. Several Congressmen were also in it but they withdrew at the last minute after first agreeing to it.

Following the recent drubbing in Gujarat and the chaos in other states, the Congress is supposed to be advocating something ced 'soft Hindutva.' An example of it is the recent announcement by the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Sri Digvijay Singh that he fortifies himself with a daily drink of cow's urine.

Why did Digvijay government a year ago publish the 'Bhopal Declaration' put out by Christian organizations that asserted: (1) Dalits cannot progress as long as they stay within the Hindu fold; and (2) their way to progress is to convert to Christianity. Why did Sri Digvijay Singh's 'secular' government own this religious propaganda to be printed using MP government facilities? Is this also part of soft Hindutva?

At the same time, the Congress funds continue to go to anti-Hindu organizations and individuals. The most virulent of anti-national individuals and organizations- Harsh Mander and Teesta Setelvad of Communalism Combat, received the Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award from Sonia Gandhi. And Smt Gandhi herself gave an anti-Hindutva lecture at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. In order to see through its 'soft Hindutva' posturing one needs to look at the record over a period.

The Babri Masjid is no different from a mosque (hypothetical) built by Osama bin Laden on the site of the demolished World Trade Center. Does soft Hindutva mean we should ignore this record? By the way, what is the soft Hindutva stand on the Ram Temple?

When Indian soldiers were waging a heroic life and death struggle at Kargil to save Kashmir from Islamic terror, a Muslim cleric, hailed by the secularist establishment as a 'moderate' declared that he could not pray for the victory of Indian forces fighting in Kargil. This 'eminent' and 'moderate' cleric was Syed Abdul Hasan Ali Nadvi, popularly known as Ali Mian. As a true Muslim, he said he could not pray for the Kafirs fighting against a Jihad by fellow Muslims, even when they are from Pakistan.

It is worth noting that until his recent death Ali Mian was a great favorite of Congress leaders, especiy of Sonia Gandhi and her family. Sonia and Priyanka found time to attend his funeral, paying respectful homage to their 'secular' hero.

Following Pakistan's humiliating defeat in the 1971 Bangladesh War, the same Ali Mian went to Karachi and shed copious tears telling how Muslims like himself, who looked up to Pakistan as what an Islamic state should be felt deep personal pain. This is Pan-Islamism pure and simple. Incidentally.

Ali Mian was only repeating in 1972 and again in 1999 what Maulana Mohammad Ali said in 1923: "Extra-territorial sympathies are part of the quintessence of Islam."

The nation beware! Soft Hindutva is only a cloak of deception donned by a wolf in sheep's clothing. It is as anti-national as hard-core pseudo-secularism. It is a truth that no amount of cow's urine can wash.