Date: 3/3/2003



The scattered and demolished Panth of my Guru Sahiban, exterminated in WEST Punjab, tricked out of its POLITICAL centre (MIRI) in Lahore, and under a JEW as Governor (an ex GENERAL who cares two hoots for my Guru Sahiban) and with the chief minister wearing the Turban as his crown confined to UNION Territory, the DIGNITY, status and standing of my Panth is that of a dog on leash.

Much anglicised HINDU HATER "Brown Sahib" Pandit Nehru, illegitimate son of a MOHAMMEDAN of ALLAHABAD knew very little about the Sikhs except that they made impressive watchmen, honest servants and good security guards.

On enquiry he was told, "There is no prostitute, no beggar and no intimidated subservient gutless cowardly Sikh in the whole of PEPSU (Patiala & East Punjab States Union), and they are also the community whose backbone was broken due to Partition in 1947, and, thus, most likely to assassinate you for the surrender of Lahore, and become an obstacle to the advance of your friends in Pakistan towards Delhi."

He listened carefully and then replied, "I will reverse their fate and fortune. Give me time."

The Bandit, his Dynasty, and their "All-India Congress Party" HAVE HAD their full sway and rule over the Sikhs for some 53 years and not only the Sikhs but also the HINDUS have been reduced to a "MOUND OF MUD" where they are brainwashed and CONDITIONED, not to look up, not to look up and see that India is PARTITIONED and minus East Bengal, that the Punjab is partitioned and minus its HEART in Lahore, the Supreme Commander of the nation is ABDUL KALAM who is as secular, kind and benign as Emperor AKBAR, and the so-called "Mother of Nation" and India's "uncrowned queen" is none else but a brat of no pedigree from the "gutters" in ITALY who was imported by BOFORS CHOR and imposed on the nation as India's No. 1 Lady.

In order to keep her status and position at the very top, the choice of India's Prime Minister and PRESIDENT was decided by ONE factor.

The "MAGGOTS", sitting in the highest positions in the country, the President and the Prime Minister, were NOT to have an INDIAN BORN SPOUSE who could eclipse Sonia KHAN from Italy in any way.

The Sikh carrying kirpan and doing full "Rehat Maryada" at INDIVIDUAL level has NO sense of COLLECTIVE identity that, in reality, resembles the charred ruins of Sri Akal Takht Sahib in Amritsar on June 7, 1984.

It is that presence, or lack, of COLLECTIVE Identity of a nation that is reflected in the CONSTITUTION and makes one a man and the other a mule.

Neither the Hindus nor the Sikhs appear in the Constitution of PARTITIONED India that accepts wretched India in three fragments and cursed Punjab in FIVE (Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Union Territory of Chandigarh, East Punjab and WEST Punjab).

Such KNOWLEEDGE, that was to put the Sikhs at par with the Christians in Rome and Washington DC, the Muslims in EAST Bengal and Mecca, and the Hindus NOWHERE, was to be placed in the head of each and every Sikh alive but sadly in these heads, there is VACUUM.

In the light of the above, we can work out our priorities. Let us pool our heads together if we wish to see KHANDA CHAKRA flying over KHYBER once again. It was removed by the British in 1849 and then the whole of WEST Punjab was obliterated from the map of India by JINN & BANDIT (Jinnah & Pandit Nehru) in 1947.

I shall submit my friend's brief list of THREE points. They are not by way of belittling or ridiculing the Sikhs, but quite seriously, PROPHETIC:

1. Leave the physical (visible) symbols to the INDIVIDUAL. Don't coerce, pressurise, bocott or intimidate any Sikh who doesn't have one or more of these. Otherwise, since we are the ONLY people on the entire earth who still keep them, they become a recipe for DISASTER, or the hallmark of a good political slave and social "nishkam sewak." Or, replace them by SPIRITUAL and MENTAL symbols of-

(a) DHARTI. Defend TERRITORY as we defend our own bodies and families.

(b) DHARAM. Defend Sikhi (and, indeed, your HINDU Dharma) as we defend our own bodies and families.

(c) DHYAAN. Defend our MORALE & SPIRIT as we defend our own bodies and families.

(d) DHANN. Defend our wealth that we have created by dint of hard and honest labour by our hands, e.g., our homes, financial assets, businesses, magnificent gurdwara (and TEMPLE) buildings (BIG EYESORE TO THE NON SIKHS and NON HINDUS), libraries, museums and estates. Reducing, losing or surrendering these makes a nation impoverished, and ready to convert to anyone who offers a dallor per head to the starving mothers and their hungry children.

(e) DHEE. Defend our DAUGHTERS as we defend our own bodies.

Cowardly disunited Hindus are losing their daughters to MUSLIMS and Christians, hundred a day in our own "secular out of terror" Hindustan.

Those of us, and that is SIXTY PERCENT of the Sikh "PANTH", who survived the HOLOCAUST of West Punjab in 1947, defended only our own bodies and framilies, DUMPED the rest and FLED, very untypical of the Sikhs.

Subsequently, like the HINDUS, we threw Partition out of our minds. I have never heard any Sikh scholar, preacher, Granthi, Priest or professor, EDUCATE the "sangat" with regard to our worst ever defeat in 1947. What kind of fear and terror have gripped our souls that we don't mention 1947 as often as we mention 1699?

2. "KAKKA" ("K") FOR KOMPUTERS. It means a "Crusade for EDUCATION" in East Punjab. How can we make sure that computers are available to each and every secondary school pupil, college and university student, and every scholar, journalist, teacher, lecturer and housewife in EAST Punjab?

3. CONVICTION TO COMMEND SIKHI. The Pope from Rome went all the way to the decomposing Bharat and commended his CHURCH to the natives while the Sikh (bogus) Sardars were consuming crates of whisky, "burning" money at weddings, and "lording" over the force of hundreds of "bhayyas" and immigrant labour from all over impoverished Bharat, working in their farms and towns. In the West we OFTEN see church volunteers distributing leaflets, "calling to the Lord", while such activity, to COMMEND Sikhi even in front of our grand gurdwaras in Amritsar and Anandpur Sahib is unthinkable. In our own eyes our Guru Sahiban are NOT worth commending to the NON Sikhs who eat and pollute our shrinking "GURUAN DI DHARTI" day and night. We forget that while Mohammed was born in distant Arabia and Jesus was born in even more distant Palestine, all our Guru Sahiban were born in our own native land which still needs a spiritual injection up our "bums" to make us at par with the Christians in America and the Mohammedan in EAST Bengal and Turkey. We FAILED our Tenth Master in 1947 when we FLED West Punjab and we are FAILING Him by not commending his SPIRIT to the demoralised and enslaved Sikhs of EAST Punjab, living in decomposing and disintegrating Bharat that is crumbling under the dead weight of ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN and their Fifth Columns.


How about taking on a couple of more points on the Agenda:

1. Raising a suitable MEMORIAL (a SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM) to honour the memory of the HALF A MILLION Sikhs massacred in 1947. We can be INSPIRED by the shining example of the Americans who have resolved NEVER TO FORGET September 11. Mind you, the Amerians do NOT have visible symbols but INVISIBLE SPIRIT that ought to have survived our own Tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the greatest "WARRIOR SAINT" cum Prophet the world has ever seen.

2. Passing a Resolution in all gurdwaras to appeal to the chief minister of EAST Punjab to move his Secretariat to PATIALA, the city founded by his own ancestor MAHARAJA ALA SINGH, and not live any more in the city founded by BANDIT Nehru who left the legacy of "SMASH THE SIKHS AND BASH THE HINDUS".

3. Cut out "langar", a custom from the dark and horrible past when "sangat" had to walk on foot and had to leave villages at dawn to get to Guruji's Durbar by noon and had to wash their dust and mud covered BARE feet. It is a custom only carried on by a community that is still being guided by MORONS who squat on floors. Instead, let us give the same air of sanctity to LITERATURE and that means more books, pamphlets, newspapers and broadcasting. No wonder most Americans look at a Sikhi and call the children indoors and shut their doors, saying, "TALIBAN".

LITERATURE also means WIDE DISSEMINATION of modern and fresh ideas down to the level of a peasant in Punjab. At present such new ideas are only confined to, and circulated among, VERY FEW and they comprise a shopkeer here, a taxi driver there, a teacher here, a housewife there and so on, ALL DE-LINKED ISOLATED INDIVIDUAL CELLS. Hence NO action can result. One can expect results only by harnessing the COMBINED and COLLECTIVE "head and brain" of a nation or a community. Our Secularism is a fraud on ourselves. The secular Americans are determined to convert the whole of India while the secular Hindu is minus conviction and subjected to SEVERE BASHING even in South Kashmir.

In this respect the Sikhs now are relegated to Hindus by performance. Christians from abroad have outpaced the NATIVE Sikhs in India by HUNDRED TO ONE with regard to conversion.

Conversion is a dirty word for the brainwashed SLAVES but it is the FORCE that keeps Islam and Christianity in India spreading and thriving. They experience the thrill and joy of INCREASING while we must hang our heads in shame in the knowledge that we are STATIC or decreasing even in our EAST Punjab, while the MOHAMMEDANS are producing even more Mohammeds, Alis and Khans through our own seduced and abducted Sikh (and Hindu) daughters in ever greater numbers.

Finally, is there a point in my being so keen on EAST Punjab and PARTITIONED INDIA?

Yes. A dog AT HOME is a dog abroad. In other words "our dignity abroad depends on our dignity at home."

So, how is our dignity being bashed at home? By being GOVERNED by a JEW in EAST Punjab, by being RULED by a EUNUCH in Hindustan, and by expecting a MOHAMMEDAN to defend our Gurdwaras, Temples, daughters and Faith back home.

I certainly cannot overlook or forgive ("maaf karna bhul chuk") our cardinal SIN being committed by our otherwise smart Panth.

That sin is the lack of awareness about not only holding the world record in getting decimated in "ghaloogharas", but also the lack of awareness that we are heading straight towards yet another HOLOCAUST in EAST Punjab.

So if we are to STICK to our ways of thinking, then we better start collecting funds for the next crop of widows and orphans. There will be plenty under SONIA KHAN'S tenure as the next prime minister of Broken Bharat.