Date: 3/10/2003



BBC WORLD SERVICE NEWS, 9 a.m. GMT, Monday March 10, 2003.

"Archaeologists have begun work to dig up Ayodhya site to ascertain if there was a temple earlier." COMMENT:

The (bullies) encircled a weak little boy (HINDUS) and demanded his mobile phone (Karachi).

The terrified boy seeing five bullies threatening to smash his skull, handed over his phone.

Then they demanded all the money in his pocket (North Kashmir).

The little boy, much shaken and fearing his bashing, handed it over.

Then they said, "Say, I am a pig".

The little boy did as commanded (pseudo-secular "Vidhan").

They gave him the boot up his b** (Archaeologists), and said, "Run away. We don't want to see you again. See our "Joota" (Constitution in East Bengal)?"

The scared little boy took to his heels and did not even dare to tell his mum or dad about the attack (partition).

He said he left phone at the desk and went out to the toilet. When he returned, the phone had gone!" (Partition is "history"!) ***

56 years after "independence" the HINDUS, confined to one fragment of India (out of three), are still waiting for Sri Rama (bow and arrow), Lord Krishna (Chakra), Shivaji (dagger). Guru Gobind Singh ji (sword) and Netaji Bose (gun). who will come down to earth and ENCOURAGE us all to shout in horror, seeing a Mussalmaan on our sacred soil, "What the Hell are YOU doing here after Partition?", and address them all, "Listen you swine, there will be one masjid in the BODY OF OUR BHARAT for every mandir we see in YOUR Saudi Arabia"

"Dear fellow Hindus, the original and NATIVE sons and daughters of Bharatvarsha,

"We have to make sure that *that* day comes soon. We cannot expect the United Nations, George Bush, Tony Blair, Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan to lift a finger in this direction. Can we?"

Then the Sikh ("torso in turban"), exterminated in West Punjab in 1947, looking in terror at the Muslim superiority, buried his head deeper in his Scriptures and got his hands very busy doing "langar sewa", and his brain hooked on to being a good "nishkam sewak".

Most were looking forward to being mighty obliged & most grateful to Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan to visit Golden Temple to receive the "Robe of Honour" ("saropa").

With "kirpans" discarded and heads lowered, their beards would touch their knees. In their demoralised smashed social circles, none reminds his children of the times when their flag flew over KHYBER and the Hindus had a grand Temple, the size of Vatican, in Ayodhya.

Is this our "moral superiority"?

We are still waiting for a new Shivaji to be born while the archaeologists prove that the spot was blessed by the foot of Prophet Mohammed himself in 1526, and the grateful natives, finding their hearts filled with joy and illuminated, built a mosque on the very spot where Mohammed, seeking privacy, went to sit behind a bush.


*** Paritition is history. Ayodhya and North Kashmir are our current affairs. What is our FUTURE then?