Date: 3/16/2003




Here are some thoughts for our bleeding Broken Bharat. We wish the ignorant Hindus and the simpleton Sikhs understood the game that the enemy is playing, to finish us all off.

Which Mohammedan, including President ABDUL KALAM, in our Broken Bharat has ever said "Sorry" for Partition? Please read on and pass it on.


................HEAR THE CRY OF ISRAEL:

(Quote) As long as there are millions of Arabs living within Israel who are plotting to kill Jews, there will be terrorist attacks and accidents like this. Israel will need to remove millions of hostile Arabs or continue to live with constatnt terror and fruits of terror, within her borders.

Let us not blame the soldiers who were involved in this tragic accident. The governments of Israel who continue to allow the hostile Arabs to remain in Israel and murder Jews, are the guilty ones. When there is war and terrorism then there is tension, accidents and friendly fire. War on Israel's borders may be inavoidable. However, Israel has the power to expel the domestic threat of terrorism by expulsion of the perpetrators and supporters of Arab terrorism." (Unquote)



Does it ring the bells in the ears of refugee from Sialkot (Kuldip Nayar), from Jehlum (IK Gujral), Karachi (LK Advani) and even the one from Lahore (Khushwant Singh)?

Could we hear their voices of protest, too, like the Voice of Israel (above)?

What do our own "rats" think of the "Act of Partition, 1947," which their President ABDUL KLAM and "Rashtra-MATA" Sonia KHAN fully approve of?

That (see above) is the PIOUS hope of the Israelis who wish to get on with their lives. They have NO compulsive sting of JEHAD to kill the infidels (HINDUS foremost and above all) and head for the virgins waiting for them in Paradise.

Abdul Kalam (literally, "SLAVE of WORD OF ALLHAH", that is, the UNHOLY KAFIR KILLER KORAN") will be entitled to that tingling reward or virgins, too, if he just holds the Hindus back, and watches them perish in Kashmir, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chattisinghpura and elsewhere without retaliating, without asking his Armed Forces to destroy the terrorists' bases in Pakistan.

The voice of Israel (above) is the pious hose of Israel. But what about the pious hope of HINDUSTAN. When she was FORCED to surrender lost her body to MOHAMMED in 1947, she emerged minus scalp (North Kashmir) an arm (West Pakistan) and a leg (East Pakistan). Her autocratic Bandit Nehru was the man in the pocket of Imperial Britain and kept the MOHAMMEDANS back to terrorise and finish off the remaining Hindus, too, that is the Hindus of Delhi after the extermination of the Hindus in LAHORE.

Terrified "Lady Hindustan" wanted to cry but the rapist put his hand upon her mouth and pushed the dagger into her back to FORCE her into silence. The media was in "Sarkari" hands then (as is is now), and the world was told of India's "Independence". Bandit Nehru Nehru sang and danced with millions of IGNORANT Hindus in Delhi as if attending the NIKAH of his daughter to Feroze KHAN, the groom from Allahabad. He ordered the festivities for days on end, and invited Mahatma Gandhi to join in.

Hindustan with all her HINDUS, was silenced and the word PARTITION deleted from Constitution. A new generation of Hindus grew up who "related" to their first cousins from Lahore and Multan, Karachi and North Kashmir as a cat relates to the dog.

Today the MUSLIM President of bleeding Hindustan, chosen by the White Elephant from ITALY, represents the same threat to Lady Hindustan as she faced in 1947. Abdul Kalam's ISLAMIC role is crystal clear to any fool. It is to "hold the Hindus on tight leash," watch them KILLED on daily basis, here, there and everywhere, and to tell the sword bearing SIKHS, "Shut up and follow Mahatma Gandhi." The Rest of the Hindu "Jagat" have taken the cue and have submerged underground. Not one Hindu put his hand up to claim the chair of the President. Not one Hindu has dared to shout, "Since PARTITON the Muslims in the middle fragment called Bharat, are PERSONA NON GRATA!"

Every orphan created by ISLAM (and there are TENS OF MILLIONS of them, since the days of massacres in NOAKHALI in August 1946, still recalling the murder of their fathers and the rape of their mothers by the Mohammedan barbarians), every widow and every Hindu degraded, insulted HINDU booted out of Bangladesh, Baluchistan, West Punjab, NWFP, Kashmir (North and South) and Sindh, is urging ABDUL KALAM, the Supreme Commander of India who is in the pay of Mohammed, "COME ON, YOU BLOODY BAS**RD, DROP YOUR BOMB ON ISLAMABAD AND GET OVER WITH IT."

This was the unique moment in history that belonged to the HINDU just as 1947 belonged to the Musalmaan of India.

But look at India's performance today. PETRIFIED into silence over Iraq just like 1947 when we all FROZE when Mohammed Ali JINN threatened civil war to Mahatma Gandhi with Bandit Nehru looking on as if the attack by INDIAN Muslims was going to be "tamaasha", as if it was something that NEHRU was looking forward to, as if it was something Nehru himself had brought about in collusion with Jinnah.

In order to stop the ONGOING slaughter of Hindus, one day in Rajouri, another day in Punch, yet another day in Mumbai, Godra, Swaminarayan Temple and even Lok Sabha, India ought to sort it out with so-called Pakistan and BOGUSdesh once for all.

While the Secular, Democratic WEST sorts out Saddam Hussein, Hindustan should sort out her own PERENNIAL destroyers and attackers by openly pledging full support to the United States, the country which has given livelihood and opportunity to millions of Indians who left Hindustan in frustration and fear.

But can this India, being held to ransom by Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam, think and act for herself? NO. NOT AT ALL.

She will MISS this golden opportunity and then go on BLEEDING internally till finally the Hindu is prostrate on earth to be walked over and to be trampled upon.

The fate of Hindu in North Kashmir is approaching him in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Allahabad and Chennai but the VICTIM lies unconscious.

Alas, the victim is ONE BILLION of us unable to retaliate to the killings in Rajouri, Punch, Chattisinghpura, Swaminarayan Temple, Godra, Coimbatore, and even around Lok Sabha.

Guru Gobind Singh cannot appear twice, nor did we see Chatrapati Shivaji in LAHORE in 1947 nor Lord Krishna in NOAKHALI.

So those praying to the Lord and those reciting endless marathon "akhand paaThs", simple WAKE UP, and see the SWORD OF ISLAM poised overhead.

Today the hands of Israel and India are as APART as Mohammed would wish them to be. In DISUNITY neither can reclaim her old TEMPLE from the barbarians, the one in Jerusalem, the other in AYODHYA.

Today the two countries had to stand shoulder to shoulder on ONE PLATFORM and sign a Pact of Mutual Assistance in case of attack from any Saddam Hussein and Pervez Musharraf.

Today the two countries had to join hands with the ALLIES to meet the Islamic threat arising from Bali and Bangladesh to Pakistan and PLO head on.

Today was the day to ACT in order to ensure a peaceful future for both.

But while Israel is unable to throw her Arabs out to Arabia, our Hindustan is unable to throw out her Muslims out to PAKISTAN that was specifically created for them.

Such is the WEAKNESS of the secular, decent and democratic world that stands NAKED and EXPOSED to the inroads, assaults and attacks by the BARBARIANS who do not have the words "peace and co-existence" in their KORAN but the mental photo of luring naked virgins lying on couch with wine and grapes for the Mujahids, Ghazis and the Taliban.

The 'call to Jehad' in the head of the TRUE "believer", graduated from a "MAD-rassa" and keen on taking the "fourth" female to the umpteenth, TO BED, must be IRRESISTIBLE.

HINDUSTAN is going to miss out on this unique historic opportunity (the one that comes only ONCE IN A CENTURY in the life of a jackal to overpower the lion) to deliver the final blow to the fast spreading CANCEROUS ISLAM in her own bleeding body.

VORACIOUS armies of "Muslim MAGGOTS", growing within and coming in from the East (Bangladesh) and the West (Pakistan), will continue to CONSUME her decomposing body till the very end.