Date: 3/20/2003



Mr. President,

May GOD ALMIGHTY keep you and the people of our dear Bharat safe from INTERNAL and EXTERNAL (who, too, were INTERNAL until August 15, 1947) ENEMIES.

We request you to ABOLISH the title of "His Excellency" for EVERY INDIAN unless he is in office in the UNITED Kingdom.

Please ask yourself, "If the President of the world's most powerful nation can be addressed as "Mr. President," then why not the holder of that post in PARTITIONED India that is bleeding in South Kashmir and East Bengal?"

By virtue of which CONQUEST are you entitled to be addressed as "Your Excellency?" The unconditional surrender of one third of India to ISLAM in 1947 was NO conquest in our view.

Further, Mr. President, please ask yourself, "Do I need to live in a PALACE built by the Imperial British, with 365 rooms like a SULTAN who had 365 wives?"

What you do thereafter, will be very patriotic and noble, and your humble and loyal subjects will love you for that.

Sir, GOD ALMIGHTY has conferred the highest honour and constitutional powers upon you as the President and also the executive (MILITARY) power. You are the Supreme Commander of Partitioned India's Armed Forces.

In these two highest offices of the land, you are charged by your oath of duty to watch the world events carefully and APPLY deductions and lessons therefrom to your own country that respects, reveres, honours and rewards you, a man under ARABIC name, and a Musalman to boot, despite PARTITION.

Thus we ask you, Sir, to follow every word of the "Address to the Nation" last night by the President of the UNITED States of America, who is your counterpart in that country. That country will not be partitioned in the future because of the kind of action being taken against Iraq right now.

And please do read every word of Mr. Tony Blair's address to the Parliament in London (March 18, 2003) to win historic vote for war.

We firmly believe that if YOU were to think, speak and ACT like the President of the UNITED States and the Prime Minister of the UNITED Kingdom, our Bharat will become a world power within months and be fully entitled to get a permanent seat at the Security Council for which India has been waiting IN VAIN since 1947 and will be waiting in vain FOR EVER.

Now we leave it to YOU to apply your mind to NORTH Kashmir as Mr. George W. Bush is applying his mind to IRAQ. Good luck!

May GOD give you true loyalty to your country, and the COURAGE to act like the bravest on the earth.

Of course, you could also REPUDIATE Partition unilaterally, to win our respect and trust. That Partition was absolutely BOGUS as well as BRUTAL if we see an Abdul Kalam living and working in Hindustan in high office and total comfort.

Alternatively you could SPEAK UP for the total transfer of population between India and the two totally artificial ISLAMIC republics on either side like the jaws of a ferocious blood thirsty sleeping crocodile.

Please make arrangements to EVACUATE all the NON MUSLIM minorities from there and EXPEL all the MUSLIMS from your own "bleeding" Partitioned India. None can complain, not even the UNO.

The Act of Partiton was signed by Messrs. Nehru, Gandhi, Jinnah and Baldev Singh (like today, there was NO native female in any high office then) with their eyes open. They were not loafers or gangsters whose signatures were to mean NOTHING later.

It is incumbent upon you, as the President, either to repudiate Partition, or to accept it, so that the people in all three fragments can sleep in peace.

Yours truly,


March 20, 2003.

PS: Your reply, if any, will be put on Internet, too.