Date: 3/20/2003



The idea of these numerous demonstrators infiltrated by a vast Muslim Fifth Column is to demoralise the soldiers and make them feel foolish.

There have been a lot of peace protests in all major cities in the western world.

“Have they all become soft non violent (Ahimsa smitten) followers of Mahatma Gandhi?”, was my first reaction.

Every Hindu teacher and preacher, mum and dad says, “We Hindus don’t kill,” which, when translated into common sense means, “We Hindus DON’T MIND being killed.”

“The Hindus do not kill,” said my friend. “It is not our religion. If we get killed, we don’t retaliate.”

We Hindus have been used to seeing our own priests murdered, holy men killed, women abducted and raped, small children impaled on spears and swords, temples burnt down and whole rows of houses demolished and turned into rubble. This ONE WAY TRAFFIC of murder and mayhem has been going on AT OUR COST for over ONE THOUSAND YEARS.

But the news of bombardment over Iraq brought all the peace lovers to the fore. It brought tears to many a wet Hindu eye.

“O small children will be killed. Women will be widowed, O’ it’s very brutal. Tony Blair and George Bush are mad. War must end,” so the loud and vocal protests and protesters.

................Why is the West so soft now?

On the other hand had they needed volunteers for a war, the Mujahideen and the Taliban would have come running from Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

First and Second World Wars took millions of lives. Did we see such public protests against the war anywhere then? Losing the war meant death of democracy. It meant our own slavery.

Let us look at the reasons for the current softness (anti war feeling) of the western youth.

Firstly, the affluence and materialistic rat race. Who wants to die if one has a car and can afford comforts? The age of “manliness, chivalry and gallantry” is past.

The second reason is the HUGE influx of MUSLIMS across Europe and America during the decades since the end of World War 2. Germany got her Turks and Britain her Pakis and BOGUSdeshis. Many more have come in due to the rotting crumbling Islamic world. Oil may have brought wealth but NOT culture or civilisation that remain hard, rough and tough like the stones in the waterless desert.

This lot has struck relationships and fraternised with the native Whites at the rate of ten local females for one Mohammedan. While the non Muslims pursue their careers and education, the Muslims chase the females with great vigour and success.

That provides a ready made anti war brigade to shout, “NO WAR!” if a rogue Muslim State becomes the target anywhere on earth.

But if the war were to be against India or Israel, the same crowd would gather to celebrate.

The more the Muslims are let in, the more vociferous and even violent the protests will be.

Spare a thought for the police forces who have to control these hysteric shouting mobs who can turn violent in no time.

Muslim-instigated and inspired crowds did not shout when Turkey occupied Northern Cyprus nor when the Serbs in Bosnia were crushed.

All the Muslims interviewed by the media in Great Britain were against war. Said one, exposing his loyalties, “Iraq is a Muslim country. Their blood is my blood.”

So the free world has to take a serious note of the rising tide of Muslim barbarians. How many Muslims went out to demonstrate against the destruction of World Trade Centre Towers in New York? How many Bangladeshis, who wipe their bottoms with mud or clay, protest when Hindus are killed in South Kashmir.

The other reason is AFFLUENCE. The Western youth are soft due to affluence. They couldn’t be bothered to sweat it out in a desert or jungle. The Muslim world is poor due to overproduction and over indoctrination. Hence Jehad is the only way to wealth and virgins in Paradise after death.

The third reason is the shock to the Muslim world of defeat in sight. Since the clever dictator has put ALLAH on his flag, the Muslims as far afield as the Philippines and East Bengal think their Allah is under attack. So there is great compulsion to stand up and defend Allah.

The Hindus have yet to learn how to defend Sri Rama in Ayodhya or recover the Abode of Gods in North Kashmir.

Now consider the repeated joys of Muslims from Day 1 on earth when the sun finally set in Mecca.

FOUR columns with FIRE, SWORD and KORAN, advanced in each compass direction.

Wherever the earlier invaders like Alexander, the Great, and Jengez Khan destroyed a town, it was re-built later. But wherever they CONVERTED the vanquished the descendants stayed MUSLIM.

That’s why they always brought home victories and more captured women, and then went on to produce more, advance more, kill more, and convert more.

That is why there are so many Muslims on earth, ever ready to put spokes in the wheels of peace and progress on earth.

The column that advanced north sent back news of victory over the Jews and of the destruction of Temple Mount. That brought cheers of joy back in Mecca. The column that advanced East brought home the news of chopping off the heads of Zoroastrians in Iran, including women and children, and the destruction of the Great Temple in Ayodhya that was no less in grandeur than the Vatican today. There was rejoicing in Mecca.

Later came the news of terrible slaughter of the Buddhists in Afghanistan and of the Hindu captives and slaves in Hindu KUSH (lit. massacre) Mountains. Great cheer went up in Mecca and the messenger who brought the news was rewarded with the daughter of the local Sultan.

The warriors sent news of capture of Gibraltar and half of Spain and the slaughter of Christians and every time there were loud cheers and seven nights of illumination in Mecca.

Did they bother about the infants murdered and the young mothers killed in child labour?

The column that went South sent back the news of victory upon victory through Egypt and Sudan.

So, unlike the Hindus, the Muslims have never had a terrible news. Hence the reeling shock over the invasion of a country where the President is HUSSAIN and does namaz in public unlike the President of India.

The mass demonstration against war in Iraq has serious implications. Firstly, our ranks are PENETRATED and demoralised.

If the Christians attack, there will be loud demonstrations. But if Saddam Hussein launches a sudden attack on London or New York, that will be considered fully justified by every Muslim on earth. And if they slaughter half a MILLION more Hindus to capture South Kashmir, that will be totally in order.

All wars are bloody. For the Indians the civil war of 1947 was the BLOODIEST in our entire history. India has been invaded countless times. But when did ONE MILLION Hindus lose their lives AND HOMES and the TERRITORY beneath their feet? When?

So any Sikh “kabooter” (pigeon)), sitting on the Muslim bandwagon, shedding copious tears for Iraq, needs to open up the following web site and see his own extermination in West Punjab and the crime of cowardice. The gutless HINDU nation has not established even ONE Hindu Holocaust Museum. We are still very afraid of our constitutional head and Sonia, the long arm of Vatican. The result? We dare not recall or commemorate our own dead and then start crying for every KHAN, Sonia and KALAM who hurts his toe.

Lack of manliness in the West seen through these anti war protests, means a serious VACUUM, and the Muslim predator is ever ready to FILL IT UP.