Date: 3/21/2003


.....................SUPREME AMERICA.


While bombing Belgrade a few years ago a big bomb fell on the Chinese embassy. America apologised. But they had given a big SLAP to someone they didn't like.

In the current war while bombs were raining down on Iraq, one missile hit the IRANIAN oil refinery in Abadan. First it was said that "no one knows" who dropped the big bomb. Later a spokesman admitted that it was a collateral damage, "something that was to be expected."

On the same day the world saw something remarkable. The American and the British troops had advanced from the South and had also come down from the North.

Where the RULERS mean business things like this happen though we may all go on crying "FOUL!" like the barking dogs going along a wedding procession.

But where the rulers are in the pay of the enemy or terribly scared of getting two slaps back, things go very wrong.

There is a joke that we have to WIPE OUT by doing to Pakistan what America is doing to Iraq. It goes like this: "The separatist Mohammedan gave a slap to the all-loving Hindu. The Hindu promptly offered him a thousand cheeks. In other words, after they took Lahore (one slap) we gave them North Kashmir and Dhaka, too (a thousand cheeks).

In Kashmir BANDIT Jawaharlal Nehru CEASED FIRE unilaterally while our troops were advancing, and we returned East Bengal after capturing it.

We are still AFRAID of the MUSLIM MINORITY in Broken Bharat while the MISCHIEVOUS MUSLIM MINORITY cares two hoots for all the Hindus on earth.

In fact they have the audacity to abduct, seduce and even MARRY Hindu maidens right in the middle of Hindustan while terrifying the MAJORITY COMMUNITY in Ayodhya. Can one imagine greater "SHAME" for Bharatvarsha in our brief life time that will come to an end very soon?

We demand a comment from the VHP and an answer from the BJP on this ongoing appeasement of, and concessions and surrenders to, the MOHAMMEDAN DEVILS (including the post of PRESIDENT) still seen in PARTITIONED India.

In Iraq tonight MOHAMMEDS and ALIS (but no FATIMAS who are kept locked up INDOORS) are surrendering to the British and the American troops by the thousand. They know that they will be housed, fed Halaal, given a copy of Koran as per Geneva Convention, and even radios to listen to the Imams of Islamic world. They will eventually return to their families and the UNO will pay for their houses to be rebuilt to higher specifications.

Is the world interested in knowing why the Hindu soldiers do NOT surrender to any Islamic Army not even to our fellow citizens of yesteryear, the Pakis and the BOGUSdeshis?

The captors "pi**" on the Geneva Convention abuse the President of America and the Prime Ministers of Israel and INDIA, and then open up the KORAN. Getting inspiration against the KAFIRS, they gouge out the eyes, cut the tongue, chop up the limbs and then drink blood to become even better KILLERS OF KAFIRS. Let us tell the world the story of the captive Indian army soldiers in KARGIL just recently.

Let us tell the world the story of Prithvi Raj Chohan and MOHAMMAD Ghori.

Let us bypass Abdul Kalam and tell the world about the "word of honour" of THAT Mohammed who escaped 16 times when defeated, by surrendering just like the IRAQI "Mohammeds" today.

But when Mohammed GHORI got his chance, Prithvi Raj's head rolled in dust.

More recently we should recall what the Taliban did to the Russian PsOW. Will America will do the same to the IRAQI prisoners what Pakistan did to the INDIAN prisoners at KARGIL?

We believe the West should first tackle and ELIMINATE the pro-Iraq lobby at home across Europe and America, that is heavily INFILTRATED by "mohammeds, alis and fatimas."

The UNO and the West must ask for removing the filthy word from the names of those 42 countries on earth, "ISLAMIC". How foul are the ISLAMIC Republics of BANGLADESH and PAKISTAN.

What is the status of a BETRAYED sheepish Hindu there?

All of us, who are the prime target of Islam, should PROTEST directly to these RASCAL "republics" as well as through the UNO that is supposed to speak up for EQUALITY of all citizens in every country on earth.

An "Islamic" republic by definition violates the Charter of United Nations. Come on, think for yourself, Mr. Kofi Annan.

.......................March 21, 2003