Date: 3/22/2003


A fifty-five year old Hindu professor, “son of a rabbit”, who had never heard the word “PARTITION” since it is not found in any school curriculum nor mentioned in social circles, asked innocently, “I know the threat of terrorism in America. What about the risk of terrorism in my own Bharat?”

“My dear professor,” an ex refugee from Lahore explained, “We are not surprised at your ignorance but marvel at your courage to ask. Most Hindus live their entire lives not asking a single question. Congratulations.

"The degree of TERRORISM in a country depends on two factors. One is the guts and courage of the HOST community where the Muslims are the unwelcome residents. (Who wants his wife or daughter exposed to the “sex starved Muslim maniacs?”)

"If the majority community is too sacred to kill even a fly, TERRORISM is seen all over, from Karachi to South Kashmir, from Sindh to East Bengal. And if the majority community follows a Mahatma blindly then terrorism hits the roof, including the Swaminarayan Temple and the Parliament in broad daylight.

"The second factor is the percentage of MOHAMMEDANS in a country. If they are 100% then the country will go under the command of the TALIBAN. The United States will hear the cries of the women being whipped and beaten in bazars, and will have to come to liberate them.

"If they are 2 per cent of the population, they will produce 20 secret terrorist cells and if they are 4 per cent, they will have 40 secret terrorist cells operating in the country.

"With regard to our India, more Hindus will stand up in defence of Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan than for their own Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

"The Muslims in (what is left of) India are close to 10 per cent. You can see the rest of the gruesome story in any nightmare.


An Arab explained, “The IRAQI resistance is all the more severe since the HINDUS are watching our plight on television. They have never seen an Arab defeated in all their long history.”

He continued, “If you ban TV in Bharat, the whole of Iraqi Army will surrender in five seconds.”