Date: 3/23/2003


In the 7th. Century AD a great menace arose in Arabia. It was the doctrine of BELIEVER and INFIDEL.

The onslaught developed to such a ferocity that blood of the innocent flowed like rivers across the world and not even God heard the shrieks and cries of the terror struck women and girls being chased, captured and degraded by the followers of Mohammed.

More and more lands were brought under the sway of Mohammed and WOMEN became servants at home, an object of reproduction and pleasure for men. Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Pagans and many other kinds of beliefs and gods were either smashed or fell to earth.

Where once stood splendid places of worship and magnificent temples, appeared monotonous bare and austere structures of mosques with the "Muezzin" yelling "Allah Hu Akbar" at the top of his voice, five times a day, to shatter the peace of land, terrify the natives, and silence the song of birds.

From this MENACE the mankind has found NO rescue or freedom yet.

Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and even EAST Bengal and NORTH Kashmir remain in the ideological chains, shackles and forced SLAVERY of Mohammed of Arabia. They are required to put Arabic above the language of their own degraded mothers to pray to God.

In the 20th century AD, similarly, a great menace arose in central Europe. It was the doctrine of the "Superior ARYAN and the Inferior REST".

It was the doctrine of supremacy of Germnay above the rest of the world.

The menace to mankind developed very qickly. What Mohammed did to civilisation in decades, Hitler did in weeks. Country after country, from Norway in the North to Italy and Algeria in the South, fell before Hitler's guns and tanks.

Millions of innocent people were killed or slaughtered including those men, women and children who were robbed of their possessions, loaded on cattle trucks, and sent to gas chambers, having been stripped of all clothing on body.

Loyalty to FUEHRER was rammed into the head of every citizen of Europe, right up to Crimea in Ukraine.

NAZIS, like the MOHAMMEDANS, felt like "top cocks" on earth. The Rest were required to shine their boots by licking them.

It was time to smash their Ideology. The world did.

The Allied fighters and BOMBERS flew over Germany, covering the sky. They dropped thousand of tons of bombs, including incendiary, that set fire to Hamburg like "crystal night" re-enacted.

Great cities like FRANKFURT, COLOGNE, DRESDEN, LEIPZIG, BREMEN, HANNOVER, HAMBURG and BERLIN were flattened (not just "one Baghdad" right now where NO American or British soldier will catch and rape a Muslim female) and inhabitants killed or maimed mercilessly.

On the eastern front the Russians (mostly MUSLIM from Southern Soviet Republics like Uzbekistan, Kazakhastan, Turkmenistan and Chechnya with the "Morality of Mohammed") fell upon the hapless German females like hungry wolves chasing and disembowelling the sheep. Some estimates put the number of raped and gang raped German females at TWO MILLION.

Yet no heart melted in the UK or the USA for the German people.

Churchill, who had earlier said, "We shall FIGHT them on the beaches, in the air and on water," now declared, "We shall bomb their cities to rubble, and see the dazed and bedraggled German survivors creep and crawl out of ruins, begging for a morsel of food. They will be taught a lesson that they will NEVER forget."

The parallels to such a devastating defeat inflicted upon the enemy are only to be found in the INDIAN history which has been "sanitised" now to turn the barbarians into "brothers".

One needs to recall the fate of the inhabitants of Multan, Lahore, Somnath, Ayodhya, Mathura and Varanasi, when repeated MUSLIM invasions struck these hapless cities like the curse of God.

The Arabs, the Turks, the Afghans, the Persians and every other Muslim "WOLF" struck the disunited, soft and surrendering HINDUSTAN with the fury of Churchill's mind.

Hindus could defend NOTHING, not even their daughters. The end product was a leader fed on goat's milk, wearing a "langoti" for dress, possessing nothing but a walking stick and living among the sweepers to SHOW to the CONQUERORS, "You have, indeed, taught me a lesson I shall NEVER forget and even pass it on to the next generations of Hindus. The wealth of Hindustan and the chair of the President is YOURS."

Can we see a NAZI anywhere today? Even the surname HITLER has vanished.

For the peace on earth the separatist, sectarian, self-righteous, intolerant macho MOHAMMEDAN bully has also to vanish like the NAZIS from the earth. Mohammed ought to equal HITLER in public perception and in the Constitution of PARTITIONED India (BROKEN Bharat).

If we have no guts to understand this, then, indeed, we have learnt our lesson really well, just as the brutal barbaric VICTORS had intended.