Date: 3/24/2003


............Global Islam is Global Menace


When the INDIAN Muslims attacked their own land of birth, did the Hindus of Nepal feel any hurt or pain?

When MUSLIM militants crossed the cease-fire line in Kashmir to KILL the Hindus, did the Hindus of Tamil Nadu take any notice?


Have we ever heard, "Attacking one Hindu is like attacking all the Hindus ACROSS THE GLOBE."?

The Sikhs do boast of their symbols and uniform as "Guru Gobind Singh ji's army", but there is no courage of conviction left in them despite their resemblance with the fearsome TALIBAN.

When 36 of them were stood against the wall and SHOT DEAD in cold blood in chattisinghgpura in South Kashmir, did they raze a single mosque to ground in Malerkotla, Jalandhar or Patiala?

But look at the Muslims- all up in arms against the United States for its war on terrorism in Iraq. Our Broken Bharat has gone "neutral", in fact there are some who actually like Iraq's secularism in order to please our own "Pakistani" Abdul Kalam who is one of the deception called "Hindu-Muslim-Italian BHAI BEHEN".

Isn't it the birth right of every state to protect its citizens and its interests at HOME and abroad? Just think of the slap in the face of the world's mightiest power on September 11, 2001, given so visibly by the Arabs who love the Taliban in Afghanistan.

But the BRITISH Muslims, some of whom went out to Afghanistan to join the "woman beater" Taliban, the Italian Muslims who arrived in rickety boats from Albania for better life in Catholic Italy, the Indonesian Muslims who killed 300 innocent tourists in Bali, and even the BOGUSdeshi Muslims in Dhaka, who cannot afford to buy even toilet paper to wipe their bottom leave aside a passage to England for "better life", are incensed, angered and provoked to the utmost, and want to join the Jehad against America.

Does it not prove that "Global Islam is GLOBAL MENACE"?

The lesson for PARTITIONED India is simple and straightforward. Your PREDATOR does not become your "brother" (Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai) even if you never say "PARTITION" or put the picture of "Guru Gobind Singh" in your Lok Sabha due to TERROR OF ISLAM.

A terrified nation gets partitioned and then starts decomposing and disintegrating.

We have an ENEMY. that is global, right in our midst.

That is a FACT each one of us, rich and poor, old and young, male and female, "sant" and rascal, Ram and Singh, good and bad, has to COMPREHEND, and then wake up, stand up, and ADVANCE.

If American democracy and the ruthless tyrannical Soviet Union could make common cause against Germany in 1940's, there is every reason for "BROKEN Bharat" (Partitioned India) to join the US Armed Forces to crush the regime in Iraq right now.

It is ISLAMIC with "ALLAH" on its flag, and thus anti Hindu, anti secular, and in blatant violation of the United Nations' Charter of Human Rights and EQUALITY (of the Hindus, of the women).

Sadly, this won't happen and, as a result of her "neutrality of cowards", nor will India get a permanent seat at the Security Council. The UNITED Kingdom and the UNITED States do not want BROKEN Bharat in their midst to CONCEDE another vote to Abdul Kalam and ISLAM.

Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan may be our "saviours" in this terribly dangerous world in which we are constantly FED the DIET of "Hindu murder, rape, flogging and degradation from all corners of earth, these two also REVEAL India's true identity to the world. It is foggy, deviously compromising, and murky, an explosive mixture of Arab and Italian on top and the conceding Hindu at the bottom.

Our challenge is to put the Hindu in Hindustan ON TOP, not forgetting the staggering SIKH "camp follower" who needs a visa to visit Sri Nankana Sahib. Such is his Hindustan!