Date: 3/24/2003


....................GENEVA CONVENTION.

The Europeans have never had a Muslim army invading the mainland. That has been the ceaseless misfortune of Hindustan through centuries. Hence to see the treatment of prisoners captured by the Muslim armies one has to study very closely the conquest of the world (from Morocco to Indonesia) by Muslim armies.

Earlier wars in Europe with the Turks were confined to distant Greece, Spain, Southern France and Bulgaria. Much of that barbarity is considered to belong to the past and not relevant today.

In the intervening centuries Europe began a conquest of much of the Islamic world and thus they were again spared the treatment reserved for the defeated.

Therefore it is time to learn about the Muslims’ very own “Geneva Convention”.

For this we have to study the Prophet’s own warfare and the treatment meted out to the vanquished by his armies.

In short it was, “BEHEAD all the male captives, distribute their women among yourselves and pass on the bounty to Mohammed. Allah be praised.”

Later we saw more “Mohammeds” like Mohammed Bin Qasim in 712 AD, Mohammed Ghori in 1192 and even Mohammed Ali Jinnah in 1947.

It is noteworthy that the last named Mohammed created Pakistan in the middle of 20th century, and one million Hindus were slaughtered, most while FLEEING. No prisoner was taken. The cowardly native Indians have suppressed all account of Muslim barbarities in 1947.

The news has just come at the very moment of writing this (Monday, March 24, 2003) that 24 Hindus have been gunned down in front of a Hindu temple in Kashmir. They were all unarmed innocent CIVILIANS, not combatants.

The Hindus have suppressed all account of non compliance of the Geneva Convention by Muslims not to provoke the Muslims further. In Hindu perception one Muslim is seen as 100 warriors in armour, carrying hand held nuclear missiles. Hence our Hindu naton accepts the WORST surrender of India in the form of that bogus PARTITION instead of ATTACKING it head on.

The British and the Americans have never had MUSLIM conquerors on their soil. So they are confronting the enemy in IRAQ with the innocence of babes.

Muslims use Geneva Convention to condemn the Western powers only. But they have NO respect for it whatsoever.

“There was NO Muslim representative when the Convention was written up,” they say, and add, “We will follow our own Geneva Convention called the Koran.”

So let us see how the MOHAMMEDANS behaved in the past and are still behaving up to now.

First the battle in Kargil.

The army captives at Kargil were beheaded or dismembered. Some had their eyes gouged out and then shot dead with hands tied behind their backs.

The account of the treatment of a captured NATIVE freedom fighter called Banda Bahadur is very revealing. It needs to be recounted in some detail.

Banda Bahadur wanted to liberate his land from the ancestors of TALIBAN. He fought bravely. In the end he was besieged with his army and was cut off from all supplies for EIGHT MONTHS.

The Muslims relished the idea of starving the NATIVE army and then finally bayonet them to death when they had no strength left even to lift an arm.

After Banda’s provisions ran out, hunger set in. His men ate their horses, mules and even oxen. Then dysentery broke out in epidemic form.

Banda’s right hand man, Binod Singh, suggested making a mass sortie, trusting their fate to God. Banda pleaded with his men to hold out a little longer until the monsoon compelled the Muslims to raise the siege.

Disagreement and bickering led to open defiance of Banda’s authority. Binod Singh and a small bond slipped out under cover of darkness, cut their way through the guards, and escaped to the hills.

Banda held on doggedly. At the end of eight months not one of the besieged garrison had strength left to wield his sword or spear. They accepted an assurance from Abdul Samad Khan, who solemnly swore on KORAN, that he would intercede on their behalf with the emperor of Hindustan, if they surrendered. Thus assured, Banda Bahadur laid down arms.

Abdus Samad Khan promptly showed his ISLAMIC morality. Instead of pleading with the emperor for their safety, he ordered the immediate execution of over two hundred of the prisoners on the spot.”

The remainder, including Banda and his family, were put in chains and sent first to Lahore and then to Delhi.

Banda’s hands were manacled to two soldiers on either side, his feet bound in fetters, an iron collar put round his neck, and he and his guards locked inside an iron cage. The other prisoners were likewise secured by iron chains around their necks, hands and feet, and marched between flanks of Mughal (Afghan) soldiers.

Zakarya Khan, who escorted the captives to Delhi, rounded up all the Sikhs he could find in the villages along his route until he had seven hundred bullock carts full of severed heads and over seven hundred prisoners.

The gory caravan passed through Sirhind and reached Delhi after over EIGHT WEEKS of slow and tortuous forced march of the wretched prisoners.

The captives were paraded through the streets of Delhi. Banda was dressed in gold brocade to mock his pretensions to royalty. Other prisoners had fool’s caps put on their heads. Flanking the prisoners were soldiers bearing two thousand heads of the slain natives mounted on spears.

The executions began on March 5, 1716, and continued for a week.

They were watched by thousands of citizens, including two Englishmen who were then in attendance at the Mughal court in Delhi.

In a despatch dated March 10, 1716, they described what they saw:

“The great Rebel who has been for these twenty years so troublesome in the province of Lahore is at length taken with all his family and attendants by Abdus Samad Khan, the Governor of that Province.

“Some days ago they were brought into the city, laden with fetters, his whole attendants which were left alive being about seven hundred and eighty, all severally mounted on camels which were sent out of the city for that purpose, besides about two thousand heads stuck upon poles, being those who died by the sword in battle.

“He (Banda) was carried into the presence of the King and from thence to a close prison. He at present has his life prolonged with most of his senior officers in hope to get an account of his treasure in the several parts of his kingdom and of those that assisted him when afterwards he will be executed. For the rest, there are a hundred each day beheaded.

“It is not a little remarkable with what patience they undergo their fate, and to the last it has not been found that one apostatised from this new formed religion.”

For three months Banda was subjected to systematic torture in the hope that he would give some clue to the wealth he was reputed to have accumulated.

Eventually on Sunday, June 19, 1716, he, his four year old son, and five of his commanders, along with another batch of prisoners, were again paraded through the streets of Delhi on their way to the tomb of Bahadur Shah in Mehrauli, eleven miles from the city

Before execution Banda was offered pardon if he renounced his faith and accepted Islam. On his refusal to do so, his son, Ajai Singh, was hacked to bits before his eyes. The little boy was disembowelled before the eyes of his father and his heart thrust into Banda’s mouth. Then Banda, too, was beheaded, accompanied by shouts of “ALLAH HU AKBAR.”

This account tells of the MUSLIM version of “Geneva Convention” that the Muslims are now demanding in case of IRAQI prisoners of war.

The Iraqi foreign minister said yesterday (March 23, 2003), “We will follow our Koran while dealing with the prisoners of war.”

And the above account of Banda Bahadur of yesteryear and the fate of INDIAN soldiers, and of the battered American soldiers taken prisoner today, will explain the difference between a civilisation and the barbarism.