Date: 3/25/2003



Turkey was a staunch ally of the United States and she had the best of time among all the impoverished chaotic Muslim nations on earth.

Germany gave jobs to millions of idle unemployed Turks to earn and remit billions of German Marks back home.

America pumped in billions of dollars to keep the impoverished land standing upright. She trained the Turkish army to the highest westerns standards of efficiency, clothing, food and equipmemnt, and the Turks had the motivation imbibed from the 'KAFIR KILLER KORAN' to become a formidable force when pitched against any infidel people or nation.

Turkey was laughing all the way. There wasn’t a luckier land on earth.

The United States was gladly obliging the “Mohammed” in Turkey all the way through.

Turkey’s permanent interests were to bring more territory under her flag and to kill the non Muslims wherever they could.

In Cyprus they got away with conquest and murder with the connivance of the world's super power.

The “Mohammed” in Turkey was happy because the victims were Christians, albeit Greek orthodox.

The Turks gladly went to fight in KOREA in 1953. Here the victims were “be-waqoof” BUDDHISTS who were engaged in a civil war. The Turkish army established MOSQUES, seduced and converted many native girls, and left an ever-growing crop of “Mohammeds”.

Turkey was then delighted to appear in KOSOVA because those to be fought, KILLED and destroyed, were Serb Christians and those to be saved and encouraged were the "haraami aulaad" of the TURKS in the preceding centuries, now known as ALBANIANS. We should not forget that the whole of South Eastern Europe was conquered and occupied by Turkey at one time.

Turkish troops appeared in Afghanistan NOT to take on their fellow Muslims but only after the Americans and the British had fought hard and succeeded in inishing off the Taliban.

The Turks were flown in to reassure the Afghans that they were their Muslim brothers and would make sure that Islam lives on in the new Constitution of Afghanistan.

The Turks had free flight to Kabul and went to local mosques to pray with the natives.

But IRAQ being a MUSLIM country, is a different scenario.

The US desperately needed to come in from the North to advance on Baghdad on the second front. At present the US can only trust the KURDS in that area who have suffered persecution through CENTURIES like the Hindus and the Sikhs in India.

Since Musalman-Beiman, is an OPPORTUNIST beast (remember the stab in the back of Hindustan just before the British left in 1947, and the sudden attack on the USA on September 11?), Turkey decided to invade the “dying” Iraq just as the Soviet Union attacked Japan in the last few remaining weeks of World War 2.

She got ready to move into Northern Iraq when the US got really alarmed.

The reason? The Turks only ADVACE, CAPTURE, and then STAY PUT.

You cannot dislodge a Mohammed even from an inch of territory he has got under his foot, though he could most easily dislodge 15 MILLION Hindus within weeks in 1947.

India has not been able to recover North Kashmir since October 1947, and she returned EAST Bengal promptly to Islam after capturing it in 1972 in order to save her skin.

Yes, the Turks would advance into northern Iraq and then stay put as they have done in Nothern Cyprus, and in a few decades’ time when the world got busy with other things in life, ANNEX northern Iraq, call it an integral part of Turkey, and dare anyone to take them on.

Turkey, therefore, refused to let the American planes use her air space, and the ground forces use her territory.

In other words the Turkish policy is now clearly exposed: “If we are to fight the Russians, the Greeks, the Indians, the Koreans and any other KAFIR or INFIDEL anywhere on earth, we shall be only too glad to oblige.

"But if you require us to fight our fellow Muslims, then GET LOST!”

The Turkish stand point ought to have been clear to any fool on earth. We FAILED to hear their voice, “Islam comes first. Our sham secularism was only to get your dollars and for our soldiers on training in the USA to ‘have a good time’ with your girls.”

“The Daily Telegraph,” London, reported on March 24, 2003 (p. 7), under the headline, “US troops pack up and go as Turkey refuses any help”:

"American troops began to withdraw from logistics bases in south-eastern Turkey yesterday as the Pentagon finally conceded that US forces would not be able to move through the country to open a northern front in Iraq.”

It does prove what the Hindus have known for more than thousand years: “Friendship with a Muslim is like the friendship with a prostitute. You will end up in disgrace and tears.”

Dear FREE AND DEMOCRATIC WORLD, Turkey's human rights' record is ABYSMAL. Go and see the sufferings of the persecuted KURDS.

Do not connive at the horrendous Turkish treatment of her KURDS as India connives with the DEVIL over her Paritiion.