Date: 3/26/2003




“Once I was walking through the town of RAJAJPUR in district Dera Ghazi Khan across River Indus,” recalls the eldest son of Sardar NANAK SINGH, later known as the “MARTYR OF MULTAN” for spiritedly opposing the creation of Pakistan, “when a Hindu “sadhu” (monk) came across our way and greeted my father, a morally strong police prosecuting inspector, and a well known social reformer in the area, saying, “OM SHANTI”.

“Father stood still for a moment and then going over to the Sadhu, said, “Please change your style of greeting. Instead of Om Shanti, you better say, “SAT SRI AKAL” which is neither Arabic nor English.”

While the Sadhu stayed wonderstruck, my father continued, “At this very time we are under British masters who came all the way from the other side of Europe, emboldened by “Om Shanti”, to defeat and humiliate us. They were told that the natives would remain calm and passive despite countless invasions and attacks of the past, and will accept more defeats and surrenders under the Will of Almighty.”

My father continued, “The sheep can serve green grass, a delicacy, at a feast only to the other sheep. But if they invite some tigers and wolves, their hospitality will be useless since they themselves are the food that their guests will relish.

“I know it is not only difficult but also impossible for the sheep to comprehend this, despite the fact that the tigers and the wolves have devoured them from day to day, generation after generation and century after century.”

The Sadhu was convinced of the deep truth in what my father was saying and he asked for the way to salvation.

“Dear great soul,” said my father. “Once we had a great Sadhu called Banda Bairagi, who had renounced the world (“bairag”) and gone away to live in the forest. He lived on berries and nuts and greeted everyone he came across, with “Om Shanti”.

Life was going on for the people of India with their Muslim rulers enjoying all the power, wealth and comforts while the Hindu subjects were being driven into impoverishment and submission through terror.

“One day Guru Gobind Sngh ji passed by, and the local inhabitants spoke of a great “sadhu”. On meeting the holy man Guruji said, “Where is your home? Where is your family? Where are your children? Where are your parents?”

Banda was taken aback since only alien Mohammedan Masters at that time could ask questions like, “Are these your daughters? Leave them to us and run (“VERSCHWINDE, DU SCHWEINHUND”) as fast as you can.”

The Hindus were conditioned to reply to every question, surrender what was demanded, and smile.

Banda Bairagi replied, “O Great Guru, Your fame as a warrior has preceded your arrival to this part of the country. My home and family are in the town. I saw the soldiers come and go and do to the native men and women what I cannot describe.

“Anyone who tried to protect his grown up daughters was beheaded or beaten up badly. My people were helpless.” Groaned Banda.

“Being infidels, they had no recourse to law or justice. Many decided to renounce all possessions and go to forest. I was one of them. Here in the forest we have no soldier, no master, no Musalmaan, no robber, no molester and no danger of being beaten up or killed.”

Upon this Guru ji said, “You are doing exactly what the rulers want. The more of you vanish from their sight, the more emboldened they will become to rob, kill, abduct, rape and plunder.

“Go back to the town. Speak to all the young men and organise yourselves into small bands of warriors, take “amrit”, carry a sword on your person at all times, and, UNITED, take on the alien Muslim rulers who are plundering and degrading our land of vedas.

“Discard the chants of “Om Shanti” till our land and people are free of foreign domination.”

There was a sudden flash of realisation in the mind of Banda Bairagi and he bowed deep before the Guru and touching his feet with his head, he rose and said, “You are absolutely right, my Divine Master. I shall now raise an army of Sikhs (followers) and tell them to replace “Om Shanti” with SAT SRI AKAL.

Later, Banda Bairagi became a warrior SINGH and fought many battles for the freedom of the natives of India.

People noticed one more thing. Earlier the loud singing chants of “bhajan and kirtan” coming out of temples, and the loud greeting of OM SHANTI” heard in the open, attracted the enemies from far and wide. Now the cries of “SAT SRI AKAL” infused great courage in the natives and made many a Mogul regiment take to their heels in fright and FLEE before even seeing a SINGH.”

However, later events proved that the nation did not heed the advice of Guru Gobind Singh ji. “OM SHANTI” along with the doctrine of “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma” returned with a vengeance to sap the energies of the nation and destroy its morale and spirit to the extent that they could not face the new onslaught in 1947 and perished by the million.


What is the legacy of “MARTYR of MULTAN” Nanak Singh with regard to OM SHANTI?

It is for each one of us to show the courage of conviction, and guts, to tell the story to one and all in our Partitioned India, even if those you speak to, faint, yawn or run away, and regard Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan (a.k.a. Gandhi) the “Saviours and Defenders of Hindu Dharma”.

The worst aspect of OM SHANTI is that all literature showing any valour and bravery on the part of the Hindu nation is vanishing fast from our public libraries and private bookshelves at home. Such literature is considered “dangerous” by the ruling establishment (that believe “Mohammed was a man of peace but Guru Gobind Singh ji was a MISGUIDED patriot who ought to be shunned,”) that is keen on the Hindus chanting “OM SHANTI” while they brainwash, weaken, bash and plunder. the Hindus round the clock.

Let your ears stand on ends if you hear “OM SHANTI” which is the death warrant for the Hindus. In fact it is a call to the “BELIEVERS” to advance and slaughter the INFIDELS still left alive in India.

This article on “OM SHANTI” is now on www.partitionofindia.com” for the whole world to see in order to comprehend the main reason of India’s weakness and the world record in slavery that she holds.

While adhering to OM SHANTI the Hindus ensure their continued slavery and the ongoing decomposition of their Hindustan. It means the Hindus are determined to remain despicable “niggers” on earth and nobody ought to come forward, not even Guru Gobind Singh ji, to help them recover their dignity and sovereignty.

In India we find NO “climate” of celebrating our heroes who appear to go against the Doctrine and Belief of OM SHANTI.

One may aspire to get “SHANTI” in heaven after death, but here and now on earth there is a ferocious war going on in the Middle East right now (March 26, 2003), Hindus are being slaughtered continuously in South Kashmir (24 murdered just two days ago) and civil war remains unavoidable in Bharat.

Those chanting OM SHANTI in Lahore and Multan have been beheaded and the survivors chased out, and those who inhabit Delhi, Ghaziabad, Allahabad, Ahmedabad, Faizabad, ALIGARH and AMRITSAR, are waiting for their turn.