Date: 4/1/2003


"Muslims must shun separatism, join mainstream," ADVISED A DEFEATED HINDU SCHOLAR, not realising that we are AT WAR with the indigenous MOHAMMEDANS who still occupy Lahore and NORTH Kashmir.

The Hindu EVER READY TO SURRENDER AND RUN AWAY thinks all is well with his MUTILATED India lying in three fragments today.


.........Are you kidding? Are you a cuckoo?

This is exactly what Guru Nanak Dev said 600 years ago. Look what they did to his JANMASTHAN. It is in PAKISTAN now.

This is what Guru Tegh Bahadur ji said in 1675 AD. Look what they did to him in Chandni Chowk, Delhi.

And to those COWARDS who retort, "But that is history now," I would say, "Did Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest Hindu of our time, say anything different to the Moihammedans of his day?" Look how he met his own end when the Mohammedans cut and chopped his AKHAND BHARAT after hearing his advice."

One would say, "LOOK at the ATTACK on the Parliament of India and on the Swaminarayan Temple in Gujerat only the other day."

By appealing to the MUSLIMS with pious hopes we only prepare the Hindus for their next defeat and slaughter.

Instead of addreessing them, who are the conquerors of West Punjab, why not address the defeated HINDU nation to prepare them for the next battle to capture EAST Bengal?

The reason of our loss of SPIRIT as well as DHARTI is the constant BASHING by our own rulers, from Nehru down to Abdul Kalam. It is THEM we need to dump in order to go ahead fearlessly.

There is a way out. To THROW THEM OUT, KALAM, KHAN AND SONIA, the lot, who are not prepared to touch Hindu Dharma even with a barge pole anywhere, including Hindustan, but will shoot even at statues in their own Islamic world.

Such action of purifying Bharat is perfectly LEGAL and MORAL in view of the FACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947. We need to muster guts to utter the word PARTITION since it has made a Muslim a "tiger" in Ayodhya and South Kashmir out of the Mohammedan MUD, while demoralising the Hindus and reducing our TERRITORY.

A further justification is the fact that they slaughtered ONE MILLION Hindus the same year.

India is a "dirty rag" to most of us. Would anyone keep quiet if his own sister was abducted by force and tied to the lamp post in ISLAMABAD to be raped for ever? I think not.

We KNOW what one will do. But for poor BROKEN Bharat we are not prepared to lift a finger to LIBERATE her from the beasts.

Whether they touch secularism or reject it, it is their SAD DAMN business.

Our business is to THROW THEM ALL OUT so long as we see India in THREE fragments on our maps and see them still sticking to the BOOK OF HATRED AND FIRE, the Koran, with words like INFIDEL and KAFIR all over in it. As long as they stick to this Book of Violence and Mischief, all appeals to MOHAMMEDANS are futile. They have been FUTILE since 712 AD when they brought this Book into Sindh.