Date: 4/1/2003



The world witnessed the unconditional surrender of territory, daughters, properties, lands, estates and holy places by India besides the magnificent city of Lahore that was the capital of the SIKH EMPIRE until 1849, and of the BRITISH Punjab until 1947. The city with 75 % of its inhabitants HINDUS, came under sudden and relentless ATTACK by the separatist Mohammedans of India. Its surrender was accompanied by total ethnic cleansing of the Hindus and EXTERMINATION of the Sikhs. Neither the timid Hindus nor the cowardly Sikhs, led by “DONKEYS” have dared to look back.

They FAILED to honour their dead, and failed to erect a single memorial to their own kind who PERISHED.

The DECIMATION AND ETHNIC CLEANSING of 1947 broke their backbone and crushed their brain into pulp. The Sikh community or “Panth” as they like to call themselves, vanished like the brave SPARTANS from earth.

They simply looked at themselves as individuals but NOT as a collective body or Community.

Their enemy took full advantage of the ILLITERACY among the NATIVES (Hindus and Sikhs).

Noticing the slightest stir among the Sikhs against their POST PARTITION autocratic, corrupt and mischievous rulers, BANDIT NEHRU DYNASTY came down with a heavy hand to crush them.

At the same time they intensified their PSYCHOLOGICAL warfare in order to drive a wedge between the submissive INERT Hindu mass and the dynamic and vibrant small Sikh community.

Having accepted history’s worst ever defeat and after surrendering one third of India to the MUSLIMS, the rulers of India (All-India Congress Party) raised the bogey of Sikh insurrection. Government propaganda machines cried out, “Beware of the ENEMY. The Sikhs wish to partition India to take out KHALISTAN.” The Hindu “mice and vermin” who could not look back to their own Partition nor see the invisible MONSTERS in their midst saw the future gloomy. Taking up the chant they urged Indira KHAN, the political WITCH masquerading as a Hindu, to finish off the Sikhs once and for all.

The MUSALMANI behind that Hindu saree could not have got a better chance. She thanked her ALLAH for the paradise on earth she swa. The Hindus had completely forgotten PARTITION of India and were embracing the MOHAMMEDANS all over BROKEN Bharat while shouting abuse at the Sikhs and calling them “terrorists”.

She would have been the most foolish MOHAMMEDAN female on earth had she missed that golden chance. She went ahead, flags flying and tanks rolling, to attack Golden Temple and kill thousands of Sikhs within weeks. What she failed to do in June, her loafer son, BOFORS CHOR, did in November that year.

All the wailing of the new crop of Sikh widows and orphans failed to move the Hindu hearts. They were shedding tears for the BANDIT QUEEN, Indira KHAN, instead. They were surrounded by lots of FOREIGN, notably ITALIAN, advisers who are keen to fish in troubled waters.

The Hindus ACCEPTED it all, lying down, As in the earlier centuries, they opened their mouths wide to receive the MOHAMMEDAN’S spit.

Instead of challenging Indira KHAN (aka Gandhi) over the surrender of Lahore and North Kashmir, and the unconditional return of EAST Bengal to ISLAM after its capture in 1972, the Hindus touched her feet in supplication and looked up to her to “save India from the Sikhs.”

Such a preposterous political game was beyond the comprehension of an ILLITERATE Hindu nation and the even more dull, duffer and damn fool Sikh leadership. NO Sikh exposed the evil (Hindu bashing) designs of their political “WITCH” sitting in the Prime Minister’s chair.

Following the example of the Hindu “sheep”, the Sikhs did not question the Partition of Punjab, nor challenge the decision to put the state capital under the direct rule of Centre by creating the UNION Territory of Chandigarh, NOR INDEED THE APPOINTMENT OF A MOHAMMEDAN, technically a PAKISTANI. as the Supreme Commander of Hindustan.

The Sikh “bhayya” in the chief minister’s chair, boasting of his regal descent, still rules his State from Union Territory.

The worst crime by the ILLITERATE Sikh leadership was to delete the word PARTITION from their vocabulary. Thus the arch enemy of India who took out Pakistan and slaughtered a million of them, became their friend.

The result was to consider the treacherous MUSLIMS, who had attacked their own land of birth and rejected secularism while hoisting their provocative ISLAMIC flags in East Bengal and West Punjab, as good as the Sikhs.

With Partition out of everyone’s mind, with patriotic Sikhs made EQUAL to the treacherous Hindu-KILLER Musalmaans, none could object to a “PAKISTANI” assuming the office of President and SUPREME COMMANDER of Partitioned India.

Out of nowhere, a “low down” Mohammedan, proud of his ARABIC name, roaming at large among the “Hindu herd of cattle” like a TIGER, became the Man on Top of all the KAFIRS, INFIDELS AND PAGANS.

The irony is that none knows a thing about his past except that he developed India’s nuclear programme. It can definitely NOT cross a Hindu’s mind that all those TOP SECRETS were duly conveyed by him to Pakistan.

The Hindus dare not ask ANY question, not even, “Why should a Mohammedan stick to the Land of Despicable Kafirs? Shouldn’t he owe his FIRST loyalty to the land from where he got his ARABIC name like that of Sad-Damn Hussein?”

Of all the places in Hindustan, there is ONE city he had to find his entry BARRED, just like a Sikh runs the risk of prompt beheading on entering Mecca.

That city was Amritsar where his mentors Indira, Rajiv and Sonia, launched the bloody Army ATTACK in June 1984 to advance their ISLAMIC cause in Hindustan.

It must be the tragedy of India that even the Sikhs carrying all the impressive symbols can only produce ILLITERATE and IGNORANT leaders, who can all be called “BHAYYAS” or “BHANGIS”. Today we see NOT ONE “SARDAR” among them.

They welcomed an ARCH ENEMY whose “millat”, or GLOBAL ISLAM, still occupies our Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib, and our territory West of Ravi, and who is a PAKISTANI as per Act of Partition of India, 1947.

This is what happens when the COWARDS wipe out their own history by the stroke of pen. Their next generations, UNAWARE of the previous bloody battles and defeats, and the spit they received in their mouths and on their heads and turbans, then become naïve to the reality on earth and embrace the enemy, singing “Qudrat de sab bandeh”.

In Amritsar they welcomed and honoured the ENEMY who has not changed his feathers or spiritual colours in 500 years of Sikh supplication and attempts to please and civilise him by singing the hymn “Qudrat de sab bandeh” (All mankind is one family), till their throats go hoarse.

That is the hymn they sang to appease the treacherous “secular” Mohammedan “Emperor” called ABDUL KALAM on March 23, 2003 (“JASHN-I-NAUROZ” or the “DAY OF PAKISTAN RESOLUTION passed in LAHORE in 1940) while he sat in Golden Temple, dreaming of a grand Jama Masjid on the very spot.

That hymn was actually an appeal to their MUSLIM “Emperor”.

“Sire, be kind to us. Treat us as members of one humanity.”

For centuries the Sikhs sang it to their enemies a million times each year, hoping for a change in the attitude of these savage Mohammedan barbarians towards the KAFIRS, INFIDELS, HINDUS and SIKHS. But IN VAIN.

After listening to Guru Nanak Dev, they TORTURED Guru Arjan Dev to DEATH.

After listening the Sikh RAAGIS and BARDS singing the same supplication, they BEHEADED Guru Tegh Bahadur.

After listening to the same hymn during the full 101 years of BRITISH RAJ over Punjab, our Muslim fellow citizens captured Lahore and SLAUGHTERED half a million of the FLEEING SIKHS.

While ON THE RUN, they could not even turn their necks around to see the fires, smoke and glow of heat rising from the cities of RAWALPINDI, GUJRANWALA, MULTAN and LAHORE up to the sky.

Then the damn fools went on singing it again to melt the stone heart of Indira KHANUM but they got Operation “Blue Star”, instead, and got busy feeding and comforting their WIDOWS AND ORPHANS.

Last week they sang the same hymn before Abdul Kalam hoping that he will REPENT, shed his ISLAMIC LEPROSY and announce, “I embrace the Sikh Faith that has composed such a fine hymn.”

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