Date: 4/1/2003

Comment of BEIMAN, HAIWAN, SHAITAN abdul kalam - 2

Here is his de-briefing in the Imperial Italian Court of New Delhi, by his mentor, the Empress of Hindustan, Sonia KHAN (aka Gandhi).

S. (Sonia). Jenab Abdul-LULL** (**to lull to sleep the Hindu Nation in BLEEDING PARTITIONED India. Please disregard any other meaning this word may have in URDU)-Kalam Sahib, “Did you notice any sign of Sikh resentment over the unconditional surrender by us ON THEIR BEHALF, of LAHORE to your fellow MUSLIMS in 1947?”

ALK (Abdul LULL Kalam): No. Not in the least. They were as unconcerned as the cows taking note of a pedestrian on the road walking half a mile away.”

S. Did anyone lament the occupation of NANKANA SAHIB by Islam?

ALK. Not one. Some were busy cooking food, the others were busy serving it out and yet others were busy eating. Thought of Nankana Sahib are light years away from them. But why do you ask about Nankana Sahib, Madam?”

S. I ask because it assures me to know that. They will also not mind whether your ISLAM or my ITALY occupy Amritsar in the near future.

Now another question, “Did anyone look at you in anger for our devastating attack of June 1984?”

ALK: Not in the least. They remembered the event as much as they remember the rout from Lahore, extermination in Lyallpur and the massacre in Rawalpindi.

S. Did anyone threaten your life with his kirpan?

ALK: No. On the contrary they stepped forward to take off my shoes and one cleaned them with his own long flowing beard. The fools are supposed to be humble servants of God but they mistook me for the Almighty.

S. Did anyone recall the “Anandpur Sahib Resolution”, according to which a train had to be named “Golden Temple Express”?

ALK: Not at all, Madam. I saw them all, old and young, attending to my comforts and safety from a wasp’s sting.

S. Did anyone show resentment over the ISLAMIC occupation of West Punjab? Did anyone notice our increasing Catholic numbers in EAST Punjab?

ALK: NONE. Not one Sikh, Khalsa or Hindu reacted to our presence in their country. The fools are totally UINFORMED of the world around them. They have NO idea of what the PROUD Afghans would do to an ITALIAN FEMALE on top, and how the IRAQIS are fighting the allied troops. The entire Arab world is up in arms or in agitation seeing the foreign troops in Iraq. In our case the NATIVES are begging us to stay on and run their country. I believe that the wsorld is not divided between Momins and kafirs but between human being and the ANIMALS. I put the naives of Hidnustan in the second category. Some Sikhs have realised the fact that they are simply JACKALS like the Hindus, wearing the lion’s coat.

S. What about the WOMEN? Did they show any self-esteem?

ALK: NO. One simply needs to turn up as a KHAN in Bombay to apply for a job. Where there was not one Khan, today there are dozens. All have found the irresistible charm the name has for trhe HINDU maidens and virgins from across the country. The whole nation of “sheep and jackals” cannot recall what the Khans did to them before and after Pakistan’s birth. In NO film produced in India in the last SIX DECADES can one see a Hindu hero touch a Muslim female actress. The Muslims threat to set fire to the whole of Hindustan. That means BONANZA for all the KHANS of this world.

Most native HINDU females are resigned to their DEGRADATION, saying, “If our MEN are coolies and so useless, what can you expect of us?”

Not one SIKH female in Amritsar approached me to moan the fact that neither the Prime Minister of India nor I, the President, have a wife to give dignity to them, TO WHOM THEY (THE NATIVE FEMALES) COULD “RELATE”.

Seeing one Nishkam Sewak humbly serving me food, I whispered into his ear, “Tell them to relate to my circumcised limb.”

S. (Suddenly upset at the proverbial bad “Muslim manners”). “Don’t lose your head, Mr. Kalam. Doesn’t your name mean KALAM or KALAAM, two good words? Use civilised language in front of me. Don’t you have a female in your house to teach you manners? Are they all prostitutes or concubines or your secret female friends who come in after dusk and leave before dawn? Don’t you have an example of good vocabulary in your Koran? Don’t treat the native women as your HAZRAT of Mecca treated the wives and daughters of the slain Kafirs and Hindus? You are talking to me, a woman of noble Italian birth from the Land of conquering MUSSOLINI, not a native HINDU or SIKH cow from the land of far*ing, conceding, surrendering, cease-firing Gandhi.” (Sonia, born a PROUD Maino, forgot at that moment of rage that she was now a “Gandhi”, too, for the sake of votes.)

ALK: “Sorry madam. I apologise. May I now narrate my innermost aspirations when they were cleaning my shoes, eager to touch my feet, and singing that hymn to appeal to me to treat them as equals?”

S. “What was your dream Abdul-LULL-Kalam Sahib?”

ALK: “I was dreaming of the golden days when Lahore was under MOHAMMED, and a Suba was its Governor. That was the time of our joy and sovereignty when a Musalman could catch a Guru and torture him to death, procure for himself the most beautiful Hindu virgin, chase out the Sikhs into forests and jungles, and eat out of plates of gold. Then we had NANKANA SAHIB as well as AMRITSAR under the flag of our MOHAMMED SAHIB.

“Sitting among my Sikh serfs, slaves and subjects, I dreamt of a grand mosque on the very spot. The water tank around it will be a novel feature unlike the sand of the desert that surrounds our KA’ABA in Mecca at present.”

At this point Sonia KHAN seemed irritated. She had a similar dream and was aspiring, too, to build a grand CATHEDRAL on the very spot. She thought of the BRITISH who had all the SIKH TERRITORY under Union Jack after 1849. She was glad to notice that the natives, with, or without, beards and kirpans, are still at the level of awareness of the PERISHING PAGANS of the past if not of the DONKEYS of today. Surely they were so damn “BE-WAQOOF” that God will not let them keep their Koh-i-Noor, Takht-i-Taus, “TOSHA KHANA”, and even GOLDEN TEMPLE for long.”

She dismissed ABDUL-LULL-KALAM, saying, “I wish to go to sleep. You might like to join me. My mother-in-law once shared her bed with Shaikh Sahib and rewarded him with EAST Bengal to fulfil his dream. Come, we, too, have a dream.”

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Shed a tear over the cowardice of the Hindus who FLED Sindh and East Bengal and SOUTH Kashmir within days and shed a thousand tears over the collapse of AQAL among the Sikh LEADERS who are left only with SHAKAL.

If ever you heard of the JACKALS LEADING THE LIONS, then go no further than Amritsar and stare at the entire Committee of SGPC, the Sikhs’ Supreme Religious Body. You will understand why ABDUL-LULL-KALAM, the PAKISTANI ACTING AS HINDUSTANI, came back alive.

Had the “daal khor Bunya, Bhayya and Bhangi (Nishkam Sewak) Sikhs of today been at the level of their ancestors in 1699, they would have STUCK ABDUL-LULL-KALAM’S HEAD ON A LANCE (SPEAR) like the heads of thousands of Sikhs who were put in chains and shackles, and made to force march beside Banda to their executions in Delhi.

And they would have also recalled the fate of the two little sons of Guru Gobind Singh, too, if not of the 90 Sikh WOMEN and GIRLS who jumped into the deep dark well in the district of Rawalpindi when chased by ABDUL-LULL-KALAMS in March 1947.