Date: 4/3/2003


.....................channle 4 news


Towards the end of your news bulletin this evening (3 April 03) you showed a young Muslim on a tour of Parliament in London after shouting "NO WAR!" at the top of his voice at No. 10 Downing Street, an experience he CANNOT have in any of the 42 separatist ISLAMIC republics.

Later, you invited the FREE WORLD to come to you to help make a similar film FOR war. You must be very naive.

I am afraid, Sir, NONE will dare to volunteer. The reason is that while the free world listened to him without "exploding" and watched him without anger or retaliation, anyone speaking FOR war runs the RISK of assassination at the hands of Muslims. The MUSLIM tolerance is exemplified by the fate of Salman Rushdie.

I definitely wish to appear in a film FOR war, but I want to ask, "Do the British police have the resources to give me protection from the now rapidly increasing intolerant and dangerous element in our population, day and night, some of whom have even turned up in Afghanistan and Iraq "in pursuit of peace"?

May I ask, "why a WOMAN did not accompany him?" Was he speaking on THEIR behalf, too?

With regard to ISRAEL, who will TEACH the Muslims from Bangladesh to Libya, many of whom don't even know where Israel is, some tolerance?

The young Muslim in your film did not look an Arab. He seemed to be a PAKISTANI. If so, then what connection does he have with the Jews or Arabs, or Israel? When have these countries or elements clashed with his own Pakistan? Does he not not know, as a Pakistani, "mind your own business"?

If we all get involved, e.g., Hindus for the Jews and the Muslims ACROSS THE GLOBE on behalf of PLO, then our world will become a very messy place, indeed, impossible to live in.

Should he not "relate" to the PARTITIONED fragmented India of his own grandfather who was born in united SECULAR india?

What can one think of a Muslim from Pakistan who does not feel the PAIN and GRIEF of his own partitioned India but sheds copious tears for partitioned Palestine?

Every Muslim, who wants the PLO refugees to return to their homes should also support the cause of 15 MILLION non Muslims ousted by force out of the newly created Islamic State of Pakistan in 1947 to return to THEIR homes.

We, too, and I am one of them, have a dream, to go back to our homes in LAHORE, MULTAN, RAWALPINDI, NORTH KASHMIR and EAST BENGAL. Why was the birth of Islamic Pakistan a CALAMITY for us?

Where is the UNO and the GLOBAL Islam, to listen to us? May I have his views on this, please?

If Islam were such a peace loving religion, then how about VACATING THEIR AGGRESSION in West Punjab and East Bengal, even in NORTH Kashmir, so that we all, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Muslims, may live together in peace?

Since this is a PRO WAR speech, may I know if Channel 4 will broadcast it tomorrow?

I have a word for this young man, too. Let him now go to Arabia and try to obtain permission for at least one tiny church to operate in that Kingdeom.

Let him go to Iraq with the request to set up a HOUSE OF COMMONS there on the lines of the one he admired on your programme.

Pakistan did ETHNIC CLEANSING of the minorities by KILLING at least one million Hindus and EXPELLING BY FORCE 15 million. There is ROOM ENOUGH for all the PLO there.

There would be peace in Middle East if the Muslims were to accept their own aggression on non violent and secular India whose Independence was blighted by her PARTITION on MUSLIM terms.

I would ask the Muslims across the globe to LEAVE THE TINY STATE OF ISRAEL ALONE. You have 42 (forty two) ISLAMIC REPUBLICS on earth. Greed at last returns with a vengeance.

Each one of these Islamic republics VIOLATES the HUMAN RIGHTS CHARTER of the UNO by putting a Muslim above the Hindu.

Now after 1400 years since the birth of Mohammed, the mankind has to delete the words "KAFIR" and "INFIDEL" from their vocabulary.

Please see what happened to Hitler and his blind and fanatic following who stuck to his definition of an "Aryan" and a "Jew".

This young man could apply for a few minutes' time on Turkish Televison, to say, "VACATE Northern Cyprus at once so that Islam, BY DEED, could prove itself to be a religion of peace."

Please do not help anybody to mislead the naive British people who have NO experience of either a civil war or PARTITION.

The young man should go to PAKISTAN to give the benefit of his EDUCATION received in the UK, to raise the level of secularism and tolerance in LAHORE and DHAKA that he loves in London.

.....................April 3, 2003.