Date: 5/8/2003



Well, its rarest story from SEPARATIST loathsome Pakis. There are good people in Pakistan, but only few. I had a friend from Lahore (of course muslim) whom I met in Europe and studied together two years. We had food together, went out together, and many more activities. He invited me several times to visit Lahore but I never dared to do that.

Pakistani MOHAMMEDAN minds are poisoned by anti-hindu propaganda and their false history. Pakistani students learn their history from 1947, before that there is nothing as they would need to write Bharat/Indian history.

(It is the same despicable story in PARTITIONED India, too, where history begins with "independence" in 1947, full credit to traitor NEHRU, of course, and NO mention of Partition or Lahore).

Islam preaches tolerance, but very few practice tolerance.

(That is wrong. Islam teaches VIOLENCE and ENCOURAGES murder, rape, loot and arson. The Taliban, the Al Qaida and the SUICIDE BOMBERS, even from civilised BRITAIN, are products of that VIOLENT Islam.

It is not anyhone's fault if we do not care to find out how so much of earth was first covered in BLOOD that is now covered in GREEN.)


...................... Lahore's hidden Hindus >

......................... by Shahzad Hassan >

[With a father's fierce loyalty to Pakistan and a son's bruises corroding his patriotism, the Hindu Bhagat family tell their story of life in Lahore]

Students in Pakistan are taught from the very beginning that Hindus are our natural enemies. Our history has been doctored beyond recognition to tell our people that the Hindus have never, and will never, be our friends.

We are taught that they are mean, calculating and cunning, and that they sided with the British during the partition. It comes as a surprise when we discover they are not.



Laying claim to anything, especially TERRITORY, puts new spirit in the veins of the demoralised who are satisfied with status quo.

That is why the Indian Muslims CLAIMED one third of India and got it all, plus North Kashmir.

Hindus, on the other hand, had NO claim. So they PERISHED like the flies, even in EAST Bengal. THE SIKHS FARED NO BETTER. They had all become "nishkam sewaks", or the followers of GANDHI, having dumped their own Govind.

That is why the Pakis claim SOUTH Kashmir. It is to keep their blood hot. The Hindus, whose blood is deep frozen, do not even claim NORTH Kashmir or the President's chair.

What do the Sikhs claim? NOTHING. Hence they are about to lose even EAST Punjab. This is proven Law of Nature. Those who do not claim TERRITORY, PERISH.

Our status quo right now, thrown out of Lahore, and trembling with fear in AYODHYA, paying homage to a worthless Italian born female imported by BOFORS CHOR, and a scheming "Sarkar" to keep our heads and spirits down, is bleak.