Date: 5/20/2003



Pakistani or Muslim foolhardiness should not make us happy, in fact that should make us wary because their tentacles are spreading woldwide.

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NRI's (Non Resident Indians) ought to know and TELL THE OTHERS that ISLAM is the biggest threat to secular Hindustan's survival as a secular State.

It is not the goodness of Lady Bharat that is underquestion. She is good NO MORE if we dare to recall how she was thrown on floor and then gangraped and mutilated, all on one day. The same evening Pandit Nehru saw his "glow of freedom". The whole nation was crushed into believing in his independence and none looked at PARTITION. Partition was India's mutilation by the Muslims were born in India and grew up in India.

The Constitution was written by a "bhangi" under the gaze of Nehru and he made sure that H8INDUISM did not see any glow in it. It was crushed by the hammer of his own version of secularism which meant Hindus will be exterminated in Pakistan but teh Muslims will thrive in his own Hindustan.

Until now we are under Nehru's DEMONIC spell- the whole of India, and more so when the President is a MOHAMMEDAN by name and the most powerful female is ITALIAN CATHOLIC who got the invitation issyued to her POPE twice while there has never been a red carpet for the holiest of holy H8indu in the land of Lord Krishna and Guru Gobind Singyh.

NRI's "chickens" including millionaires are conditioned to think of own families, not of India. NRI's have not united while wolves and hyenas are devouring our HINDUSTAN and KHANS are deflowering Hindu maidens in Bollywood.

We can compare our IGNORANT adn TIMID NRI's with the JEWS living across the globe. Hoqw THEY are pumping in force and strength into their Land of Moses. What is the NRI doing to get two ticks out of Bharat's skin: Sonia Khan and every ABDUL KALAM. NRI trembles with fear even reading this while the MUSLIMS, yes, INDIAN Muslims are getting ready ONCE AGAIN to give such a blow to Lady Bharat that BLOOD will flow down her head in buckets. In our case valour, guts and courage need to be brought in the manner of KHALSA SPIRIT given by Guru Gobind Singh. That Khalsa was truly different from the one toeday. The Hindu nation protected, shelterd and produced that Khalsa. Today Bandit NEHRU'S ideology has turbned the nation upon ghe Khalsa and the Khalsa is crying "KHALISTAN ZINDABAH" copying the role model called MOHAMMED who shouted PAKISTAN ZINDABAD in 1940's and brojke and profusely BLED India.

NRI's need to wake up fast to reality. Those who were out studying in Cambridge and Oxford had NO homes to go back to, although they had degrees in their pockets. Their homes in RAWALPINDI, LAHORE and MULTAN were gutted and reduced to rubble. Their parents, brothers and sisters either KILLED or raped and abducted.

If that could happen under the nose of the British MASTERS, how precarious is the present situation under ABDUL KALAM, and SONIA KHAN with the Al Qaida and the Taliban next door?

Which NRI organisation can attend to such lethal aspects of our HINDU nation which is a virgin trapped among the PATHANS and KHANS?


Today the land of sheep and cows, INDIA, needs a new Lord Krishna, a new Nwtaji and a new GURU GOBIND SINGH.