Date: 9/3/2003


from a patriot in Bharat:

It may be worthwhile to pursue the subject of needless casualties among Indian soldiers in SOUTH Kashmir further as the soldiers continue to be eleminated like sitting ducks.

In this regard S.N. Sachadeva ( Retd Brig) has stated in a local English daily of August 6, 2003, that, unfortunately, in India issue's concerning military operations are determined not only by military professionals but also by political dictates even if nanational interests are compromised in the process.

The heart of the issue relates to the Government's inability or unwillingness to agree that paramilitary forces{PMF)be placed under the comand of the Army for conducting anti-insurgency operations.

The army's predicment in the anti-insurgenct drive according to the said retired soldier is further handicapped by yet another factor. It needs to be emphasised that combatting insurgency is not the same as dealing with agitating demonstrators or protestors who turn violent. Anti-insurgency operations constitute a specialist area of the military operations.

The militants,the retired military expert rightly points out, are often highly trained ,armed and motivated lot adept in guerrilla warfare and spreading terror.Unlike the army, the CRPF or Border Security force are trained and equipped for alto- gether different task.

Another cause for the Army's frustration is reported to stem from freequent political intervention in its operations.It is further stated that the situation in Kashmir deterioted devastatingly during the V.P.Sing regeime. Yet recently the things are seen to have come to a breaking point in Kashmir when the Central Government in its misplaced eagerness to initiate a political process ordered withdrawal of some vital security pickets in Srinager, which was treated by the militants as their victory.

Before the formation of Hiteshwar Saikia ministry, Assam under governor's rule was handed over to the army, it silenced the ULFA within two days without firing a single shot- sometimes which the over two hundred PMF companies there failed to do all along. But the movement Mr.Saikia took over as Chief Minister, things nosed down Mr.Saikis's intervention in operations by way of "now on" and "now off' " peace talks with the rebels provided emple opportunity to the ULFA to re-group after reverses at the hand of army.

One has to appriciate that the Security forces have to perform a very difficult task under grave threats and provocations. It is sometimes impossible to isolate the guilty from the innocent. Strangely enough we seem to ignore the inhumane atrocities,rape and murder of innocents, besides their freequent abductions for tortures before their massacres.

The military expert further states that we seek to condone the recent cold-blooded assasinations of army personnel and civilians. Before giving sermons and passing virdict against our security forces for whom death lurks at every turning point in Kashmir'we should ask ourselves as to whether such marauders need to be treeted with kid gloves?

Let there be no human rights abuses from the side of the security forces.This has been the virdict of the State Government to the Security forces.Even a single human Rights violation by the forces is unacceptible. The logic is that the terrorists, criminals, abductors and killers are our miss guided boys. Our security forces should be the most deciplined people under all circumstances. They are punished, they are dismissed on public complaints while public is hostile to them at every step. Even if any sane civilian is aware that a particular army soldier is not at all guilty,under the terrorist threat he is not in a position to save him from punishment to be awarded to him on the complaints of his enemies.

Mr. Sachadeva opines that the legitimacy of the political authority ends with the decision making of the mili- tary objectives. How to achieve those objectives falls purely in the domain of professionalism-of military strtegies and tatics.

Dilution of military authority be it by way of injecting dichotomy of command and control or suspension of mili- tary operations and then which serves as a breather to the militants on the run,to rally,regroup and reassert,constitute interference in the military affairs and lacks legtimacy, adds the Army expert.

The people of Jammu & Ladakh division of the J&K State have time and again insisted the the Doda district may be handed over to the Army and they still do this but it is very late. Now they find terrorists close to their homes,in and around their shrines in entire Jammu province.Their one solution is the grant of stathood to Jammu so that they get rid of terroism within a months time without any human rights violation by the security forces under the new dispensation.

We don't know whether the first despatch on this issue actually reached to you. Kindly make it convenient to acknowledge it, if desired with comments. There are certain matters which are most confidential.As NRI's you cannot, perhaps deal with them. But if awareness of domestic events for personal information be deemed useful -please intimate.


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Objectively seen, Lithuania has much merit to have an Indian embassy in her capital Vilnius. How is it that Japan, Turkey and even Canada and Australia have seen much merit in this small but strategically located and extremely dynamic country to have embassies there?

India seems to be a little mouse in the world under some elephant foot, unable to think for herself and to spot opportunities abroad.

Ironically one could utter with a deep sigh, “Alas, the language spoken in Lithuania is not derived from Arabic or Italian to attract the attention of India’s rulers, especially the Nehru Dynasty that still casts its dark spell on Delhi.

Having an embassy in Lithuania will facilitate travel between India and Lithuania and will give great thrill to the Hindus of sharing the common source of our languages- both derived from Sanskrit.

That there is not a single Hindu temple or Sikh gurdwara in the whole of Lithuania is a matter of great regret. The Lithuanians love India for her spirituality but have NO place in their own country to experience it. The rulers of India who do not mind seeing hundreds of new churches and mosques coming up in India every year are not in favour of seeing even one Hindu temple or Indian cultural centre in Lithuania.

The Lithuanians love India like no one else on earth and pay huge sums of money to get visa from the neighbouring country of Beularus.

Due to her recent Pagan past, the Lithuanian soul is HINDU, yearning for spiritual enrichment provided by the Rishis and sages from Bharat. So one can see the desirability of opening an Indian embassy as well as cultural missions in Vilnius, Riga (Latvia) and Tallin (Estonia).

What a wonderful window of opportunity lies before India now. If she can have a full fledged embassy in Ryadh, Saudi Arabia, there is no reason to neglect or avoid Vilnius. The PEOPLE of India will speak up one day when they get a voice. In the meantime it is for India’s main political and religious parties like the BJP and the VHP, as well as the universities, to show interest in developing close mutual relations with the people of Lithuania. If simply left to Government of India that is under the whip of Sonia Gandhi and Abdul Kalam, there will neither be an Indian embassy in Vilnius, nor a Hindu temple in Lithuania for the next five generations.

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Look at any structure, building, bridge or sky scraper. Within the walls and through the structure there are steel wires going up like ribs. They give strength to the structure and prevent it from collapsing.

In the case of a nation and its culture and religion, they are the INSTITUTIONS. One should note the speed with which India’s Party of High Treason, All-India Congress Party, was quick to establish FOUNDATIONS in the name of Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and so on. These institutions not only support and strengthen its own IDEOLOGY but also act as watch dogs to PREVENT similar national institutions of HINDUS from coming into existence. They create a climate of bogus secularism in which people are reluctant to support their own native foundations and institutins like Sri Krishna Foundation, Lord Rama Foundation, Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh Foundations. The ruling establishment creates a climate of “public opinion” in which it is fashionable to contribute to Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi Foundation rather than Guru Gobind Singh Foundation or even to Hindu bodies like VHP (Vishva Hindu Parishad) which need to be strengthened quickly to withstand the ANTI HINDU onslaught launched by foundations established to perpetuate the hold of anti Hindu (Hindu bashing/Sikh crushing) PRO ISLAMIC Nehru Dynasty that cannot see PARTITION of India not the absence of West Punjab and East Bengal from India’s map and Constitution.

The result is that Hinduism is without skeleton and without such institutional supports and strengths, It is collapsing, vanishing and getting WEAKER all the time.

The Hindu has been manipulated and kept under check on its own territory FOR CENTURIES. The result is brainwashing into acceptance of slavery and walking on wrong track. As a result the (damn) FOOL Hindu in top position can tolerate “Hindu bashing (ruins in Ayodhya) and Sikh killing in Bharat but will be thrilled and happy to go by bus (“yatra”) to Lahore to embrace the MOHAMMEDAN there who should have been an INDIAN citizen like the Mohammedan in Gwalior and Guwahati in “Broken” Bharat.

........................30 Aug. 2003