Date: 9/3/2003



Objectively seen, Lithuania has much merit to have an Indian embassy in her capital Vilnius. How is it that Japan, Turkey and even Canada and Australia have seen much merit in this small but strategically located and extremely dynamic country to have embassies there?

India seems to be a little mouse in the world under some elephant foot, unable to think for herself and to spot opportunities abroad.

Ironically one could utter with a deep sigh, “Alas, the language spoken in Lithuania is not derived from Arabic or Italian to attract the attention of India’s rulers, especially the Nehru Dynasty that still casts its dark spell on Delhi.

Having an embassy in Lithuania will facilitate travel between India and Lithuania and will give great thrill to the Hindus of sharing the common source of our languages- both derived from Sanskrit.

That there is not a single Hindu temple or Sikh gurdwara in the whole of Lithuania is a matter of great regret. The Lithuanians love India for her spirituality but have NO place in their own country to experience it. The rulers of India who do not mind seeing hundreds of new churches and mosques coming up in India every year are not in favour of seeing even one Hindu temple or Indian cultural centre in Lithuania.

The Lithuanians love India like no one else on earth and pay huge sums of money to get visa from the neighbouring country of Beularus.

Due to her recent Pagan past, the Lithuanian soul is HINDU, yearning for spiritual enrichment provided by the Rishis and sages from Bharat. So one can see the desirability of opening an Indian embassy as well as cultural missions in Vilnius, Riga (Latvia) and Tallin (Estonia).

What a wonderful window of opportunity lies before India now. If she can have a full fledged embassy in Ryadh, Saudi Arabia, EVEN IN Islamabad and Dhaka, there is no reason to neglect or avoid Vilnius.

The PEOPLE of India will speak up one day when they get a voice. In the meantime it is for India’s main political and religious parties like the BJP and the VHP, as well as the universities, to show interest in developing close mutual relations with the people of Lithuania.

If simply left to Government of India, that is under the whip of Sonia Gandhi and Abdul Kalam, there will neither be an Indian embassy in Vilnius, nor a Hindu temple in Lithuania for the next five generations.