Date: 9/13/2003



.................By S.P. Attri (USA)


1. Everything of significance that is undertaken in Islam, involves the services of Islam's Greese-Monkeys. The greese-monkeys of Islam are: Mullahs, Maulvies, Muftis, Qazis, and other members of Moslem-Clergy.

These "monkeys" are the only class of people in the whole of Islam, that is educated in the doctrine of Islam and Quran (An average Moslem is neither educated in Islam nor in Quran). The enormity of the role of Greese-Monkeys cannot be judged from the look on their faces, but from the job that they do on their Moslem-Followers.

Almost the entire job of indoctrinating (Educating in Islamic Law and Duty) the Islamic-Followers is done by these humorless greese-monkeys, they are the ones who produce the so-called heroes of Islam, the Jehadis. The Jehadis are the Hit-Men and Mass-Killers of Islam, the greese-monkeys make sure that the performance of Jehadis is upto standards of Islam. They do this by teaching them how to fight in the ways of Allah, and how to establish Allah's Supermacy over Non-Believers (Non-Moslem Kafirs/Infidels).



They not only expose them to the tenets of Islam, but also show them the green-gardens of Islam, tempting them with after-death rewards that await a Jehadi in Janat (Moslem's Paradise), this always includes choicest sex with 72 Houris. It is because of such attractive rewards, shown to the Moslems by their Greese-Monkeys, that a Moslem becomes ready to kill and get killed.

In both outcomes, the Moslem wins, he ends up in Janat. These rewards are sort of "Eye For Eye" compensation for their sacrifices of undertaking Jehad in the name of Allah, this Jehad always involves killing of Hateful-Kafirs (Non-Moslem Infidels). In other words, the greese-monkeys teach Sullas, the gospel of hate, the hate of Non-Moslems whom they label as Kafirs (Infidels).

And what is Jehad?

Jehad is the Perpetual-War that a Moslem engages against Kafirs, the Greese-Monkeys convice the Moslem that:

"A person's biggest crime is to deny Allah and Mohammad's Exlusive Right To Be Believed In And Adored."

2. It is from these greese-monkeys that a Moslem learns, his hatred of Non-Moslem religions, and his attempts to deny Non-Moslems all rights, except the right to serve their Moslem-Masters. There is little hatred that a Moslem can learn, without the coachings from these Greese-Monkeys of Islam (That is why, for practical purposes, breaking down these greese-monkeys is breaking down Islam itself). This hatred is a sufficient factor, to inspire a Moslem to try to raid and subjugate Non-Moslem territories (labelled as Dar-Ul-Harb/The Battle-Ground). There is little that a Moslem can do without teachings and services of these greese-monkeys, these greese-monkeys are the ones who keep

the Donkey-Engines of Islam going, and running at full blast. Essentially, these greese-monkeys are the Sanctuaries of Islam. Eliminating this sanctuary is eliminating Islam for practical purposes.

One Greese-Monkey influences the lives of at least 40,000 to 50,000 Sullas, at least half of these Sullas are Potential-Jehadis.

Because of this ratio, disaster to greese-monkeys means catastrophe to Islam. In other words, eliminating of Greese-Monkeys is sentencing Islam to death. In fact, if 10,000 Greese-Monkeys of Islam are eliminated, then Islam wouldn't last more than a week.

Why is Islam so fragile?

Answer: Because of the BASACKWARD-PYRAMID structure of Islam (as well as of Christianity). This structure is stunning in its constitution and application.

NOTE: A full explanation of the BASACKWARD-PYRAMID of Islam/Christianity, is beyond the scope of this message, which is intended to be kept short. I shall write up a separate message to explain the Basackward-Structure of Islam.

3. Given the absolute reality (fully backed by mathematical-probabilites) that, you can NEVER completely eliminate Violence from the world, you can only minimize it. A logical question becomes: Which is better, removal of 10,000 Greese-Monkeys of Islam or 140 million Sulla-Followers?

Why remove 140 million people later, if removing 10,000 now can accomplish the same thing? Why expend more time, effort, and money than what is absolutely necessary? Isn't it a smarter way of doing an effective, and more professional job?

4. In the fulfilment of his Karma, man has to do a wide variety of jobs. But of all the jobs, the waging of war is the most unpleasant. If one can avoid war, so much the better. But in the real world, situations arise in which waging of wars becomes inevitable. In our world, in which there are always aggressive people, who come to burn and loot your country and people, waging of wars becomes inevitable and essential Karma of man, to defend his people and the safety of his nation. The 1200 year long history of Muslim Rule in India, is evidence of murder of hundreds of millions of Hindus by Barbarian-Sullas, coached into action by these Greese-Monkeys of Islam. It is beyond upsetting that we Hindus have learned neither any lesson of history, nor the duty of our Karma, to defend our people. In defending his people, it becomes the duty of a soldier, to wound and even to kill his enemy. There is an absolute and essential need to implement that duty. That is the only way to keep our Hindus people safe from assaults of career-barbarians (Sullas and Kharistas).

Isn't it obvious that instead of moaning and groaning, bitching and barking, over tragedies of lost Hindu lives, we now need to figure ways to fend off such tragedies in future.

5. We need to be aware that, our enemies (Sullas and Kharistas, together with their Greese-Monkeys) are scarcely above the degree of savage life, their respect for life is not very much, and violence comes natural to them, murdering, looting, and raping Kafirs/Non-Moslem Infidels is their compulsive trait. Their hatred of people of religions other than their own, is beyond description. This hatred cannot be dissipated, because without this hatred, there is no reason and no justification, for the existence of either Islam or Christianity. If Islam and Christianity ever stopped hating other religions, then that would be the end of both Islam and Christianity. It should be obvious, that Moslems and Christians wouldn't choose to commit suicide, by abandoning their hatred for other religions.

Consequently, this in-built hatred of other religions in both Islam and Christianity, is guaranteed to continue, and their blood-thirsty violence against these Kafir (Infidel) religions shall continue, it is foolish to expect that Moslems and Christians shall abandon their well-established and highly successful methods, just to be nice to other religions. In fact, this kind of nicety towards other religions, does not come within the jurisdiction of morality, as understood by Sullas and Kharistas. Much more likely is the prospect that, colossal Sulla-Violence that occurred against Hindu during the last 1200 years was just a skirmish, compared to what is yet to come. Sulla Violence against Hindu is not over, it has not been defused, and it cannot be defused. Instead of sleeping on the couch, we Hindus need to wake up, and figure ways to beef up our security.

6. Can 10,000 Greese-Monkeys be replaced? Yes, some of them can certainly be, no doubt there shall be serious attempts to replace all of them. But they cannot be replaced much more often than once or twice. If we Hindus stay the course and do the swift job of Greese-Monkey Elimination, then soon there won't be many more Monkeys to go around, and that is the end of Islam, for good. What Hindus are doing here is, to take the fight to the enemy, to the site of Enemy's Power. They are eliminating the exporters of terror, barbarism, and violence of Islam. They are eliminating the Sanctuary Of Islam.

7. Hindus must understand and understand it CLEARLY that, Sulla-Attacks against Hindu are Not invited by Sulla-Strength, but by Perception Of Hindu-Weakness, on the part of Sullas. We Hindus have been tested again and again by Sullas (those Thugs, Terrorists, and Barbarians) for 1200 years, and dangers to Hindus have not passed, in fact threats to Hindus have taken on a Nasty- Turn.

What this suggests is that:

It is an Act Of Absolute Decency (which involves absolute minimum loss of human life), to remove 10,000 Greese-Monkeys now, rather than having to remove 140 millions Sullas later on (which shall surely be needed). The latter option is a Dumber-Way of doing the same job, at much higher cost, with much greater difficulty, and much greater loss of life.

8. It is a matter of common observation that, every job of significance requires the right tool and right technique. We have made tremendous strides in understanding the beast of Islam. We know where Islam is the weakest, we know the location of the soft-underbelly of Islam. The soft-underbelly of Islam is the class of Islam's Greese-Monkeys. For practical purposes, these greese-monkeys are the Battle-Staff of Islam. These Monkeys have become too big for their breeches, they need to be eliminated.

Hindus would be doing themselves a favor by hitting this soft-underbelly. Immediately after we hit this soft-underbelly, something wonderful will happen to Hinduism. War-Dance with Islam shall be over, and Islam shall be: Out Of Circulation, For Good.

9. Hindus are smart people, they understand the value of time (you might have heard that "time is money"). It behoves us Hindus to make Smart-Choices, keep collateral damage to a minimum, apply focussed and determined force, to do the job that is required.

Hindus: Eliminate Greese-Monkeys Of Islam now.

..............................................Surinder Paul Attri