Date: 9/16/2003


..............MEN AND MICE (Arabs and Indians)

The Arab States are all united to end Israeli occupation of Palestine. What about the 25 Indian states over the illegal occupation of one third of India that is Pakistan and Bogusdesh (Bangladesh) today?

It is time for the Indian States, some like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, as large as France and Germany, to UNITE and go to Security Council and the United Nations to demand the annulment of “Act of Partition of India, 1947”, that enabled fundamentalist orthodox ISLAM to occupy vast territories of secular India under evil Imperial design of those days.

India ought to actively JOIN the Arab world and do exactly the same on world fora what the Arabs are doing to Israel.

The Indians need not “go underground like the mice” and simply watch the Arabs act like MEN. They will be perfectly justified to challenge that unconditional surrender of territory under duress in 1947.

But India will ramain INVISIBLE on world stage so long as she is under ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN. At the time of Partition, India had to adopt a HINDU Constitution (HINDU RASHTRA) in Delhi to stand up to ISLAMIC Constition (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC) in Lahore. That historic BLUNDER will finally cost the Hindus AND THE SIKHS their freedom, even lives.