Date: 9/25/2003


THIS EXCELLENT PIECE IS CONTRIBUTED. It throws light on the true nature of "Muslim civilisation".

.........He who submits -- a/k/a "She who submits to him"

A Muslim submits to Islamic absolutism. Islam comes from the word "aslama," which means "he submits." The Arabic culture of Muhammad was polygamous and war-like. Arabs were warriors who roamed the desert and plundered, raped, and did what they wanted to do with their victims.

Muhammad was a war-lord who gave them a faith in him and plenty of "booty" from those he plundered, as an incentive to follow him. Muhammad was from the Quraish tribe, which was the dominant tribe of Mecca. The Arabs were polytheistic. Muhammad said to them, he had the word of a single god, given to him by the Angel Gabriel. He said to follow him and there would be no need for many gods.

I find it extremely interesting (though not of any particular importance) that all of these prophets: Muhammad, Moses and Christ - all were of dubious parentage. Muhammad's father died when he was born. His mother died when he was about 6 years old and he was orphaned and raised by his grandfather. Christ is said to be the product of a virgin birth. Moses was a prince or some such - but nobody really knows and everything that is written about them was written many years after they were dead. But we do know a little bit about the Arabian peninsula. We know it was mostly desert, arid, barren, mountains, steppes and the nomadic Arabs grazed flocks of sheep and goats and moved with the weather. And they were not particularly friendly. There was no national or cultural cohesiveness. No membership in anything but families and clans. They did trade with other cultures and often cheated them and often used the sword to decide differences or take their neighbor's chattels and wives. They had many wives because they took the wives they wanted from other tribes and they treated them badly - and that is reflected in Islamic law, in the way women are treated today. Islam never modernized.

They were pastoral and sometimes found themselves alone with their sheep for too long. They avenged blood disputes between tribes. If someone was harmed, members of their tribe would often raid another tribe to take revenge. They were so backward and many still are, and if they lived in caves they would still be there too. Many of them are having a very difficult time with adjusting to the "corrupting influence" of modern ideas from the west.


Whenever law and order breaks down in a country, the MUSLIMS go on offensive against the WOMEN of the weaker side.

In 1947 throughout Pakistan they roamed the streets and towns with impunity, imagining themselves to be the warriors of Mohammed taking part in his desert campaigns, and to have the right to any Kafir female they could capture.

It is a pity that the Government of India under TRAITOR Nehru did not commission any Enquiry to get names and particulars of those females recorded for posterity.