Date: 9/25/2003


An esteemed writer has pointed to the cowardice and very low value of human life of a Hindu, killed or murdered, raped or abducted, placed by Hindu Society.

In England the British society honours those fallen heroes and remembers them in a proper manner. For example, if you see carefully the India House, where the High Commissioner for India's office is, there is a side entrance with stairs going up, where there is Passport Office. At the start of the stair, there is name plate in memory of a police officer who was killed there. Some one can tell the name and cause of his death for the benefit Hindus.

Where Yevan Fletcher the WPC was killed by a Libyan, her Cap was left for seven days with Police protection. There is a suitable memorial at that place.

You don't need oil pipes or some other fancy stuff for creating memorials.

In Vilnius, Capital of Lithuania, the outside walls of KGB museum are filled with the thousands of names who died for their struggle for independence from the Russians.

At the TV Tower in Vilnius there is a memorial to the 14 young people with their photographs and their ages. The were shot dead by Russian soldiers on 13 Jan.,1991. One young girl Loreta was only 14 years old. There was a letter by Russian soldier," Loreta, we are sorry for killing you". There are wood carvings showing the elder people covering their faces with shame for not being able to protect them.

You don't need memorials of the size of India Gate. Near KGB Museum in Vilnius, on the road there was a small stone pile in memory to their dead.

By contrast in India,there is nothing on ground to show that millions of Hindus were killed over the centuries by the followers of Koran. The Hindu is so scared as not to offend the Kafir/Infidel killers.

No memorials to the ones massacred in 1947, no memorials to the ones killed in Ayodya. We have no history and no records and no remembrance of our fellow Indians dead.

Any suggestion where and how Memorial tradition can be started in a frightened appeasing India ?