Date: 9/26/2003



What is the difference between West Punjab, East Bengal, North Kashmir and South Kashmir?

It is this: West Punjab and East Bengal were surrendered unconditionally and voluntarily by a terrified Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, his mentor “Mahatma” MK Gandhi and their secular India, to the bloodthirsty separatist INDIGENOUS Mohammedans in 1947. (Result of that surrender? ONE MILLION INNOCENT INDIAN CITIZENS SLAUGHTERED AND 15 MILLION DRIVEN OUT OF THEIR HOMES.)

East Bengal was captured by the Indian Army in 1972 at huge cost of men and materials, but promptly RETURNED to bloodthirsty separatist ISLAM once again by Nehru’s daughter INDIRA, who was a secret convert to Islam, having married a Sunni Muslim of ALLAHabad called Feroze Khan. His surname was changed to Gandhi to fool the nation. Does anyone know the names of his grandparents, uncles, first cousins and even nephews and nieces in Allahabad? Not one MP in India’s Parliament knows this- THE MOST IGNORANT & USELESS LOT ON EARTH who are supposed to hold the fate and future of India in their hands.

While surrendering Sindh, Baluchistan and NWFP to indigenous INDIAN Muslims, Pandit Nehru decided that the MUSLIM MAJORITY in Kashmir had NO voice and right to separation. He kept this State in his India in order to ensure PERENNIAL feud with Pakistan, to get the permanent condemnation of the Islamic Bloc and to ensure the perennial BLOODLETTING of the “mercenary” Indian Armed Forces whose generals can easily be MANIPULATED to attack HARI MANDIR SAHIB (also known as Golden Temple) in Amritsar while overlooking the recapture of North Kashmir (and even Lahore).

Today there is NO Hindu to be seen in Srinagar. They fled the city over a decade and a half ago due to TERROR of their Muslim fellow citizens who take great delight in looting, killing and raping any HINDU they can catch. That is still the fate of a HINDU in East Bengal and West Punjab, even within India.

625 MPs of Indian Parliament may read the above but like the trees in a forest, they stand APART and DISUNITED. The man at the very top of India is a PAKISTANI (by definition of Partition), Abdul Kalam, who, under his immaculate ARABIC name cannot be expected to wish well to his KAFIRISTAN (Hindustan or India).

One has to stretch one’s imagination to the utterly impossible limit to believe otherwise. Long ago India's man ABDUL KALAM could have declared in public, “I am a vegetarian. I love Sanskrit. I read the Vedas and the Gita. I love this country where great divine Lords and Gurus were born. I am honoured to say that I now embrace Hindu Dharma and wish to be re-named Prithvi Raj or Subhash Chandra.”

But NO. Why should he make such a concession when the whole Hindu nation believes he is their friend and Saviour, and even Defender of native women’s dignity and honour. It is quite irrelevant to the nation that he has NO spouse to whom half a billion Hindu females could relate. Some speculate he wouldn’t wish to be tied down to one wife when he can command so many any night to do his massage and provide comfort.

How is the idea of having not only a bachelor President but also a bachelor Prime Minister in a country where the Hindus have NO tongue and the people have NO voice on such matters.

Low social and moral dignity of native women in PARTITIONED India is equal to the zero political and ideological dignity of East Bengal and West Punjab under the ISLAMIC flag which must please ABDUL KALAM, too.

Would anyone expect an Abdul Kalam to tell Pakistan and Bogusdesh to remove their flags and their high commissions from New Delhi and start negotiating over secular “AKHAND BHARAT” in full earnest?