Date: 9/26/2003


Ayodhya is one of the most SACRED spots in Hindustan. Here Lord Rama was born.

Please ask the muslims if they would toleratre a HINDU MANDIR in Mecca and ask the Christians if they won't mind demolition of Church of Natrivitiy in Jerusalam to make way for a MASJID.

The same criterion mjust apply to the feelings and religious sentiments of Hindus with regard to Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Muslims in India have NO leg to stand on. After PARTITION (which "bandit" Nehru called Independence) they have NO legal or constitutioinal status in secular India.

In 1947 India gave an arm and a leg to the INDIGENOUS Muslims to appease them. They were all keen on civil war if Partition was not conceded.

They all opted for ISLAMIC Pakistan and later for Islamic BOGUSDESH.

We should be clear on history of our own land and stand on firm territory.

The status of a Muslim in Bharat is THE SAME as the status of a Hindu in Pakistan AS PER CONSITUTION. India's Constitution has to be dumped and a new one written up. The present treacherous document is not worth one dead fly on the wall. It does not contain the word PARTITION nor mentions the loss of Lahore and East Bengal.

What do the others think? We are in a FREE society, not in an Islamic republic. Remember, secularism of "Bandit" Nehru to be valid in Delhi, IT HAS TO BE IMPOSED ON LAHORE AND DHAKA.