Date: 10/1/2003


....................."LET'S BUILD IRAQ!"

We read this pious headline in every newspaper these days, only too often unfortunately, since the Government wants to raise taxes in order to keep our troops there, maintain and feed them, as well as a much larger number of civilians who have been rendered homeless due to war.

Only a couple of years ago we heard, "Let us build Afghanistan," and "Let us build Kosova." Our hearts melted and we poured out donations by the million.

Besides this "Let's build this or that country," there is always the heart rending appeal, "Let's feed the Palestinian refugees. Let's feed the Afghan refugees. Let's feed the Albanian refugees, the Kosovan refugees, the Kurdish refugees, the Sudanese refugees, the Somalian refugees," and so on.

The number of these unfortunate refugees, who are created by man, not by God or nature, runs into millions upon millions of humans.

The American and the European tax payer is being asked to bear the burden of re-building the countries concerned as well as feeding their starving populations.

But what good is spending tax payers' hard earned money if the countries that are once liberated revert back to the old medieval ways of life again?

The British tax payer has no say over who rules these countries, how they rule them, and how they waste or misappropriate the immense natural and human resources on hand there. We also have no means of seeing the wealth that is being siphoned off by native (not foreign) corrupt politicians.

Fortunately it is quite easy to predict which countruy is inviting ruin upon itself and whose people will be fleeing in their millions, requiring the rest of mankind to feed, clothe and house them.

Let us identify them and give them a label for all to see.

Countries that are dictatorships and/or have DYNSTIC rulers are at prime risk of inflicting extreme suffering upon their unsuspecting ignorant subjects. These are the countries where bullet, not ballot, changes the government or removes the dictator.

Now we can clearly see as to which country will be the next to invite disaster upon itself. We can take some wise pre-emptive measures, thus saving the British tax payer's money that in turn would be better used for public services in Britain.

Our health service, our pensioners, our police and our education system all need a massive injection of funds to come up to acceptable standards.

Before I end, I wish to remind the readers of similar slogans but where the countries affected have never fallen back into the deep pit of misery and suffering again.

"Let's build Germany," and "Let's buil Japan," in 1945. Now these countries are major donors of aid to those who are in ruins.

Will that be said of Iraq that has immense oil wealth and could feed half the world?