mk ("MAHATMA"?) gandhi, the coward who brought about partition

Date: 10/2/2003


Gandhi's final test came on March 23, 1940 when All India MUSLIM League passed the PAKISTAN RESOLUTION in Lahore.

Funk Gandhi never looked into the IMPLICATION of this evil act, never brought MUSLIM HIGH TREASON and TREACHERY to national conscience and never initiated any discussion on it. He did not even challenge it till PARTIION actually broke up India in "rivers of blood" just seven years later.

We can ask ALL the countries of the world, "Would you have GANDHI as your President or Supreme Commander?"

Please note the reply they will give. "NO, NO, NO. Gandhi is good for the Indian SERFS, SLAVES AND COOLIES, not for us."

When Partition did hit India, he did not demand that all the MUSLIMS had to be given marching orders and EXPELLED from his own Broken Bharat.

The result is that today the same MUSLIM COLUMN is threatening secular India as it did in March 1940.

India of Gandhi is now rushing towards a bloody civil war just because she gave the last word on her destiny to this coward in August 1947. He brought about Partition and the surrender of one third of India's territory to Islma without a single condition.

Here is another "tribute" to Gandhi today (October 2, 2003), on his birthday:

"What are the present state of Gandhi's numerous memorials in India?"

"....,but not even fit to be called an ordinary soul. He had solely engineered to kill million and millions of unfortunate and helpless human beings and pushed them to perpetual poverty and slavery simply because of his fanatical and blind love for his anti-human religion, its tyrannical and evil caste system (Sanctified Racism), and his untiring support for his violent upper caste men who faithfully and religiously practice the evil caste system."

"Do you know Gandhi's famous Memorial in New Delhi was recently attacked and damaged by an angry mob? Do you know why? Because the persecuted people of India have now slowly come to understand how much a cruel man Gandhi was with respect to their lives and their future!

"However, to the 85% of India's persecuted nationalities devoid of human rights and human dignity, he not only did not help them in anyway, but he in fact made sure that they permanently stay perpetual slavery, ignorance and poverty and eternally suffer from his brahminical Hindu caste system –sanctified racism."

"Gandhi was and is called No. 1 Enemy of Untouchables." "He was also called a cut-throat. He in fact helped to hit the last nail on the coffin of the Untouchables' future. He killed them with his "kindness", meaning sweet words, but it was a "kiss of death" for the Untouchables."

"He was a sinner without a sense of Justice. He was a dishonest enemy."

"He received a war medal from the British Empire while in South Africa for participating against the Blacks there." Gandhi said, "The caste system, in my opinion, has a scientific basis. Reason does not revolt against it. It has disadvantages, it has also advantages. Caste creates a social and moral restraint....I can find no reason for their (castes) abolition. To abolish caste is to demolish Hinduism." "I believe in Varnashrama (caste system) which is the law of life....The law of Varna (colour and/or caste) is nothing but the law of conservation of energy. Why should my son not be a scavenger if I am one? "Gandhi wanted to make sure that his upper caste Hindu clansmen would have permanent slaves in the form of Untouchables. If the Untouchables are separated from the Hindus then there will not be any obedient slaves for his upper caste Hindus."

"There are, I am sorry to say, many (Hindu) temples in our midst in this country (India) which are no better than brothels.""The Untouchables, who were everpart of Hinduism. Were forcibly annexed to Hinduism and this is Gandhi's greatest service." "Gandhi the Enemy No. 1 of the Untouchables. Gandhi was history's most magnificent failure. Gandhi is either a mad man or a cave man. Gandhi saves Hinduism at the cost of Untouchables." "In fact during the `Kaffir Wars' in South Africa, he was a regular Gunga Din,

who volunteered to organise a brigade of Indians to put down Zulu uprising, and was decorated himself for valor under fire." " 1946, Gandhi told Hindus: "If you could strike out the others (meaning Muslims), then none would dare to raise a finger against you."

"....Gandhi's activities which earned him an army's title, Seargent-Major while in South Africa."

"Gandhi was a bad father, a tyrant to his followers, and rarely made any effort to conceal the authoritarian streak he had inherited from his (upper caste oppressive) ancestors." "His first court case in India was disaster. In all the remaining months of his stay in India he never entered a court again. He was a failure, and he knew it."

"Gandhi thought that the wife was the object of her husband's lust, born to do her husband's behest."

"Gandhi never enjoyed travelling third class. "....and that God would punish anyone who drank chicken broth."

"Gandhi's non-violent religious terrorism....darkness of Gandhi's Hindu world!Velu Annamalai, MS, Ph D, USA. Seargent-Major M K Gandhi 1995. Dalit Sahitya Akademy, Banglore 560 003 (india)



"I ask you to accept my word and the Resolution of the Congress that it will not betray a single individual much less a community. Let God be the witness of the bond that binds me and the Congress with you (the Sikhs). When pressed further Gandhi said that Sikhs would be justified in drawing their swords out of the scabbards as Guru Gobind Singh had asked them to, if Congress would renege on its commitment." -Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Young India,

March 19, 1931)


In the event, Congress did go for openly BASHING the Hindus and openly KILLING the Sikhs.