Date: 10/2/2003



For me 2nd October is a sad day to remember the person whom Indians gave their best love and affection, but he misused the adoration given to him and the present generation is suffering the results of his Muslim appeasement (and foolish) policies.



MK (mahatma?) Gandhi INVITED Partition due to his excessive cowardice and appeasement of Muslims. Though a barrister at law from London, he could not think of a single condition to put to leader of INDIAN Muslims, Mr. Jinnah.

He watched helplessly HISTORY'S WORST EVER UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER when ONE THIRD OF SECULAR India went under the flag of Islam overnight in August 1947.

Gandhi made sure that the Muslims were not to be expelled from the REST of India thus creating the same problem of separation from the same "Indian" Muslims today who are dreaming of green flag over Red Fort.

The Hindus need to go for BHAGWA over Red Fort and Rashtrapati Bhawan immediately to thwart the Muslims plans.

In 1947 our India needed a Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Guru Gobind Singh, even Netaji, but NOT Gandhi. The map of India would have been different. Even North Kashmir would have been IN.

Encouraged by Hindus' LACK OF RESPONSE ("led by Gandhi) the Muslims in Western and Eastern India (Pakistan), "intoxicated" by their resounding quick victory over the Hindus, felt mighty ENCOURAGED to carry out a full scale genocide of the Hindus.

Perhaps TWO MILLION lost their lives and over 15 million were forced out of their homes. The story of that horrendous exodus accompanied by rape, arson, mutilation and plunder, has been suppressed by the admirers, followers and adorers of Gandhi.

Today is really the day of mourning for PARTITIONED INDIA that could have been AKHAND BHARAT simply by throwing down the gauntlet before the Muslims at that time..