Date: 10/2/2003


Jesus Christ accepted Crucifixion but did NOT forsake his belief and conviction.

Guru Tegh Bahadur's last act in life was to accept death. He forsook neither his belief nor conviction.

Fateh Singh, the little lad barely 7, accepted death beside his 9-year old brother by being bricked in alive. Did he forsake his Faith?

Mohandaskaramchand (MK) Gandhi, the "Rashtrapita" (Father of Hindu nation in India) forsake his faith, convictions and principles in a second.

With trembling legs, wetted loin cloth and desperately clinging to his life at the age of 70, he said, "To Hell with Secularism, India and the Hindus, CUT AND CHOP THE COUNTRY AS PER YOUR KORAN."

Can anyone call the COWARD a "mahatma" - at par with Mahatma Gautama Buddha or Jesus Christ?