Date: 10/2/2003


After Mrs. Indira KHAN (aka Gandhi) made her speech, they all stood up reverently and closed their eyes.

The band of the MERCENARY Indian Army struck the tune and it was the national anthem.

The very first words were PUNJAB and SINDH!

I was jolted at the FRAUD. Punjab was cut through the middle and Sindh was NOT there at all. Nor the OCCUPIED North Kashmir.

The INDIAN "serfs and coolies" (all MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT IN NEW DELHI) continued to sing the anthem, and I knew in whose company I was.

"Brother, it is our MAYA." They educated me later. "It was India when River Indus flowed through it. And it will still be INDIA when the last surviving Hindu is put on a Reservation like the Red Indians in America."

Which true patriot in India can sing this Anthem of DECEPTION, and love BROKEN Bharat where fraud is Glory and shame is Honour?