Date: 10/2/2003


When you tell a LIE too often, it becomes the truth.

If you call a "slave charmer" a Mahatma, the people start worshipping him.

In 1947 Lord Mountbatten, the Viceroy, said to Mr. Gandhi, "Before you accept the ignoble break up of India, why not consult the PEOPLE first?"

"O NO," replied the Mr. Gandhi. "If I and Pandit Nehru sign the unconditional surrender of India, the people will accept it. We regard the PEOPLE OF INDIA at the level of the cattle."

Gandhi dumped the Unity & Integrity of India and the country emerged in its present disgusting, MUCH REDUCED, map outline.

In the British days Khyber was the frontier of India. Since the DEFEAT OF THE HINDUS under the leadership of Mr. MK Gandhi in 1947, the frontier has come down to Amritsar in the middle of Punjab.

....Which Sikh in East Punjab can sleep peacefully at night?