Date: 10/14/2003


Respected Readers,

What is going on and is to happen on 17th October, Communal unrest is bound to happen.

However the life is cheap in India and the Hindu life the cheapest, when after Partition between Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India, the president of India is a Muslim, the father of nuclear bombs.

No investigative journalist has so far determined if the police is going to fire live rounds, shoot to kill, own Indian Citizens, Ram Bhakatas and Ram Karsevaks peaceful demonstrators and whether the Police batons "Lathis" have steel tips to cause maximum injuries to teach a lesson to the devotees.

Israel and South Africa fire Rubber bullets. One toe of a jew equals the lives of ten muslims. One American and british soldier killed in Afghanistan or Iraq equals thousands of natives.

Saudi Arabia is free of evil crosses of Christians and Religious books of the Hindus. Can we not make Ayodhya, Muslim free zone.

Muslims there can be given compensation to leave Ayodhya within a reasonable time of few months and the muslims could be taken in protective custody and kept in prisons as guests for their own safety.

Hindu leaders can meet outside Ayodhya for the time being to declare the date for the construction of the temple. Muslim League did not meet in Lahore but met in a hotel in London to declare their Pakistan.

Best wishes to the Ram Bhakats. (Are they stretching their necks to be CHOPPED OFF?)

Are United Nations, United Kingdom, United States of America, Israel, and Enlightened Nations of Hindu/Budhist of Nepal, Japan, China etc involved?


VHP warns of communal unrest if march stopped



NEW DELHI: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has warned of communal unrest if march to Ayodhya was stopped.

Pouring scorn and vitriol over the Prime Minister, Deputy PM LK Advani and the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav, the VHP leader Pravin Togadia blamed the Union government and Vajpayee in particular for stopping VHP activists from reaching Ayodhya.

After its rally at Ramlila Maidan here on Wednesday, the VHP would go around the Old Delhi area and return to the Maidan before setting out for Ayodhya.

It claimed that once its activists reach Ayodhya on Friday, they would peacefully assemble there, visit the temple and then disburse.

But it has, in a not so veiled threat, communicated that any untoward incident would be PM's responsibility.

When asked whether he was issuing a threat, Togadia said if the VHP activists are prevented from visiting the Ram temple that would encourage "jehadi elements" and, hence, there could be communal riots in the country.


Dear "Goats", If the gate of your pen is wide OPEN, tigers and wolves will have a FEAST every night.

They ran off with PAKISTAN (one third of India) 56 years ago and we are still discussing the future Satyagrahas in Ayodhya.

Whatever the Hindus do in Ayodhya, including GIVE UP the idea of Sri Ram Temple, or build it in Nepal, they will appear to their fellow citizens like Abdul Kalam like RED RAG TO BULLS. The cue is in the Koran that the Muslims regard as God's word.

The answer is to put the names of Netaji, Shivaji and Guru GOBIND SINGHJI in the Constitution of Partitioned India (BROKEN Bharart). If that is OUT OF QUESTION under the hammer of Bandit Nehru's Secularism then the Hindus can regard their days numbered in Hindustan that does not even have East Bengal and North Kashmir in it.