Date: 10/18/2003


Writes one Dr. ML Kapoor from New Delhi in "The Daily Pioneer", October 16, 2003.

"I feel that it is retrograde, irrational and dangerous to suggest that Muslims should migrate to Pakistan. Such proposals, which hold communal harmony (sic) (my comment on "communal harmony": Go and see it in South Kashmir, or EAST Bengal, or wherever the Muslims form majority) in contempt and spread discord and hatred, should be discouraged. Otherwise, we may not be able to safeguard national unity." (sic) (My comment on "national unity": the nation will have unity ONLY when Lahore is back in India and Sri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya rises as grand as The Vatican or the Grand Mosque in Mecca.)


FULL COMMENT: We need to take such "Muslim appeasing" Hindus, PhD's included, seriously, who refuse to see India FRAGMENTED but talk of national unity. India shall be considered "UNITED" when Lahore and Karachi are in it.

Bogus Hindu scholars, and there are too many around, do not explain, "Why Partition?", if our India is to stick to the Mulsims despite partition, and is required to treat them at par with her Hindus, often even better, with regard to patriotism and loyalty to secularism.

Dr. ML Kapoor may have got his Doctorate from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi in which case we know what he was taught, or may not be older than 56 (i.e., born after 1947) but if we ask many older Hindus (who were in their twenties and thirties at the time of Partition) about the loyalty of Muslims to a secular constitution, they will say, "The only secular Muslim then, apparently, was Maulana Abul Kalam Azad who broke ranks with the former Presidednt of All-India Congress Party, Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, only to serve the interests of Islam.

The Maulana made sure that the Muslims, who were demonstrating and agitating all over India in favour of Pakistan, were not to be arrested, interned, prosecuted or deported to their newly created homeland. That ought to have been the ONLY ONE condition of accepting the surrender of five provinces of our secular India to the indigenous Mohammedans.

It is also wrong to suggest that the demand for Pakistan was confined to (quote) a small number of Muslims - zamindars, talukdars, petty nawabs and taxpayers-who had the right to vote and they supported Partition. (unquote).

The widespread brutal massacre that took place in the district of Noakhali in Bengal in August 1946 and the widespread bloodshed of the innocent Hindus all over West Pakistan, starting in Rawalpindi district in March 1947, and the mutilations and killings on trains leaving Lahore for Amritsar, were not the work of "a small number of Muslims - zamindars, talukdars, petty nawabs and taxpayers".

Let us not whitewash the RED of history, portray the savage wolf, that has been feeding on the "infidel blood" for centuries, as a gentle lamb, and simply ignore the fiery ideological impulses against the "Kafirs" and the "non believers" (arbitrarily defined by Mohammed) constantly given out by the Koran, and become complacent, only to suffer yet another massacre, defeat or disaster.

The Muslim minority was extremely privileged in 1947 due to British patronage and having friends, supporters and well-wishers like Pandit Nehru.

While All-India MUSLIM League was invited to the talks for Independence, its exact counterpart, All-India HINDU Mahasabha, was kept out of door.

Political status of the Hindus in the TOP RULING ESTABLISHMENT of India then was the same as it is today- very low, indeed. In our own country we Hindus are not safe, leave aside Uganda, Fiji, North Kashmir and Bangladesh.

On the other hand, the political status of the Muslims AT THE TOP in Bharat has not suffered even a scratch despite the lethal blow to India delivered by them at Partition. In a big concession to them what we have done is to delete the word "partition" from our Constitution (unlike the Germans).

Shamelessly overlooking the DEATH of our Lahore, Kasur and Nankana Sahib, we celebrate "Independence" in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

Thus encouraged and facilitated, the Muslims could easily capture nearly one third of India's territory to establish Pakistan, wipe out the minorities there, and also have the right to stay back in Bharat, enjoying full protection of a Constitution that was conceived and enacted under the ominous gaze of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the two formidable allies of Islam (by logical corollary, the two worst enemies of the Hindus and Hindustan).